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Excessive Tobacco intake leads to CVD (Cardio Vascular Diseases) and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). All these are related to pulmonary diseases and affect the heart and lungs at the most. Practitioners and professionals in the field carry many responsibilities and weightage as it is the most concerning disease across the globe. Considering such things, the professors in the Australian universities enhance the level of assignment writing so that the students should get into the topic and understand the core and advanced concepts effectively. 

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What is Cardiopulmonary?

Cardiopulmonary relates to the heart and lungs, and the diseases outline harsh conditions that affect the heart and lungs, which are closely connected. An issue with one organ can affect the other, so when the heart can’t pump the blood effectively, then there will be a reduced oxygen flow and followed by a shortness of breath. Similarly, the lungs' issues can also affect the heart and minimize oxygen flow from the lungs to the blood.

Cardiopulmonary disease highlights serious disorders combined with two words, such as Cardio (Heart) and Pulmonary (lungs). Cardiopulmonary diseases are quite serious, and these are not easily treatable. If you are into medicine and looking for the best cardiopulmonary assignment to attain a proper understanding of the subject, you must consider us.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Cardiovascular disease is also known as heart disease, which is all about the diseases that affect the heart, such as coronary artery diseases, heart defects, and blood vessel diseases. Such diseases lead to conditions where you can experience blocked blood vessels and even a stroke many a time.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or disease is a persistent inflammatory lung disease that obstructs the airflow through the lungs. The symptoms include trouble breathing, coughing, and wheezing. The primary, as well as a common cause of COPD, is smoking, and people with a long history of smoking can lead to lung cancer & heart diseases.

Treatment of Cardiopulmonary Diseases

People suffering from cardiopulmonary diseases have to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes physical exercise, a balanced diet, and a strict no to smoking. Besides this, the physicians can also advise you with treatment options like medication, lung therapies, and even surgery. Apart from physical support, you have to be strong mentally and seek support from your peers and families.

FAQ’s on Cardiopulmonary

Who is most affected by Cardiopulmonary diseases?

Individuals with unhealthy and irregular lifestyle, a history of smoking, genetic conditions are at an extensive risk of cardiopulmonary diseases. On the other hand, people with older age, usage of radiation and cancer drugs, lack of physical exercise, obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol increase the chance of such disease. Last but not least, men have higher chances of getting affected by the disease as compared to women.

How Cardiopulmonary diseases diagnosed?

The Cardiopulmonary diseases are diagnosed by means of laboratory tests and various image studies. The laboratory tests include testing fats, cholesterols, lipid profiles such as LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. Tests like Glycosylated Hemoglobin is used for detecting diabetes and Apolipoprotein A1 and B are instrumental in detecting inflammation related to heart diseases. 

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