COMP3210 Assignment 2

COMP3210/6210: Assignment 2

Marks: 100 marks (20%).

How Your Submission Will Be Tested:

[Dataset]: You will be given a dataset that contains 2D points. The dataset will be provided in a text file as the following format:

id 1 x 1 y 1 id 2 x 2 y 2


id n x n y n

Every line gives a point’s id, x-, and y-coordinates. Your program should build an R-tree in memory from the dataset.

[Range Query]: You will be given a set of 100 range queries in a text file whose format is:

x 1 x’ 1 y 1 y’ 1 x 2 x’ 2 y 2 y’ 2


x 100 x’ 100 y 100 y’ 100

That is, each line specifies a query whose rectangle is [x,x0] × [y,y0]. Then, we will measure its query efficiency as follows.

You should output to a disk file:

  • Firstly, your program should display the time of answering queries by reading the entire dataset sequentially. This time serves as the sequential-scan benchmark to be compared with the cost of your query algorithms that leverage the R-tree.
  • Secondly, display the number of points returned by each query-note: we need only the number of points retrieved, instead of the details of those points.
  • Thirdly, display the total running time of answering all the 100 queries, and the average time of each query (i.e., divide the total running time by 100).

[Programming Language]: Python, Java, C++ (including variants like C, C#, ...), or any other language approved by the instructor. You can implement the R-tree by using the existing libraries provided in the programming language of your choice (i.e., some standard libraries or the libraries for R-Tree).

[Deliverables]: Your submission includes the following components:

  1. Source Code: The code you have developed yourself. Make sure your code can be run in the standard general programming environment.
  2. Report: Your report should include the following:
    • A brief description of the main functions in your source code.
    • A clear specification of the requirements for executing your code such as, OS environment, placement of input files, any input parameters, etc.
    • A detailed analysis for the construction and search of an R-Tree.
  3. A Recorded Video: You need to prepare for a recorded video to show the process of running your program, the delivered results, and a brief introduction of how did you design your program.
  4. Zip all your source code and the recorded video into a single file, and name the file in the following format: yourstudentid zip. You need to submit your zip file and your report separately via the submission system.

Marking: Your total mark earned for this assignment is based on:

  • [The Program: 60 marks]
    • Correctness: 40 marks.

[Sequential-Scan Based Method (10 marks)]: You need to provide detailed comments for your source code (2 marks). Then, if your program correctly answers m (out of 100) queries by reading the entire dataset (reading all the data points) sequentially, you get 8 · (m/100) marks for this part.

[R-Tree Based Method (30 marks)]: You need to provide detailed comments for your source code (5 marks). Then, if your program correctly answers m (out of 100) queries by searching the R-Tree, you get 25 · (m/100) marks for this part.

  • Efficiency: 10 marks. If the average query time is at least 5 times faster than the sequential scan, you get 10 marks for this part. If at least 2 times faster (but less than 5 times), you get 5 marks. If less than 2 times faster, no marks.
  • Recorded Video: 10 marks. The video should clearly show the process of running your program (2 marks), show the delivered results (2 marks), and clearly introduce your idea in the design of your program to show your understanding of implementing the R-Tree (6 marks).
  • [The Report: 40 marks]
    • Function Description: 5 marks. If your report includes a clear description of all the functions in your source code, you get 5 marks. If only part of your functions is introduced, you will be given the marks based on the proportion of the correct answers.
    • Requirement Description: 5 marks. If your report includes a clear description of the requirements for executing your code such as, OS environment, placement of input files, any input parameters, etc, and your report includes the screenshots of the running results (e.g., the average execution time of both sequential-scan and R-Tree based methods, etc.), you get 5 marks.
    • Analysing the Working of R-Tree: 30 marks. Select no less than 10 data points from the given dataset, and one query from the given queries. You need to draw figures to illustrate the whole process of R-Tree construction (20 marks) and the R-Tree based search (10 marks). The search should traverse several nodes of the tree, and during the construction of the R-Tree, there should be an overflow and a node splitting.

Late Submission: No extensions will be granted without an approved application for Special Consideration. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks (10 marks for the assignment, scale to 2 marks in your final grade) made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late. For example, 25 hours late in submission for this assignment– 20% penalty (20 marks deducted, scale to 4 marks in your final grade). No submission will be accepted after the solutions have been posted.

Zero Tolerance for Cheating: You are required to develop the program and write the report by yourself. If you use some libraries and/or contents from other sources, you need to cite and provide the corresponding references. All submissions will be checked for plagiarism. Any confirmed cases will be reported to the faculty for disciplinary actions, and the marks of the assignment and the unit will be held until the case has been resolved. See Macquarie University’s code of conduct for the details of the process.


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