CHCCOM002 Use Communication To Build Relationship


Use communication to build relationships

Topic 1

1:1   community service workers must identify and use appropriate techniques to communicate with clients and colleagues. Why is this necessary

1.2.a Community service workers will need to demonstrate a wide range of communication strategies. List 10 ways, or situations, in which workers will show these strategies.

1.2.b   You are speaking with a Greek client who does not have strong English language skills. How can you adapt your communication to help them understand you?

1:2c  Clients have the right to confidentiality regarding most of their disclosures to service workers. Explain what this means.

1.3.a  To answer these questions independent research might be required.

Community service organizations will have communication policies, procedures and protocols that workers must be aware of and comply with. List 10 areas or forms of communication that might be covered in organizational policies, procedures and protocols.

1:3b   Why do community service organizations often have internet and email use policies and what might be covered in these policies

1:4a  Care workers need to provide information to clients and service providers in accordance with communication policies and protocols. From what sources will workers gather information about the organization’s communication policies and protocols? List five.

1.4.b   Information provided to clients must be current, accurate and relevant. List three ways workers can determine whether information is current, accurate and relevant.

Topic 2

2:1a   How can workers support the communication needs of clients with a hearing impairment?

2:1b   List 15 communication protocols that it might be necessary to follow in a community service role.

2:2a Why might interpreters or translators be needed and how can they be accessed

2:2b  Explain the difference between interpreters and translators.

2:3  List 10 factors that commonly contribute to the development of communication barriers.

2.3.b  What can workers do to overcome each of these common barriers to communication:


Negative attitude.

Lack of interest.

Physical discomfort.

Making assumptions.


2:4 Describe the types of communication strategies required to defuse these difficult situations:

Anxiety/ agitation

Aggressive behaviors


2:4b    To whom can workers refer conflict or potentially difficult situations that are outside of their scope or authority to? What assistance can those resources provide?

2:5  Why is it a good idea to implement strategies to check on the effectiveness of communication with clients and colleagues throughout the communication and not just at the end? Can you check for understanding too often?

Topic 3

3:1 Develop an agenda for a meeting between community members and community service workers (including those who work in the health sector), that has the objective of encouraging people in the community to give up smoking


3:2  List five ways participants could be advised of the details of meetings.


3:3 List 10 ways facilitators can keep meetings on track.


3:4  You are about to facilitate/ lead a group discussion about whether disability parking should be removed from certain locations because they are under used. You want to be sure that opportunities are provided to fully explore all the relevant issues. How might you achieve this?


3:5a  you have been appointed as group leader for team meetings. Your team is responsible for setting the menu for patients in an aged care facility. You notice that one member of your work group rarely speaks in group discussions. Sometimes they speak to you outside group discussions as you often go to the pub for a drink together at the end of the day. Although they have some interesting insights to offer, they are reluctant to draw attention to themselves in team meetings. What strategies would you use to maximize their participation in group discussions?

3:5b  You have been appointed as group leader. Your team is responsible for answering calls on a suicide prevention line. You notice that one group member is very verbal in group discussions. 3:6  They often interrupt others and, no matter what the topic is, always have something to say. Their behaviors is starting to annoy the rest of the group who are unable to participate in group discussions because this person always dominates. What strategies would you use to maximize the participation


3:6  you have identified that one individual within the group has specific communication needs because they are blind. List 10 strategies you would advise group members to use to address this individual’s communication needs.

3:7 Explain the role of the meeting facilitator/ chairperson in terms of resolving conflict between meeting participants.

3:8 what information is generally recorded in minutes of meetings?

3:9 From whom would you seek feedback about the effectiveness of meetings and why might this be necessary?

Topic 4

4:1 Explain the strategies for effective interpersonal communication as they relate to the above communication styles and techniques.

4:2  Why is it important to establish professional relationship boundaries between clients and service providers?

List 10 things that workers could do and that would be considered boundary violations.

4:3 What types of digital media are used in the community services and health sector and how can they be helpful to service providers?

4:4  Why do organizations have protocols and style guides, for written correspondence?

4:4b. To establish the key aspects of cultural safety it will be necessary to consult with Indigenous co-workers, community members and elders. Explain cultural safety, its importance to relationships between service providers and Indigenous communities and how it can be integrated into your own work and workplace.

Topic 5

5:1   Explain why outcomes and measurement metrics must be identified and agreed upon. Who should participate in the agreement and the subsequent evaluations of the strategies and outcomes, and why? What is this likely to achieve?

5:2. Explain how it is possible to support the development of effective partnerships between staff, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and their communities

5:3. What resources could a service provider develop or access to facilitate effective service delivery and partnerships? List at least 10. Conduct your research if needed.

5:4. How might the indigenous perspective on health and health issues impact the design, documentation, and delivery of services and programs? Conduct independent research if needed. 

5:5 What does it mean to say that Indigenous people need to be self-determining and to have some control over community services and programs? What strategies might be implemented to support this? 

5:6. Explain the benefits of engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community service workers, interpreters and cultural brokers.

5:6b. Explain how health service organizations can identify the potential impact of cultural factors on service delivery to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients.

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