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What Is Physical Chemistry?

Before diving into the concepts of physical chemistry, let’s first discuss what physical chemistry is. Physical chemistry is one of the various branches of chemistry and deals with the study of chemical properties of different chemical materials, which are explained by the laws of physics. Hence, everything in chemistry that uses the laws and general principles of physics to derive mathematical equations and formulae that allow forecasting the behaviour of chemical systems, giving an insight into their chemical properties comes under physical chemistry.

What makes Physical Chemistry so difficult?

Anyone studying physical chemistry needs to be thorough with the concepts that act as the prerequisites for mastering physical chemistry, which most of the students are not fluent with. Therefore, struggle with physical chemistry assignments too. Following are the concepts one needs to have a deep understanding of before going into physical chemistry:

  • General chemistry: Seems quite obvious, isn’t it? Well, scholars often find remembering the basic concepts of chemistry troublesome, which, most of the times can be confusing too. So, if you do not have an in-depth knowledge of the cornerstones of your introductory chemistry sessions, such as what are electrons, nuclei, atoms, the various kinds of bonds they make, including covalent and ionic, and the related concepts, before you start studying physical chemistry, fasten your seatbelt, because mate, the ride will be tougher than it might seem. 

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  • Mathematics: In terms of maths, you are definitely going to need a robust fluency in algebra and calculus, as even if you discern the chemistry and physics concepts fully, you will struggle to manipulate the chemical equations without appropriately knowing algebra. To be honest, you will rarely end up having the correct results. Furthermore, derivatives and integrals are sprinkled in the concepts of physical chemistry almost all the time, so it would be a good idea to go back and review algebra before starting off with the mainstream physical chemistry. 

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In addition to the aforementioned basics, of course, you have to be proficient in physics, especially the topics that are essential to physical chemistry. However, no worries if you are not, because we have a special physics assignment help too. Avail whatever you think you need. 

What are the Sub-topics of physical chemistry? 

Within physical chemistry, like any other discipline, we have got various sub-topics, which include:

  1. Quantum Chemistry: This topic in physical chemistry is basically an application of quantum mechanics of physics, which is the physics of how microscopic objects, such as electrons and neutrons, behave. Quantum physics aids the development of models for the behaviour of things such as atoms, vibrating and rotating molecules, the electrons within alkenes, and so on.

  2. Spectroscopy: Once we are acquainted with how small molecules interact with light and photons, leading to a shift in their energy levels, we can study and understand spectroscopy, which is how a majority of chemical properties are probed nowadays. Spectroscopic methods are further of multiple types, including infrared (IR), (nuclear magnetic resonance) NMR, UV-Vis, etc. 

  3. Statistical mechanics: This refers to deducing macroscopic behaviours using the macroscopic properties, which essentially uses the information about the energy levels of individual atoms and molecules on a microscopic level, which we get from quantum chemistry.

  4. Thermodynamics: Next, thermodynamics, which focuses on the heat and energy flow, work, and the flow of energy between and across the systems at a macroscopic level. It tells us about the differences in energy and their changes.

  5. Kinetics: To know how fast a chemical reactant can convert its form, or to know the rates of things, we study chemical kinetics. 

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Assignment task

The above task was a chemical engineering task and, as you would have probably noticed by now, required the concerned scholar to investigate contaminated water and prepare a report on the various physical-chemistry aspects of a certain contaminant. Our physical chemistry experts, very beautifully, did everything that was asked of the student. An insight into the solution proffered is as follows: 

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