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Digital Innovation Of Apple Inc. Assessment Answer



The digital innovation is increasingly important today towards achieving the business goals. Having the right digital innovation can make or break an organization. The use of technology is changing the structure in wholesale, more so the digital innovation of the web in particular it has relentlessly and rewritten on the way the business is carried out. (Amit and Zott, 2012) Nonetheless, the recent research has shown that there are difficulties in the evaluation of the value that are generated by the digital innovation investments. In the 90s the first generation of the use of IT applications enabled the firms to streamline their operations internally while at the same time provide room for opportunities towards the process of innovation. Recently the use of digital technology has expanded beyond the internal dimensions and has penetrated on the products and the services that organization is offering. The organization that is elaborated at length in this paper is the Apple Inc. Corporation.

Swot Analysis

Strengths of Apple Corporation

  1. The equity of the brand. Apple Company is one of the leading companies in the world on the aspect of the brand of the equity. This has come back way on the days of Mcintosh PC, and Apple has been highlighted as a brand of great promises.
  2. The concept of tag of innovation. Apple company has applied most of the times label of innovation to their products like IPod, IPad, and the IPhone. (Trott, 2008)They have been responsible for many of the technological revolutions that have been exhibited over the years.

Weakness of iPhone of Apple

  1. They have a high price. Because of the brand equity, they target the A grade customer segmentation. The Apple changes the upper price for the purchase of their devices as a comparison to other brands that offer similar features.
  2. The Apple iPhones have some restrictions. It has some restrictions that are unnecessary on the Apple iPhone that are out of the box. (Trott, 2008)The phones have no presence of Bluetooth, lacks the components to expand the memory, and the battery is they have is not removed. Having such phone that is priced high, it is expected to have more features from the phone.


  1. Continued technological advancement. Apple has delivered many hits over the last decades and many people are expecting more products that are unique from this organization. 2. The organization is dependent more on the digital innovation. (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2003) Many individuals are becoming addicted to the use of the internet and various applications. More often, many individuals are becoming digitalized and as spending power increases, the smartphone industry like iPhone would gain boom.


  1. There is issue of lack of the innovation. For the past decade, Apple Company has not made any innovation and bring in new products in the market. Nonetheless, many individuals expect them have come with new innovative products.
  2. The risk of the brand losing on the shine. Because of lack of innovation in the last few years, there is a chance that the brand of Apple may lose on the current equity of the brand over a period(Amita and Zott, 2012). If the company launches an innovation in the future, the brand would inevitably rise again.

Digital Innovation of Apple and How it Affect the Organization

The digital innovation has caused some effects at Apple due to the fact individuals in the company are not accepting the new changes that are being implemented. (Trott, 2008) Innovation cannot occur only in the company itself; Apple has understood this issue over the years.  There is a need to outsource the processes that are not great in the company (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2003). Nonetheless, the aspect of get help from other companies is a hard thing to undertake since this process to outsource needs to be first identified. Besides, there is also the problem of searching an organization that would provide the best quality they want otherwise if the quality is compromised the brand name would be damaged in the market (Engardio, Einhorn, Kripalani, Reinhardt, Nussabaum and Burrows, 2005). The development of these digital innovations has created an environment for Apple to strive well and created a diverse market for their products across the globe.

How Apple Company Would be Affected by the Innovations

 Digital innovation has revolutionized Apple Company and has enabled it to be amongst the best in the world. Each company today ought to be alert when it comes to issues of technology; Apple Company not an exceptional to this aspect. Digital innovation in the world of manufacturing of mobiles and the tablets began with Apple Company and gradually became adopted in the other industries. (Trott, 2008) The company has worked hard to make sure that the aspect of digital innovation can clearly fit on the processes and procedure of this company. Nonetheless, with the new adaptation of the new technology of digital innovation in the company, the team members have aligned themselves to enable this technology is taken ahead as desired by the technical experts. Therefore, employees ought to undergo a test of their technical strengths to know where each can suit well.

How Innovation could Influence the Apple Company Products and Product Lifecycle.

Innovation entails coming up with something new, and Apple Company has come up with the better innovation of products that are better than the competitors (Trott, 2008). The company is willing to take the risks to achieving their goals. The digital innovation has seen the company producing the best products that are getting a tremendous reception in the market. The company has made significantly huge profits that have come from the sales of their products. All their products have passed a good enough point throughout the years and have been widely being accepted by the consumers. (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2003)On the product life cycle has been an impact in that every time they are coming up with the innovation of their products to provide the customers new products with additional features and to have a competitive advantage over the other organizations. The aspect of the product cycle has been used successfully and has made the marketers of the product to assume that there is only one trajectory for the successful products Apple organization has produced.


The digital innovation has revolutionized the way the organization is carrying business in this era. Apple Company has ventured on the digital innovation on the products they provide the consumer to have the experience of their time through a friendly interface on the applications. Digital innovation has also caused both positive and adverse effects on the organization. On the positive has enabled growth of the products of the group. On the negative, they may face problems especially on outsourcing services of competencies they do not have and the best company to outsource on the process of production without compromising the quality. On this paper, it has elaborated on the effects of the digital innovation on this endeavor, the SWOT analysis to identify the digital innovation they have, the impact of the change on the organization and the product.


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