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Current Digital Innovation  

Since the rebranding of all versatile and Internet administrations in April 2008 to Orange, a strong worldwide brand, there has been a quantum jump in giving clients inventive encounters and policies. Portable clients have gained entry into Mauritius telecom's Internet and television administrations and Mauritius Telecom versatile applications. Mauritius Telecom has given a full range of voice and information administrations utilizing settled line, portable and Internet stages. The current officeholder of Telecom, Mauritius Telecom has been somewhat privatized and now profits by the scale and specialized ability of France Telecom/Orange, which has a 40% enthusiasm for the administrator. Mauritius Telecom offers concurrent administrations through the use of My.T, its multiplayer-IPTV administration.

Analysis and Justifications of the Solutions

 On embarking on its innovation projects, Mauritius Telecom encountered some problems that could have stalled the whole effort. To counter the identified problems the following innovative processes and technologies were recommended.

On-line training

It was obvious that trying to have everybody committed to the introduction of the innovations was a difficult task since each employee had already had his/her daily tasks. With the on-line mode, the employees can be trained on the awareness programs at their pace thus ensuring that everybody understands and appreciates the relevance of the innovations that are brought by the company. On-line learning can be defined as the asynchronous computer-based way of learning that enables the learners to study at anytime and anywhere using information and communication technology. This solution is touted to be very efficient given the context in which the innovations are being introduced at Mauritius Telecom (Nicholas & Simon 2016). 

Groupware Software

With few levels of management at Mauritius Telecom, the groupware is going to allow its employees to collaborate and communicate much more easily. This will hence enhance the decision-making capabilities of all the staff that in the end will streamline the innovation efforts of the company. Groupware can be said to be any computer-base application specifically designed to support people who work together. Being able to make sound decisions can be a critical success factor when organizations evolve in a global world (Webb 2011).

Social Network

In its pursuit of qualified and experienced people for the implementation of its innovations, Mauritius Telecom is projected to have a competitive advantage when having access to social networks such as LinkedIn. Today professionals use social networks such as LinkedIn to exchange their contact details, look for career opportunities and also improve their branding. Gradually those social networks have recently developed into a bank of thousands of curriculum vitae and profiles of very talented people. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers very affordable membership fees that can only be an advantage for Mauritius Telecom  (Proaskis & Salehi 2007). 

Corporate Innovations

Mauritius Telecom has put resources into advances, for example, cabinet fiber and high-Speed Packet Access and has also stretched out broadband access to a settled line and versatile clients all around in Mauritius. To help basic leadership at whatever time, anyplace, the company's continuous innovation administrations and arrangements, combined with its experience and know-how, the company has now started giving organizations a one-stop answer for IP-based administrations, virtual private systems and rapid web access and application services. The organization presented the One Tariff, One Country approach, by balancing between island taxes amongst Mauritius and Rodrigues with those predominant in terrain Mauritius and the Apple iPhone 3G that was dispatched towards the end of 2008.

Mauritius Telecom further experienced a few levy diminishments in 2008: a lessening of up to 41% in worldwide call duties utilizing prepaid cards of SEZAM; a diminishment of 30 pennies for each moment on global call levies using the code 020; a 20% decline in the expense of versatile to settled brought in June 2008; and a decrease of somewhere around 21% and 45%, contingent upon the post-paid rental bundle, on post-paid portable call taxes. Mauritius Telecom has been putting resources into home and business fiber Gigabit Passive Optical Network, SHDSL and ADSL advancements and is additionally now offering Telepresence and Cloud Computing arrangements (Morabito 2014).

Digital Innovation after the Solutions

Integrating LinkedIn with the existing procedures and processes was the easiest part of the integration effort. Attention was paid to the integration of groupware and the on-line training system with the existing software applications. In case the new applications were hosted on existing servers, Mauritius Telecom integrated the new databases with the current database. Systems integration can be defined as a way of merging the tasks of a set of subsystems, be it hardware, software, or even both so as to yield a distinct, unified structure that gratifies some need of a corporation. However, a smooth integration of LinkedIn with the recruitment procedures was done. It is a known fact that LinkedIn does not require the installation of new applications and hardware on site. Typically separate databases involve additional costs regarding the DBMS licenses apart from compatibility aspects (Lugmayr & Niiranen 2004). For Mauritius Telecom, the result of the integration was a noticeable improvement in the organization’s workflow and by extension greater customer satisfaction. The company decided to purchase new servers for all its new applications.

Cost-Benefit and Implementation Analysis

The successful implementation of any innovation depends on a thoroughly prepared cost-benefit analysis. Indeed this exploration has presumed a critical position in the intelligence systems revolution (Franklin 2013).

Cost Benefit analysis

Innovations involve some intangible costs, which should not be neglected. In the case of the on-line training solution and the groupware the indirect costs can be the administrative expenses involves in purchasing that software (McQuivey & Bernoff 2013). With regards to Mauritius Telecom, the direct costs are mainly the setup fees and the licenses for the on-line training solutions, the groupware and membership fees for LinkedIn. Unintended expenses are those expenditures that are used to the advantage of numerous expense objects. This expense category would include loss of employee efficiency when they would concentrate on the new technologies and neglect their routine works. Costs can be categorized as a direct cost, indirect cost and intangible cost (Bavm 2015).

Implementation Analysis

The plan includes preparation of conversion plan, systems testing, and installation of databases, user training and conversion to the new system. The feedback would be used to correct any identified shortcomings. An implementation plan that meets the organization objectives is crucial to any innovation venture. The application refers to all the corporation activities working toward the adopting, managing, and making a routine out of innovation. Once the tests are completed, a detailed conversion plan would outline if the new structures should be implemented as an unexpected cut over or in parallel with existing systems and processes. The next step to take is the installation of the new databases. A pilot project should be conducted to test the new technologies with a small sample of users. The final step is the handing over of the systems to the users and this step also involves providing feedback to the vendor. User practicing is a significant milestone, as the new systems will be used efficiently only if people are well trained (Sklar 2001).


Mauritius telecom should have started using LinkedIn to recruit better-suited employees in regards to perfection in digital innovation implementation. An operations manager is also needed to make sure digital innovation goes smoothly.  However, if the company does not do this, then it is bound to loose so much. 


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