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Development Communication Deontological Answers | Assessment Answer



This case talks about the murder case in which the incident took place just because of the unethical step was taken by Geecy Rebucas. In this, she indulges in having sex with his lover. Roy Abanales Tabalbag seen that his girlfriend was indulged in sexual activity with his lover. So, in this paper ethical issues will be seen and also theories related to ethics will be discussed. It is evaluated that the accused seen his girlfriend and was angry.

In the case study, the accused was guilty just because of the murder in which he is involved. He was guilty of the manslaughter but not for the murder done by him. This step is taken by Roy because his girlfriend is not loyal to him. When she is not loyal when it is seen he is not able to control the anger and also it has resulted in the murder. The paper will talk about the ethical theories by relating it to the case.

n: justify;">Utilitarianism theory

 This theory is showcased by "Jermy Bentham" and in this, he elaborated that by focusing on the feeling the actions are taken. If the action showcases the utility then it is known as a good concept. Well, being is also considered in this theory which states the meaning of the overall concept. Ego is one of the elements which reflects consequentialism. Equality is also one of the important factor related to the theory. The analysis is made by focusing on the consequentialism and also evaluation is made through this in a project-management (Wedgwood, 2018).

The case broadcast the acts which focus on utilities. In this case, it is seen that his girlfriend is indulged in having a sexual act and Roy saw them and become angry. It is seen that when a person is angry it is related to the behavior that they manage it in a proper manner and control the anger. It is important for a person to control the anger so that they cannot take unethical actions. The accused was not able to control himself and was very disappointed. It is important to have ethics in a proper manner so that relation can be maintained for a lifetime. If there is no ethics in the relationship then it is not possible to stay with each other (Chadwick & O'Connor, 2015).

If a person is involved in a wrong act of killing then they have to face penalties and punishments which are given by the law. Murder is an act which is unethical in the eyes of law. Pleasure is also the feeling which arises when person act in securing themselves. Accused has taken this action in the anger and disappointment. At the time when Tabalbag has taken this action, it can be evaluated that he is not able to control the anger. Amin Sthapit was a person who was killed by Tabalbag and the murder which was done was known as one of the unethical acts. At the time of considering the work program, it is seen that this theory was considered so that society can maintain proper relation and through this betterment can also be enhanced (Hoover & Pepper, 2015).

Deontology Theory

The theory emphasizes the overall morale of a person and it is seen that it is important to consider the policies and rules by focusing on the actions. To make a proper judgment of the situation it is analyzed that there are many ethics on which emphasis should be given (Baumane-Vitolina, Cals & Sumilo,2016).  There are obligations also which should be taken as a morality and internal and external factor are the factors on which emphasis should be maintained. Morals are also concerned to a person and it can be analyzed that connection it there with this theory (Paquette, Sommerfeldt & Kent, 2015).

By reflecting on the theory, it is seen that the lover of his girlfriend was killed by Tabalbag. The unethical action is considered if this action taken by Tabalbag is considered. The government also tells to consider the rules imposed. Penalties and punishments are framed in the law which is followed when a person indulges in a wrong act. This act was taken because Tabalbag was not having control on him as stated by the defender. The practice which took place is not accepted according to the theory.

Virtue theory

It is linked with the virtue of mind in which proper differentiation is made of an individual.  Thinking power is linked to this concept and also it is seen that traits and habits of a person are the overall results. In the recent concept it is evaluated that expression of a person is considered (Austin, 2017).

The case study tells about the accused behavior and the person has a good behavior towards the person. Ethics differ from an individual to individual and positive outcome can be attained (Carr, 2016).  This case broadcast the overall impression of a person and his girlfriend is not loyal and honest in the relation. The murder was done because his girlfriend was doing unethical act and has no control over the feelings (Sosa, 2015).

Contract theory

It can be evaluated to survive in the society it is seen that people should focus on the rules so that activities can take place in a smooth manner and environment can also be managed. Rules and regulations if not considered by the people then it cannot be possible to achieve positive outcomes (Sarason, Pierce & Sarason, 2014).  People will be responsible for the punishment and also if the wrong step is taken then it can give negative impact on the life. There are many theories that have a link with the contract theory and it tells that it is essential to focus on the rules so that people can work together and also maintenance of relation can take place in a proper manner. It is important for the people to maintain relations so that growth can be achieved in a proper manner. If the person does the actions in an ethical manner then it can be easy to live a happy life (Neubert & Dyck, 2016).

By reflecting on the case, it is essential for Tabalbag to focus on the rules so that if it is not considered in a proper manner then they are liable for punishment. The good environment can only be managed if people work together and conduct the act according to the ethics. It is important to manage equality so that people can think in a proper way and if a wrong act is conducted then they will be liable for the punishment. Tabalbag has done the murder in an unethical way and it is done to secure him only. But Tabalbag is liable for the unethical act and will have to suffer from the punishment and also the image will be spoiled in the society.


This paper considers the ethical issues which will be elaborated by considering the overall case study. Motivation factor changes from time to time and also it is not dependent on the changes of motivation. The ethical theories analysis will be evaluated by considering the right action. If a person is indulged in a wrong act then the theory will assist the researchers to search out the right actions. These theories are taken into consideration so that accused action can be evaluated in a proper manner. The theories are discussed by focusing on the case and it has linked with the overall actions taken by the people who are engaged in the murder.


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