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What is Radiotherapy?

Whenever someone picks up the topic of Radiotherapy, Cancer pops up in our minds instantly. Radiotherapy has been understood solely as the treatment for cancer for decades. However, it also finds applications in the treatment of some auto-immune disorders, thyroid malfunctioning, blood disorders, and other cancerous growths!

How does it Work?

The therapy leverages the waves of energy, like light or heat to kill the rogue tissue. For example, a beam of radiation is targeted at the cancerous tissue to kill the tumor cells and shrink the tumor. The radiation used in chemotherapy is high-energy ionizing radiation. Unregularized use of Ionizing radiation can also be fatal, thus, only trained and licensed health care professionals can administer this mode of treatment. 

Scientists do not know the exact mechanism of working, however, we know that the ionizing radiation breaks up the DNA and leads to cell death. Thus, it prevents the growth of cancer cells and can even eliminate it!

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Common Side-Effects of Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Though a gold standard treatment for cancer, Radiation therapy does not come without sickening side-effects! As explained earlier, Radiation therapy leverages high-energy ionizing radiation to work. This high-energy radiation is designed to break down the DNA of the cells. Thus, it can cause enough DNA damage in the neighbouring cells to trigger a series of mutations in the DNA of the cells around the body!

Mentioned below are some commonly noted long-terms and short-term side-effects of radiation therapy!

Short Term Side-effects!

The short term side-effects of radiation therapy can vary depending upon the portion of the body that receives radiation. 

  • Fatigue
  • Hair Loss
  • Diarrhoea
  • Skin Changes
  • Nausea 

Other than these side-effects. Studies show that side-effects may also include anxiety and depression in the people that undergo radiation therapy. Thus counseling services should be offered to those that have a high chance of benefiting from the therapy. 

Long Term Side-effects of Radiation Therapy For Cancer!

Long term side effects also depend on the treatment site.

These include:

  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Pneumonia is radiation crosses through lungs
  • Lymphedema and Thyroid issues if radiation crosses thyroid gland
  • Early menopause and hormonal imbalance
  • Carcinoma after receiving higher doses of radiation

The long term side-effects of radiation therapy can be managed and minimized by fine-tuning the course of treatment by the doctor! 

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Types of Radiation Therapy

External beam 

This type of radiotherapy is a widely available type of radiotherapy! The therapy involves an external source that emits ionizing radiation on to the target area. 

However, for the tumors that are deep inside the body, doctors prefer to choose alternatives like internal radiation or brachytherapy. 

Internal radiation therapy

Internal radiation therapy involves planting a radioactive substance inside the tumor or close to the site of the tumor. Theoretically, the radio-active substance should emit ionizing radiation that can destroy the tumor. 

This is also known as Brachytherapy, which involves implanting radioactive material near to the cancerous site. These implants can either be permanent or temporary. Other types of radiation therapy may include drinking or ingesting a radioactive compound. Leukemia patients receive intravenous injections of radioactive substances. 

However, the primary goal of internal therapy is to drastically reduce the area of exposure of the fresh tissue to the ionizing radiation. By targeting small doses of radioactive material inside the body, healthcare practitioners can accurately administer small doses of radiation at the cancer site. For example, in some complicated cases of brain cancer, doctors can opt to inject radioactive fluid with the help of a very fine and flexible needle to the tumor. 

Factors Regulating The Use of Radiation Therapy for Cancer 

  • The size, shape, and depth of the tumor
  • Location and vicinity of the tumor with vital organs
  • Age and overall health of a person
  • Underlying conditions and sensitivity

Radiation Therapist Job description

Generally, radiotherapists use sophisticated machinery and instruments to locate and treat sites of carcinoma and tumors. Radiologists work in close conjunction with oncologists to administer proper treatment to the patient. Radiotherapists also help oncologists to inspect and examine the tumor. Thus, they help in the process of diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer. 

Duties of a Radiotherapist

Besides administering doses of radiations, radio-therapists also need to maintain records of their patients. For example, they should keep a record of frequency, results, the affected portion, and the doses of radiation used for the treatment. They maneuver the instruments and guide patients with the steps to receive radiation with optimum accuracy. 

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