BA01 Introduction to Data Analytics and R Assignment 1

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Question 1:- Function used to concatenate two strings is

a)         join ( )                       

b)         sub ( )                       

c)         contact ( )                       

d)         paste ( )                       

Question 2:- Function used to remove a variable from the memory is a)           remove ( )                       

b)         rm ( )                       

c)         erase ( )                       

d)         delete ( )                       

Question 3:- Function used to take input from the user is

a)         input ( )                       

b)         take ( )                       

c)         scan ( )                       

d)         read ( )                       

Question 4:- The following is not an operator used in logical comparisons a)           & (AND)                       

b)         ! (NOT)                       

c)         | (OR)                       

d)         $ (Concat)                        

Question 5:- The following function is used to convert a vector into a factor a)           factor                       

b)         fac                       

c)         as.fact                       

d)         to.fact                       

Question 6:- The following function is used to merge two data frames a)           together                       

b)         contact                       

c)         join                       

d)         merge                       

Question 7:- The following function is used to filter records from the data frame based on condition


  select                          subset                       



Question 8:- Fory=2, the command while (y<5) {print (y^3)} results into

  4 9 1 6                          6 7 8                          endless loop                       

  6 9 1 2                       

Question 9:- The result of the function is .na ( ) is

  Logical Vector                       

  Numeric Vector                        

  Character Vector                       

  String Vector                       

Question 10:- This function products a scatterplot between two variables with information about missing values shown in the plot`s margin:

  matrixplot                          marginplot                       



Question 11:- This function can be used to read a file and create a data frame directly

  read.table ( )                          read.frame ( )                       

  input.frame ( )                          input.table ( )                       

Question 12:- This function reads the XML file and stores the data in the form of a list.

  xmlParse ( )                          xmlRead ( )                       

  xml. Read ( )                          xml.Parse ( )                       

Question 13:- Variance is calculated using the function





Question 14:- Standard deviation is calculated by using function

  sd ( )                       

  Stddev ( )                       

  dev ( )                       


d)   stddeviation ( )                       

Question 15:- The function used for picking the same sample from the dataset is a)           set ( )                       

b)         set.same ( )                       

c)         set.sample ( )                       

d)         set.seed ( )                       

Question 16:- The function that gives cumulative probability of an event is a)           pbinom ( )                       

b)         dbinom ( )                       

c)         rbinom ( )                       

d)         qbinom ( )                       

Question 17:- LeveneTest ( ) is available in the package

a)         Car                       

b)         Caret                       

c)         normality                       

d)         parametric                       

Question 18:- ______________ test is a non-parametric alternative for one-sample test: a)           Kolmogorov-Smirnow                       

b)         Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon                       

c)         Shapiro-Wilk                       

d)         Kruskal-Wallis                       

Question 19:- The non-parametric technique for comparing means is a)           t-test                       

b)         ANOVA                       

c)         one-sample t-test                       

d)         Kruskal-Wallis                       

Question 20:- Log Book System wants to achieve microsegmentation of its customer data. Which of the following techniques/technologies should it use?

a)            Traditional BI tools                       

b)            Merging customer transaction information with unstructured data                        c)       General statistical analysis                       

d)      Only text analysis                       




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