Discipline Investigation Assignment

Discipline Investigation Assignment


A Discipline Investigation Assignment entails writing an essay which can guide students as they make the selections of the professions they would like to join upon the completion of their studies. The essay is written after interviewing with a professional who has worked in the particular field of interest. Through the article and interview, a student can have an insight of the specific patterns and regulations about the professional area he or she would like to have a career in.

I choose to concentrate on Business Administration with a major in the department of Office Specialist. My interest in the specialization is because I would like to have an office job which enables me to interact with people of all classes and social backgrounds. I would mostly want to be part of the management of a renowned company or government institution that provide services to all the people irrespective of the social status. Therefore, a degree in Business Administration will enable me to do business and service the people not only in the country but also globally. In that case, I will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to handle people with such a diverse background. The degree will also help me to gain the skills I need to associate with such people and offer them quality services. As outlined in the course requirement, I will tackle finance, marketing management, decision-making, accounting, statistics, and economy. All the knowledge will get from this program will give me an insight of the requirements of the profession which will help me to achieve my primary objective in my professional life. Understanding of the Business Administration, Office Specialist area will give me a chance of working with people from all areas and through that, I will be able to understand their lives and how they carry out their daily activities. The reason that has motivated me to specialize this field is the urge that I have to interact with people in the community as well as serve them. Through this service, I will be able to interact with them in my day-to-day activities and learn about their motivations and even lifestyles. Majoring in the field will also assist me to achieve my dream of working with a major company or government institutions that generate revenues helping the growth of the country’s economy. Therefore, through the field, I will be able to contribute towards the growth and development of my country.

For the assignment, I interviewed Ms. Vo who works as an Office Specialist in Santa Clara County. For this investigation assignment, I will give an introduction about Ms. Vo, her responsibilities, and roles as well as her career path.


Background and Career Path

Ms. Vo is a graduate of San Jose State University. She holds a degree in Business Administration and currently works in Santa Clara County as an Office Specialist III. During the interview, I asked her what had motivated her into the profession, and Ms. Vo responded that she had an interest in offering services to the members of the community with diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Regarding her rise to her position, she said that it was not an easy task. Ms. Vo narrated how the process of her recruitment had been long, taking a whole year. She had to make online applications. The applications of all the candidates went through a screening process by the Department of Human Resources to determine the eligibility of the applicants. After that, the applicants went through a series of interviews, two to be specific. The progress of an applicant to the next stage dependent on his or her ability to pass the first interview.

Although Ms. Vo says she has not faced significant problems in her workstation so far, the job is engaging. She has to work every day to ensure that the entry and analysis of data are done efficiently and according to the requirements of the government. A major challenge that she has faced is the ability to manage personal emotions and set them apart from her professional life. In the office, Ms. Vo is expected to act professionally without mixing work with her feelings and opinions. The diverse working environment is also another challenge at her workstation. As a result of different kinds of people Ms. Vo has to serve in the office, she has to be understanding. Flexibility is essential in her field to enable her to offer better services to the people. Flexibility also allows her to understand and listen to the different perceptions and views of the people. Therefore, to succeed in her roles, Ms. Vo has to learn how to share and manage her emotions in a positive manner.

Since Ms. Vo’s job is clerical, there are essential skills that she must have to promote good performance in her workplace. She is tasked with administrative support as well as the analysis and processing of data of the County of Santa Clara.

Roles and Responsibilities

As an Office Specialist III, Ms. Vo is tasked with the role of processing and inputting data. She deals with the input of confidential data of the country. Therefore, in her daily operations, Ms. Vo is expected to sort all the records and data of the County of Santa Clara. She analyses all the data of the counties in the United States of America through the government platform. However, her position requires that Ms. Vo must consult with the manager before making any entry or decisions related to her job. Through the secure web portal of the government and the Intranet, she has access to all the documents and information of the county. Through the portal, Ms. Vo analyses, and processes all the data presented to her.


Throughout her daily operations, Ms. Vo is required to exhibit a high degree of understanding. She handles people with different cultural and social status. Therefore, Ms. Vo has to be able to listen to their needs and serve them even with the differences in perceptions and views. In some situations, she has to convince them to accept her opinions regarding the performance of some duties which are essential in her position as an Office Specialist.


From the interview with Ms. Vo, there are several important guidelines that I have received regarding my professional interest. I have learned that understanding and emotional control is vital for an individual to succeed in my preferred profession. I have also realized that the profession is engaging and therefore, I have to prepare myself professionally and psychologically to endure all that to be successful. In her concluding advice, Ms. Vo has mentioned that the profession is competitive and with limited opportunities. Therefore, I have to go an extra mile in ensuring that I get the grades and skills that can give me an advantage over my competitors.



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