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An Overview on the International Military Tribunal or Nuremberg Trial 

The International Military Tribunal, IMTN, or Nuremberg Trial, is one of the most significant criminal trials in history. The Nuremberg trial continued from November 1945 to October 1946. It came across nineteen individual defendants culpable and sentenced them to punishment with death by hanging as well as fifteen years imprisonment. On the other hand, three of them did not find guilty, one of them committed suicide before the trial, and one did not present for the trial due to physical illness. It also clinched that three out of seven accused Nazi organizations were unlawful under the terms of the charter. 

The Charter of the Nuremberg Trial was related to the 1945 London Agreement and briefed the tribunal’s constitution, functions and jurisdiction. The tribunal featured one judge from every allied power along with a prosecution team. The trial punished the persons who committed. 

Crimes Against Peace

It included the planning, preparation, and also the outset of a war of aggression or even a war in defilement of international treaties, agreements, or even assurances.

War Crimes

It is the violation of the laws, which include murder, bad treatment in the civilian population or even ill-treatment of prisoners of war, the killing of hostages, or even destruction of cities and towns without a military necessity. 

Crime Against Humanity 

It is all about the murders, enslavement, or any other cruel acts against the civilian population before or during the war within the jurisdiction of the tribunal. 

The IMT prosecutors accused twenty-two German Political leaders such as Hermann Goering, Rudolph Hess, and Albert Speer. The list missed the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as he had committed suicide before the trial in April 1945. 

Tokyo Trial 

The Tokyo Trial or the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, IMTFE is the sister tribunal of IMT. However, it is not quite significant like Nuremberg due to the affliction of a legal and procedural misstep, which raised many questions about the impartiality of the proceeding. The United States initiated the trials for prosecuting and providing justice to several Japanese officials engaged in war crimes and also a crime against humanity. So undoubtedly the Tokyo trial was the first stepping stone initiated from Nuremberg, and it was directed towards relevant derivations of crimes against humanity. 

What is the Significance of the Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials?

The Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials provided great significance to the advancement of International Criminal law. Over the years, such tribunals stood firm as the examples of international war crimes tribunals. They worked as key models for a fresh tribunal at the outset of the 19th century—the Nuremberg Charter’s reference to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a crime against peace. The first-time used aspects got adopted as an international instrument.

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