Biotech Research Paper

Sector Overview Report

This is an individual assignment in which you will research and write a review about an entire sector of biotechnology and genomics. The goal of the Report is to:

Provide a picture of the latest developments in a particular area of biotech and genomics. Highlight new and future opportunities in this area made possible by recent advances in biotech and genomics.

   Discuss some of the challenges, pitfalls and issues surrounding the development of products and applications.

   Be SPECIFIC. After a review of the overall concept, it is better to provide one or two specific examples in detail, rather than try to cover every possible application.

Choose ONE Technology listed in the table below and describe how it has and will be used to address ONE Application. Any combination is acceptable –it’s up to you, but the less conventional it is, the more interesting it will be to research, write and read. If can write about technologies and applications not listed here, but only after checking with the instructor.

Technology (Choose 1)

Application (Choose 1)


Population Biology

Live Imaging Technologies

Food Safety, Quality and Nutrition

Synthetic Biology

Vaccine Development


Drug Discovery


Production of Biologic Drugs

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

Degenerative Diseases

Cellular Targeting & Delivery of Molecules

Behaviour and Mental Health

DNA in nanotechnology

Biochemical Synthesis

Tissue Engineering

Personalized Medicine


Crop Improvement for Drought Resistance etc.

Expression of Recombinant Proteins



Early Detection of Cancer and other Diseases

Expression of Recombinant Proteins


High Throughput DNA Sequencing

Evolutionary Studies

Functional Genomics

Cancer Treatment

Single Cell Transcriptomics



Infectious Diseases

Computational DNA

Population Biology

DNA Barcoding



Data Storage

Metabolic Engineering

Metabolic Engineering

Computational DNA


What to Submit. The report should be ~2000 words long. (1 page of single-spaced text (Times Roman 12 pt is ~460 words). This excludes the bibliography, which you can make any length. You can include graphics but this will not affect the need to write a ~2000 word report.  Submit your report using the Drop Box on Canvas

Grade breakdown and essay instructions



Grade (out of 100



Is it interesting? Is it novel and original? Or is it just a standard take on a standard topic? Did you cover the appropriate

background? Does the technology relate to the application?



Make an essay plan. Ideas should flow from one to the other. The language should allow your ideas to be clearly expressed.



Cite your sources in a bibliography using a standard journal

format (Authors, Date, Title, Journal, Volume, Pages) . Use URLs ONLY for web sites that cannot be cited in any other way



Check your language, spelling and grammar. Use a spell and

grammar checkers.



That extra quality that makes a good essay a great essay. Evidence that you went the extra mile for this assignment. Hard to define, but we know it when we see it. Originality counts for a lot here.


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