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Zoho CRM is a web-based customer relationship management software meant to attract, retain and offer customer satisfaction in order to grow and develop a business entity. Its main functions are lead and customer management but as well, it is used in sales pipeline management and control of purchases. Once these functions are put together in a simple interface, they make this program one of the best in the industry. Regardless of the type of business, this software is beneficial to small-scale or large-scale business entities.

Features of ZOHO CRM software

Among the key features of this software include sales force automation, lead management, sales forecasting, account management, effective follow-up, sales tracking and forecasting as well as mail management (, 2018).

Functions of ZOHO CRM Software.

The main functions of ZOHO software include;

Lead Capture-this entails capturing of vital information of potential clients. Sales agents can collect these data manually. The data can as well be found when the software is incorporated into a website and visitors are called upon to fill online forms that are automatically captured by the software.

Prospect Tracking- ZOHO can track the activities of potential clients or clients exhibiting traits of potential clients by recording online activities engaged by possible clients on the soft wares interface (Shabdar, 2017). These can be gotten from affiliate market ads, website forms or links in emails. This information is automatically captured but for the human-to-human contacts, sales agents physically enter the data

Customer Tracking-The software is able to track information about a firm’s clients once they make purchases. The software tracks information relating to the product purchased, the price of the products, date of purchases, the sales agent involves and the customers’ feedback in regards to the product purchased.

ZOHO CRM Pricing

Depending on the type of subscription, the pricing systems vary from standard, professional, enterprise, and ultimate subscriptions. The standard subscription consists of all features in the free edition and additional features such as sales estimating recording rules, graphic representation and KPIs, document collection, duties and profiles, routine sections, call center assistants, web forms and secure, coded transmission. On average, it costs $12 annually. The professional subscription costs an annual fee of $20 and consists of all features in the standard subscription in addition to other features such as Email incorporation, public CRM, trades signals, the flow of duties and functions, plan - process management, stock management and limitless records. The enterprise subscription is the most popular subscription, which encompasses all the features of the professional subscription in addition to other features such as Zia Voice - Colloquial AI, several-user thresholds, objective meters, irregularity detectors, prognostic AI, routine modules and buttons, portable SDK and app circulation. On average, this subscription costs $35. The ultimate subscription is the most expensive subscription priced at $100 and contains all features of the enterprise subscription in addition to devoted database collection, free Quality maintenance, automation proposals, data enhancement, enhanced storage and email sentimentality.

Advantages of using ZOHO CRM

As a customer relationship management software, ZOHO works for both large-scale and small-scale business entities. It automates a firm’s daily activity such as sales monitoring as well as engaging the customers on its different platforms (Butler and Carignan, 2017). Zoho's mobile application enables the user to take goods and services to the field and helps in generation of prompt responses and in real time. The good bit about the mobile application is that it can be assimilated in most popular applications and other cloud-based connects.

With the ZOHO software customer, management is quite easy. A firm can track all accounts of its customers that are shared in a database. The firm can check on their buying patterns and behaviors. From this, the firms are able to create reports that will aid in forecasting of revenue, establish sales shares and recognize the performance of individual or team of customers. Zoho's opportunity tracking specification enables the firm to know the performance of most of their clients via the accurate Dynamic Reports and Dashboards

The ZOHO software as well enables the firm to recognize and deal with the sluggish leads with the previous information to re-draft the firm’s messages. With the business card view, the administrator is able to access the vital information about the clients of a firm without necessarily having to search for it in the database. More logical and one-to-one communication with clients is as well enabled by the notes section as one of the features of the software.

Disadvantages of ZOHO CRM

Much as this software is effective, at times bugs occur in some features of the application, which can be dealt with with a few more modifications.

Benefits of ZOHO CRM to firms.

Cost regulation-A firm is at liberty to choose which subscription serves well to its need. The software has four major subscriptions with fees accustomed to all the subscriptions (Jungmin Lee and ???, 2013). Depending on the needs of the firm and the market size, a firm can choose that which suit it properly.

The application offers a medium of technical support in the places where the user does not know how to go about it. The application has a wide-ranging wired knowledge base alongside other support services available in the modes of chats, phone calls or emails in case one is stuck in using the application.

It is easy to configure the software to automatically create contacts from a firms website forms. The software as well assigns the lead, informs the software user, and initiates a follow up in order to ensure that no leads are discarded.

Zoho Customers

The software serves a wide arrange of clients ranging from small-scale business entities to large-scale business entities. Freelancers, as well as medium size businesspersons, form a vital clientele base for this software.

Payment Methods for the Software.

Just like other universally accredited software, payments of the subscription of any package are accepted in the form of MasterCard, visa, express, and PayPal. For annual subscriptions, bank transfers and cheque transfers are as well accepted.

This application supports devices with the following operating systems, Linux, Windows and Android operating systems.

It accepts all universally recognized languages the most common being English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese


Butler, B. and Carignan, M., 2017. Developing a CRM Strategy for Small Businesses. (2018). Zoho CRM Reviews: Overview, Pricing, and Features. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2018].

Jungmin Lee and ??? (2013). The effect of the CRM investment on CRM performance: Through the mediating effect of CRM, organizational competence and the moderating effect of industry. The e-Business Studies, 14(2), pp.129-154.

Shabdar, A., 2017. CRM at Your Business Core. In Mastering Zoho CRM (pp. 21-38). Apress, Berkeley, CA.


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