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Organisation behaviour considers the central idea of maintaining an organisation in a legitimate form. The relation between management and employees and make effective business advancement through the process is the key objective of that process. Behaviour depends on the working environment and culture of the organisation.

In this case, Wings Café needs to change some organisational behaviour so that they ensure their productivity and maintain a good place in competitive market. The collective cultural change will enhance the business opportunity and maintain a good process of business understanding for future. Wings Café needs to implement those strategies in business so that effective business enhancement in national and international market achieved by the company.


  • To determine the possible chances of business enhancement through organisational behaviour
  • To evaluate the leadership approach in business and provide motivation to their employees through organisational behaviour
  • To analysis past experience of different companies to initiate the organisational behaviour and maintain their structure for the development of business.

Literature Review

There are no usual widespread recommendations that can envisage every conduct, team consequence, or Administrative occurrence. People are characteristically distinctive and impulsive in some features of their conduct. The organisational purposes are invoked and ascribed. The connecting ideas and experiences in business based on intellectual curiosity, basics of business, management capabilities, an alternative choice of degree, obtain a degree of minimum effort (Thomson and Van Niekerk 2012). The process aligned with quality and direction and group dynamics are relevant in that case. Economic and market conditions and industrial inventions make up an organization’s setting, as do centralized, national, and local legislature and governmental, communal, and social circumstances external to the association (Hyde, Harris and Boaden 2013). The process initiates changes in business and also makes some technological and behavioural changes in business. There are different establishment situations as mentioned by Wood et al. (2012) and that will impact over the future organisational changes and their improve infrastructure. The development may change the dimension of business and improve the validity of the business scenario in future.

As comment by Coccia (2014), there are four major aspects of organisational behaviour like people, structure, technology, and external environment. People are very important as the internal social system in the organisation is based on the people. Their mind set, attitude, workplace approach, dynamic nature of the business, group activity, inter-relation with other employee and administration all these aspects are important for the people as well as for the organisation. On the other hand, defines the roles of roles and relationship with employees with the administration. The approach of structure clarifies the objectivity of business and coordinates the matter for the better for better business enhancement. Technology delivers economic and physical resources and through machines and tools, the scale of operation will be different (Hashim and Wok 2014). The last section is the external environment and the process includes economic, socio-cultural, political, legal, geographical and technological approaches in the organisation. The degree of influences may be less and future output will be reached a huge impact.

Organisation behaviour and recommended approach


The culture of the company emphasises on the product-specific rates and products uniqueness through their special ingredients. The company needs to make diversity in product and inclusion of different products helps in that process. Handy's four classes of culture model demonstrate the process in a suitable way (LA 2013). Power, role, task and person are the four major divisions and all these are related to the engagement of employees and management. Power relation with management needs to be less so that effective ideas can come up and enhance the productivity of the organisation. Role play of every employee needs to be specific so that the work division and completion of work can be measured.


The organisation is good for accumulating more than 50 customers and in case of customer attention is the concern approach for the organisation. They need to train their employees so the effective behaviour will deliver by them. Employees need to realise the importance of customer retention (Du Plessis and Barkhuizen 2012). The change in attitude may enhance the engagement of customer with the administration.


The organisation needs to motivate their employees so that link and engagement with employees will be there. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation from organisation is needed from the employees' point of view. Motivated employees will work in an effective way and productive nature of the company will grow (Coccia and Cadario 2014). Two-factor theory of Herzberg states the process where employees are very coordinated with the organisation.   

Team behaviour

Team behaviour lead with respect from each other, sharing workload, credit for every team member and the responsibility or accountability to take the responsibility of the work pressure need to be the key approach of the organisation. Wings Café needs to construct their infrastructure to share workload as in peak seasons customers maintenance and take after them in a huge process, thus employees have to efficient enough to control the situation.  


Servant leadership is the best way to cater to an organisation. Wings Café wants to make their field in a competitive market so creating opportunities is important for the organisation. Servant leadership is a process of listening and communicating with employees on a regular basis (Kaur 2013). The awareness of this business process is effective and approach of having effective results are found in this leadership process. Wings Café needs to take concern views of their employees, power relation will be less in that case and organisation will be flourished then.

Power and Politics

Power and politics in office are needed to be restricted and the politics need to be used for the positive enhancement of organisation power. Power relation will be mitigated in that case and politics will not hamper the inter-relation between employees. The effect will not come if employees are not in politics, rather they will enjoy the work and productivity will rise.

Organisational structure

Organisation structure will ensure one chief position of management. Boss or Director is at the top of the structure. Managers are connected with employee and Director can also interact with the employees as the structure will be formulated as the circle one. The employees can directly go for to the boss. The structure will be impactful in that case, as the problem-solving actions are impactful and quick in time (Beal III, Stavros and Cole 2013).

Organisational Change

The change in the organisation by taking different actions is quite feasible. The changes are needed in case of lagging productivity and leaders initiate some strategic changes for that reason. Changes are not always impacting on positive, sometimes the impact becomes negative and leaders have to change the strategy immediately for the sake of the organisation (Chumg et al. 2016). The change in power and politics impacted the situational process of the organisation but positive power in the organisation helps the entire process.

General opinion

In the case of overall organisational behaviour, effective communication plays a good role in business. Employees' relation with management and their communication helps them to understand the effective strategy of the company and their positive increase productivity in the modern market. Customer service experience needs to develop so that effective steps can be taken from the organisation’s point of view (Shore and Wright 2015). Communication effectiveness built the culture and develop the quality of service in that aspect.  


Therefore it can be concluded that major organisational changes are needed from the Wings Café's perspective. The change in attitude, leadership, motivational approach, culture, power and politics, organisational structure and change help in behaviour. The existed organisational behaviours are lagging in some cases, so the effective changes will be there and that recommended changes help the organisation in terms of productivity.


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