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During the early period education was much elaborate and thorough which emphasised on the fact that teachers provide their best effort to teach the students and get them to know all the key aspects of a particular lesson, but in the modern day education process students have become much more suggestive in terms of their study and even in arts and social science elaborate lectures are mostly avoided by the students. There is a common reason for that which is pedantic teachers. Pedantic teachers are extremely focused on precision and rules and minute details of a subject which most of the time annoys the student in the modern day environment. Pedantic teachers are extremely rich in knowledge and they could contribute largely towards the growth and development of the academic careers of the students. Hence, leaving aside the negative part of pedants it could be said that pedantic teachers could play an important role in teaching and learning process of the students (Khatun, 2013).  Even though most of the students from other streams are annoyed for pedantic teachers the arts student have been seen to enjoy the intellectual presence of the pedantic teachers. This provides an excellent platform to understand that pedantic teachers being able to provide examples for every minute detail is good for the arts student and this justifies the choice of the topic for the present research paper.


Research Aim

The present research aims to discuss pedantic teachers and their role in the teaching and learning process.

Research Objectives

The research objectives framed for the present research paper are given below:

  • To assess role of pedantic teachers in learning process.
  • To analyse the impact of pedants in teaching and learning.
  • To evaluate the impact of pedantic examples on students.
  • To conclude the research with suitable recommendations.

Statement of the Problem

Students mostly tend to get annoyed with pedants and pedantic examples but it is important to understand that pedantic examples are perfect examples for the students that often relate to their lives and help the students to understand the practicality of the subject and its execution in the pragmatic field. The main problem that fuels the research is pedants are avoided due to their excessive urge of laying stress of details which often results in loss of interest among the students but it becomes extremely important to understand what impact Pedants might have on students with their effective and perfect examples in teaching thereby assessing the role that they could play in the process of learning and teaching (Tarsoly, 2016).

Literature Review

According to Benitez (2014) Pedants are considered extremely stubborn especially regarding rules and precision of execution. One of the major reasons Pedantic teachers are avoided is for their increased emphasis on rules and regulations which the youths and students always find shackling. Hence, it is extremely important to note that pedantic teachers are normally avoided for their stubborn behavior. Pedantic teaching could be extremely effective for the students if the aspects of precision, rules and guidance and stress on them are avoided. The pedantic teachers are extremely rich in knowledge and do have significant difference with the other teachers because they emphasise largely upon examples which are extremely effective for the students and their career and integration of the same largely enhances the overall intellect of the students.

Zharkykh and Zharkykh (2012) stated that pedantic teachers are extremely focused on detail and tend to correct minor detail as well which at times reduces the interest of the students to a great deal. Hence it is important for the students to take the positives. The role of pedantic teachers could be analysed effectively delving deep into the way they see teachers. Pedantic teachers implement examples which would help the students to become more disciplined and precise with their studies and even in the real life clearly having a positive impact if the teaching of the pedant is embraced positively. Pedant is used with negative connotations but the examples provided by pedants are real life examples and is extremely effective for the students to drive their lives.

Tarsoly (2016) highlights the fact that students tend to avoid pedantic teachers for their strict rules and disciplinary behavior which tends to affect students’ morale but an interactive communicative approach applied by the pedantic teachers could effectively help the students to find their way in the future. The main focus of the pedantic teachers is to create discipline in the lives of the students which is extremely effective for them to go long in the future. Even though there are lot of criticisms against pedantic teachers being stubborn and annoying but they play an important role in the overall development of the students which is extremely important to get a complete man who is effective in making contributions towards society and the economy.

Research Methods

Research methods are an important section in the whole research study because it helps the researcher to get effective data to synthesis and get suitable results for the study. The present study follows an interpretive research philosophy which helps the researcher to analyse the data collected effectively and interpret it to get the best possible result from the study (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). The research design is the blueprint of the research and hence it is extremely important for the researcher to get it to work effectively. The research design chosen for the present study is exploratory which would help to explore the research topic and analyse the gathered data in the best possible manner (Brinkmann, 2014). The research approach applied in the present research is inductive in nature as it will help to analyse the data effectively to bring up new theory related to pedantic teaching. The research data will be collected with the help of primary data especially involving qualitative data gathered from various teachers (Silverman, 2016). It is important to note that the sample size chosen for the present research is 10 and the convenient sampling method will be implemented to complete the study. The interview process will be implemented with the teachers which would help the researcher to get their overall information effectively (Flick, 2015).

Impact of the study

The present study will clearly help to understand the role of pedantic teachers in teaching and learning and hence it will help the students to make better utilisation of the presence of the pedantic teachers. This will also help the teaching community because they will understand the positive impact of the pedantic teachers. Finally this will also impact the society because with better understanding the students would be inclined to have a better relationship with pedantic pedagogues.

Data Analysis Method

In the present research the data analysis will be done with the help of the thematic analysis which would help to pick up each interview question and its answers to synthesis them in the best possible manner and get the best possible result (Panneerselvam, 2014).

Results and Findings

The results show even though pedantic teachers are extremely stubborn on their principles and values; they could largely be able to contribute to the overall development of the student. It is important to note that pedantic teachers are focused on providing minute details to the people that is extremely important for the overall growth and development. The results show pedantic teachers with their real life examples could be effective to make changes in the way students think which is extremely important for them.

Implications of research

There has hardly been research on pedantic teaching. The present research paper has been able to provide results that are extremely effective to go ahead with research studies especially based on pedantic teaching which would help to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Summary and Conclusion

Pedantic teachers are considered annoying because they are stubborn on rules and precision and minute details. They are largely avoided due to this but it could be said that pedants could be helpful for students because they provide real life examples to the students which if embraced could be extremely effective for the students. Hence, to conclude it could be said that the pedantic teaching even though ignored can have positive impact on students and teaching and learning process.

Recommendations and Suggestions

There could be some recommendations suggested which are:

  • Pedantic teachers should be used to make curriculum planning for students in arts and social science.
  • The students should focus on having interactive communication based on topic which would help to narrow down discussion.
  • The students will have to be motivated enough to communicate with pedants which would help to get the best possible result.


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