CIST 2601 Operating System Security

Final Project for CIST 2601 – Operating System Security

Purpose of this Lab

  1. The purpose of this lab is to prepare the student to understand past security breaches, so as to circumvent future security breaches at their workplace.


  1. Knowledge of cyber security attacks
  2. Increase presentation skills

Part 1: Written Portion of the Project

Security Breach research.

  1. You are to research a security breach that has occurred in industry or government. This breach can be recent or in years past. However, you will want to ensure that you have a breach that has ample information for you to review, discuss, and present. Your paper must be in APA format.  Minimum length is 4 pages, double spaced, not including Reference and Title page. (see the sample paper attached).
  2. Your paper must include a visual of how the breach occurred.
    1. Level One Titles are:
      1. Title Page
      2. Introduction to your topic
  • Background of the entity
  1. How the breach occurred
  2. How the breach was detected
  3. How the breach was eradicated
  • What you learned from this process
  • References
  1. Introduce your company
    1. The company can be located in any part of the world.
    2. You will need to spend adequate amount of time Googling the company or government entity. Google map the location and include in your paper and presentation.
    3. Include in your paper many of the lessons and chapters that we have covered. You can include from Chapter 4 some of the ways that breaches occur in business.
    4. Explain if the breach was because of physical, internal, or external weaknesses (IE. Social Media, open doors, weak passwords, etc).
    5. You must show that you have read the book and bring in items from your lessons that you have learned

Part II: Presentation Portion of the Project

  1. PowerPoint presentation which should last approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Remember, you will be practicing giving a presentation before your client as to the security issues revealed by the breach that you are researching.
  3. Slides should include:
    1. The background of your chosen company
    2. Google pictures of the company’s physical location(s)
    3. If there are multiple locations, create a drawing of the different locations
    4. Screen shots of what you uncovered in your investigation
    5. Visually show how the breach occurred
  4. You will be graded on what you uncovered. However, I will expect you to tell me what you can do with the information you discovered. For instance, you may have discovered that the company uses Voice over IP as a phone system. I will expect you to tell me how a VoIP phone system could be hacked.
  5. You must present this in class. You cannot simply turn in a PowerPoint and expect to get a grade.  It must be presented for all the class to learn about what you discovered.

Security Breach and Attacks

Your Name

Gwinnett Technical College

Studies in CyberSecurity, CIST 2611


A Study on the Methods of Protection from Malicious PDFs


Give one paragraph on what you are going to present to the reader in the introduction.

Background of the Entity

In this area you would give the background of your entity.  Discuss the location, size, and other details.

How the Breach Occurred

Give details and a visual of how the breach occurred.  Details are important for the reader to understand the flow of the breach process.

How the Breach Was Detected

Give details and a visual of how the breach was detected.  Was it an internal or external detection.  Details are important for the reader to understand the flow of the breach process.

How the Breach Was Eradicated

Was the breach eradicated?  If so, how?  What could prevent this breach from happening to other entities in the future.

What was Learned from this Research

What did you learn from this process.  You must bring in concepts that we have learned in class.

References (References go on a separate page)



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