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Discourse Critique And Evaluation: Information Assessment Answer



In an article “A ‘Key’ For Encryption, Even For Good Reasons Weakens Security” authored by Bruce Schneiner gives an overview on justificationbehind refusal for the access of private information of an individual. This is through back door method by the security intelligence units such as FBI. I strongly disagree with this instigator because as soon as one gets that privilege to view secrets of another individual via the technological gadgets, the probability of criminal activity to drop by 100% (Biskup, 2009).This is because of the fact that as soon as the information on criminal activity being planned is leaked to the authorities, stringent measures are taken. This will thus lead to reduction in fatalities caused by terrorists. It is thus incumbent for FBI is given the mandate and authority to of encrypting personal information especially when the person is suspecting to be engaging in an activity which jeopardizes human life.

Summary of Bruce Arguments

According to the author, technology does not favor a group of persons such as the government officials or security agents.This is because security is one of the most vital components of the humanity. I deviate completely from Bruce ideology.  This is because despite the fact that every person is entitled to keep their information undisclosed in order to avoid problems brought about by cybercrime among others, there is great danger manning the humanity since everyone is evil-minded as per their capability.  Secondly, he assumes that in the event where the security agent gets an access to person’s private information, the encryption against all adversities becomes weak. This is not rue since most of our security personnel have taught on how to keep security. This will does assist them in solving deadly matters cooked in private by unlawful citizens. Therefore, in cases whereby the security information of an individual is shared, we all become safe since we do have knowledge on unhealthy plans of vigilant groups in the society.

Personal Assertions

Security is one of the predominantly important elements of the human race. It should be taken care of come what may. The fundamental one is the online networks security due to rising cases of cybercrime excreta. Many people have experienced the pinch of their social network accounts being hacked (Spraul, 2015). Besides, others have been rendered financially incapacitated due to their money being withdrawn directly from their accounts through dubious means used by criminals to steal. Every person should be alarmed and thus encrypt personal information in order to curb on this menace. However, security officials or any other person who requires an opportunity to access another person’s encryption should be allowed to do so as to pave way for easy tracing of criminal in the society. Moreover, this assists for investigation process to evaluate how ones information was obtained. This will form basis for the crackdown of those practicing such acts. Additionally, the society more so technicians can obtain another method which is safer in keeping of secrets and maybe different debates from the public.  According to Garfinkel&Lipford(2014), most people in this 21st century are very opportunistic and thus given chance, they are bound to make the world more beautiful through discoveries. Moreover, majority of the countries prioritize personal liberty and thus in the event of digging into personal information chances of good conduct among all people is enhanced and therefore the security officials’ burden is reduced.

Counter-Argument and Refutation

No one should be allowed to access somebody’s personal data since all of us are subjected to life with absolute privacy. However, national security should never be left in the hands of encryption. People who are found to commit crime using their mobile phones, computers, or laptops should be subjected to serious scrutiny by use of back door (Curtin, 2005). This is because most of them have taken this opportunity to advance criminal activities such as formation of jihadist group among other assailants’ movements in the world. To add on this, some people suffer so much as a result of one holding into critical information pertaining issues such as will or division of the wealth among children after the parents have died. This gives a room for mistreatment to those who do not have the ability to obtain that information. Furthermore, many disasters have happened because of encryptions. The nations do not have the privilege of accessing information on the plans of radicalized groups in the world. Thus giving them an open way to do their felony and get away with it without having to face any prosecution.

Strength of Encryption

Personal data and those of the state are safe as a result of this mechanism of keeping information. Most people in this century do not necessarily spent on keeping of their secrets with the bank like in the past in order to safeguard their property information. However, they simply scan them and encrypt in their computers(Robinson et al2011).

Weaknesses of Encryption

Despite the mass help encryption has brought in the human race, it has also caused more challenges in the security industry. According to a meeting held in Washington D.C in the United States in the year 1997 concerning encryption impact on security, it was deduced that it is one of the most difficult problem facing law reinforcement all over the world. It was suggested that the only way criminal activities can be approached upon is through provision of key infrastructure for immediate decryption capabilities in case of any criminal activity.


According to Young (2015), encryption is a very important element in securing privacy of information in all sectors of the humanity. Despite that, technology should factor in a balanced scale in managing of issues brought about by encryption used by unlawful people in order to boost safety measures of the world. It is suggested that the government should allow those encryptions which carefully balance public interest and those of the private individuals producing them. Security agents should be given mechanisms of decrypting information when matters pertaining national security emerges at all times.


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