Club IT Preliminary Investigation And Requirements Report

Preliminary Investigation and Requirements Report

Case Study for Club IT

General Information

Company Profile

  • Club IT was established by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada after they graduated with their degrees in Business Administration in 2005.
  • Revenue in 2017: $2,274,000
  • The owners of Club IT have recently completed extensive renovations of their 6,000 square foot business that has seating for 200 people.
  • Estimated IT budget for 2019: $250,000
  • Club IT has not spent any money on IT other than their internet provider since 2009.

Business situation

The current business situation at Club IT is one of significantly outdated software and hardware as well as connectivity issues. Club IT is also having consistent inventory issues due to the unreliable system currently in place. The owners have experienced several occasions where they been oversupplied with items that are not selling while being sold out of their most popular items six times in the last month. With the large number of manual tasks that are required, the use of standard keyboard inputs are not the best resolution. There is a need for the implementation of a Microsoft Access database in the place of the current Excel spreadsheets that are currently in use. Also, the owners have expressed concerns about data security.

Technical situation

Ruben and Lisa are currently performing all business functions of Club IT severely outdated hardware. The computers currently in use have an Intel Pentium processor, 1GB of RAM, an ethernet adapter, 17” color display, Windows XP Professional operating system and hardwired high speed modem from Comcast. Also, keyboard inputs are difficult for the tasks performed at Club IT. The best fit for their business would be to upgrade their internet bandwidth and computers and to implement the use of a tablet based point of sale system on a closed wireless network while providing an open guest network for patrons and even allow the DJ to download MP3 files as needed. These tablets and computers should link sales information to stock/ inventory amounts stored in an Access database and once a product’s inventory is below a predetermined threshold a reordering of those supplies should be triggered in the system and notifications should be sent to the owners and manager. These tablets should require an employee number and password or key card and passcode to gain access to the system and the owners with the help of IT personnel should set the permissions and accesses allowed for each employee.

Problem or Opportunity

Project Scope and Constraints

  • Project scope

The purpose of this project is to make the owners aware of their options to address their current IT concerns and develop an improved IT structure for their business that can be properly sustained. Lisa and Ruben need to be able to properly manage the day to day activities of their business with a large emphasis on inventory and eliminating Lisa’s data security concerns.

  • Project creep

The owners Lisa and Ruben have determined that they would like to implement a database server for inventory and personnel data that will be properly encrypted. Additionally, they would like to implement the use of tablets and user access controls and authentication methods for access to all systems. With these implementations there is a possibility that there will be issues with the hardware purchased and all products cohesively working together. There is the possibility that the owners may add web development concerns to the project. Also, there is also the possibility of costs, communication and functionality concerns.

  • Constraints
    • Budget
    • Timeline for changes to be implemented
    • The nightclub will still be open for business during upgrades
    • Employees ability to properly use the new systems.

Perform Fact-Finding

Fact finding was conducting by observing how users in different positions within the company used the system, while noting any system errors, connectivity issues, and the entry of any erroneous data into the current spreadsheets that cause inventory issues. Also, interviews were conducted with employees to understand the issues they’ve experienced that may not have been seen during observation as  well as how they intend to use the new system and what functionality would make their job easier and more efficient.


  • What functions are you currently using the system for?
  • What functions do you think should be included in the new system?
  • What are some concerns that you have for the security of the current system?
  • Is this system easily accessible?
  • What credentials do you need to access the systems?
  • Do you feel the current systems run too slow?
  • What errors do you see the most when using the current system?
  • What is the biggest issue you have faced with the inventory system?

Current Processes


List of Requirements


  • The inventory system must trigger an automatic order of low stock products once they reach 25% and products that are trending and producing the highest sales should be reordered at 35% inventory.
  • The website will allow reservations and confirm the dates with Club IT’s master calendar.
  • The system will track and provide reports of the top selling products and top earning employees.


  • All computers and tablets will require the use of assigned credentials to access all systems
  • New products will be added to the database before they can be tracked in the system.
  • Website will be consistent updated with events, promotions and other specials.
  • All time keeping and pay data will be stored in the encrypted servers to ensure data security.
  • Access to personal data will be limited to those who have a need to know.


  • The system will conduct regular inventory checks throughout the day and send a request for replenishment if the inventory hits the predetermined levels before 6 pm Monday through Saturday.
  • The timesheets will do a check for entry of scheduled hours at the end of the night and send an alert to the employee for missing entries.
  • The system will complete weekly system patching to protect against vulnerabilities.


  • The system must be able to sustain an influx of users without crashing or loss of effectiveness.
  • Low stock replenishment must be triggered at 25% for slowing selling products and 35% for trending products.
  • The master calendar must be able to deliver an automatic response for reservation confirmations.
  • The system must have consistent IT support to ensure quick response to any unscheduled outages or other system issues.


  • Secured closed network for business functions while providing open network for patrons.
  • Encryption on servers that store personal data and other sensitive business information.
  • Implement least privilege access controls for all employees.
  • Passwords and passcodes must be changed every 60 days and no passwords for any equipment will have a default password enabled.
  • Disable any unused ports or unnecessary functions on all equipment and software.


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