CHCCOM002 Use Communication to Build Relationships Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge Assessment


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CHCCOM002 Use communication to build relationships (2)

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Assessment instructions

Table 1 Assessment instructions

Assessment details


Assessment overview

The objective of this assessment is to assess your knowledge as would be required to effectively complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage the task and manage contingencies in the context of the work role.

This is a take-home assessment.

Assessment Event number

1 of 3

Instructions for this assessment

This is a written assessment and it will be assessing you on your knowledge of the unit.

This assessment is in one part:

1.      Short answer questions

2.      And is supported by:

·         Assessment feedback

Submission instructions

Where possible, complete and submit this assessment online via TAFE NSW online learning platform.

Upload all the required assessment files in the assessment area on the online learning platform.

Alternatively, hand all required assessment files to your assessor for marking. Make sure you have added your name to the bottom of each page of the assessment.

It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic and hard copy assessments submitted to TAFE NSW and complete the assessment declaration when you have submit the assessment.

What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?

To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment all questions must be answered correctly.

This assessment must be your original work. You must be the only author of the work, except where such collaboration has been authorised by the assessor concerned.

No part of it is allowed to be copied from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made. No part of this assessment is allowed to be plagiarised.

If your assessment is not satisfactory you will be provided with feedback and asked to resubmit responses to those questions you answered incorrectly within two weeks, unless otherwise agreed with the Head Teacher where there are extenuating circumstances.

The student may access their reference text, learning notes and other resources. To ensure authenticity the assessor is to check that the content in the responses are not copied directly from the learning notes or other resources. 

The Assessment Feedback page must be signed by both you and the assessor so you display that you have received, understood and accepted the feedback.

Ensure your name appears on the bottom of each page of the submitted assessment.

What do I need to provide?

Computer and/or pens and paper, internet access if submitting assessments online, ability to print or email completed assessments, calculator, student ID

Due date/time allowed

Indicative time:

 The assessment will have a two-week turnaround and will take six hours to complete.

The date will be as per your assessment schedule and will be confirmed by your teacher.

Assessment feedback, review or appeals

In accordance with the TAFE NSW policy Manage Assessment Appeals, all students have the right to appeal an assessment decision in relation to how the assessment was conducted and the outcome of the assessment. Appeals must be lodged within 14 working days of the formal notification of the result of the assessment.

If you would like to request a review of your results or if you have any concerns about your results, contact your Teacher or Head Teacher.  If they are unavailable, contact the Student Administration Officer.

Contact your Head Teacher for the assessment appeals procedures at your college/campus.

Part 1: Short answer

Read the question carefully and take into account the nominated word counts for each question.

  1. List four effective strategies of a good communicator which help to develop trust and build and maintain positive relationships.
  2. Describe the impact of these techniques on communication with clients and colleagues: (50 –100 words for the table)

Effective strategies


  1. Outline two types of interpretation and translation services that you could use for a specific client group
  1. Outline how you would access the services.

(50 – 100 words in total for a & b)

  1. Identify two possible incidents that may interfere with the group processes and dynamics of a meeting,
  2. The possible solution for each

 (20 – 80 words for a & b combined)

a) Incidents

b) Solution

  1. How would you evaluate the meeting processes to find opportunities for improvement? (50 – 100 words)
  2. In the following table, there are four examples of barriers to communication. Explain why the example is a barrier and how you would change the communication to improve the conversation.

Barriers to communication

i.                    Explanation of barrier

ii.                  Alternative strategy

a)      Lacking clarity/using jargon


b)      Using stereotypes or generalisations


c)      Jumping to conclusions


d)      Lacking confidence

  1. Explain how you would use the following digital media at a community services organisation or health service, to provide information, or advertise a program or service. (100 - 200 words in total)

Digital media

How would you use

a)      Web


b)      Email


c)      Social Media


d)      Podcast


e)      Tablets and applications


f)       Newsletters and broadcast


g)      Intranet


h)      Videos

  1. Using the table below, list:
  2. The benefits of using each of the communication tips in helping obtain feedback from your clients and colleagues.

(Approximately 250 words in total for a & b combined)

Tips for obtaining feedback

a) Benefits as a way to obtain feedback

i.                    Take responsibility for the feedback


ii.                   Take time to listen to feedback


iii.                 Reflect and respond


iv.                 Take action


v.                   Follow up

  1. The benefits of using each of the communication tips in helping provide feedback to clients and colleagues.

Tips for providing feedback

b)     Benefits as a way to provide feedback

i.                    Choose an appropriate time and place


ii.                   Give feedback in person whenever you can


iii.                 Be prepared


iv.                 Decide on actions


v.                   Follow up

  1. Outline four communication strategies contribute to an effective business presentation? (20 – 80 words)

Communication strategies:

  1. A) Describe
    1. motivational interviewing technique
    2. a coercive approach in communication.

Motivational interviewing technique

Coercive approach

  1. Compare/contrast the two approaches in relation to their impact on interpersonal communication

(50 to 150 words in total)



  1. a) Compare collaboration against confrontation
  1. Outline one situation where you would use collaboration and confrontation with a client

(50 – 150 words in total)

  1. Compare a person-centred to a rights-based approach when working with a client. (50 - 150 words)
  1. Using the LASSIE model to illustrate your answer, describe how the technique could be used to effectively solve problems and resolve conflict with a young person who became angry in a group situation (50 - 150 words) accessed 25/09/2019.

  1. Using the topic of a social media platform such as Facebook, provide an example of a worker crossing a professional boundary, explaining the appropriate course of action that should have been followed. (20 to 50 words)
  • In what situations would you use: language and cultural interpreters? (20 to 40 words)



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