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Bioinformatics involves the addressing of biological questions with the integration of computers, software, and databases. The bioinformatics approach is used to acquire, preserve, and interpret large biological data.

‘Ben Hesper’ and ‘Paulien Hogewen’ coined the term “bioinformatics” in 1970, and described it as “the study of informatics processes in biotic systems”. Bioinformatics applications are widely used in two large-scale activities, these are Genomics and Proteomics. 

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This study comprises the inspection of genomes, distinguishing their anatomy, function, and evolution. The human genome project was initiated in the year 1990, to entirely sequencing the human genome through Sanger sequencing. Through the process, various DNA fragments were created that had to be combined to form a final complete sequence via biotechnology processes.  The process was adequately completed in 2003. The genome sequence was holistically elucidated to comprise the genes, biological roles of the created proteins, and their implication in diseases. Bioinformatics played a significant role in the human genome project because the huge data created in the process were analysed quickly and efficiently that would have otherwise consumed long time manually. This further aided numerous scientists from all around the globe as the results were made available online. 

The “next-generation sequencing” is a further enhancement in the process of sequencing technology that can sequence an entire genome in a few hours. This method allows millions of DNA strands sequencing in parallel. Furthermore, this DNA sequencing technology is tremendously high-throughput and cost-beneficial. 

DNA contains the hereditary information, transcended through generations. 


This study refers to the inspection of the entire set of proteins or proteome. Protein structure and functions are characterised by the utilisation of various high throughput technologies. It allows scientists to study these elements and their functions in the biological processes. 

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Bioinformatics has transformed the analysis of biological data. The burden of accumulating large biological data has perished. 

There are numerous other fields where bioinformatics and its applications are applied such as metabolomics, transcriptomics, etc. 

The beginning of bioinformatics can be traced back to 1968. “Atlas of protein sequence and structure” by Margaret Dayhoff and her aforementioned cluster of protein sequences were the initial work in the fields of bioinformatics. 

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To accumulate and organise large molecular biological data

Development of efficient tools to assist in the scrutiny of accumulated data

To explain the conclusions in an explicit and significant manner. 

Bioinformatics helps in various major areas like cancer research, customised medication for individuals, etc.

Cancer bioinformatics is emerging as a pivotal player in systems clinical medicine to ameliorate patient results. Furthermore, with the help of the identification of individual mutation, medicines can be customised for personalised use. The identification of the precise gene on which the mutation has occurred can help in obtaining genetic information for developing personalised treatments. 

System biology is the next wave in bioinformatics. It is an approach to deal with new and complex biological questions. It comprises the integration of genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics information for creating an entire system view of the biological entity. 

System biology consists of every aspect of an organism and its habitat via the amalgamation of various scientific fields. 

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