CHCDIS003 Assignment Question


How does community inclusion initiative support people with a disability? 


What are the three key areas of community inclusion under the ? 

QUESTION 7  for people with a disability.


Students: Please fill out this cover sheet clearly and accurately for this task.  Make sure you have kept a copy of your work.

Student Name:

Student to complete

Assessor to complete

Assessment Task

Resubmission? Y/N

Student  initials

Sufficient/ insufficient


Workplace project

STUDENT DECLARATION:   None of this work has been completed by any other person. I have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded with any other student/s.  I have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts throughout these assessment tasks.  I understand that if I am found to be in breach of policy, disciplinary action may be taken against me.

Student name:                                                 Student signature:                                             Date: ______________

 ASSESSOR FEEDBACK :____________________________________________________________________________

Assessors: Please return this cover sheet to the student with assessment results and feedback. A copy must be supplied to the

Assessor name:                                              Assessor signature:                                            Date: ______________



You are to develop a community and social participation plan for a person with a      disability.

WHAT DO I NEED IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS ASSESSMENT?  Access to your work placement service 

                Access to a client and their carers/family (as appropriate)

      Access to relevant client information (for example, individualised plan, behavioural support plans, case records and so on)

                Access to a computer (if you prefer to type your answers)

                Access to the Internet (for conducting online research)

             Supervisor permission form (provided)

              Client/family/carer permission form (provided).


              You will do this task in your work placement service.

                  Write in the due date as advised by your assessor:  ___________________________________ 


If your assessor notices that any part of your template has not been completed or has not provided enough detail, they will give you feedback and talk to you about resubmission. You will need to fix the parts that are not correct and resubmit.


In this task you need to create a community and social participation plan for a client with a disability. This plan will form the basis for developing strategies to support your client. 

You must obtain permission from your supervisor and the client (or their family/carer). Use the permission forms provided at the end of this task.

Note: You should read through Assessment Task 3 and talk to your client about this task as well  they will need to give you permission for your assessor to be present during a consultation. Make sure your client fully understands and consents to their involvement in each Assessment Task before you begin. 

If it is not appropriate for you to work directly with the client or their carer or family, you can discuss the  with a person who works closely with the client, or with your supervisor.

You will need to complete this Assessment Task before you start Assessment Task 3.

You will be supervised at all times during your work with your client.

You should speak with the client and their carer/family (if appropriate) to obtain further information. 

behavioural support plan, case management plan and so on).  

Once you have gathered information about your client, you will need complete the following template You should review the template before you start so you know exactly what type of information you need to research.

Community and Social Participation Plan  Client Permission Form (Assessment Task 2)

Client approval (Use this if the client is able to give permission themselves)

Dear  ____________________________________________________________________________________

My name is _______________________________________________________________________________    and I am studying the Certificate III in Individual Support.  

As part of my assessment for this task, I will be reviewing your care information in order to develop you a community and social participation plan. As part of my work, I will need to talk to you and your family and carer (with your consent).

Please sign below to show your agreement.

Name:  ___________________________________________________________________________________

       Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________               

Date:  _________________________ 

Community and Social Participation Plan  Permission Form (Assessment Task 2)

     I,  _______________________________________________________________________________________ ,             

 ______________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________             

Approval is dependent on the following conditions:

             The student is to work with one client.

                   The student must be supervised at all times when working with the client.

              The client or their family may request that this project be stopped at any point. In this case, other 


       Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________               

Date:  _________________________ 

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