Drama: Smith Waits Answers | Assessment Answer


Smith Waits


Smith, a young man of 20s

Jane, an old woman of 70s

The Unknown Man

A Young Girl

Act 1

Scene 1

The stage is bare and there are only few benches, all are empty. In front of those benches, there is a signboard, written “Waiting Room”. There is a man of around 20, who is sitting in a bench and is constantly having a look at the watch. He is wearing a trouser that is torn out and the shirts too, had few rusty stains, and at places, it too had torn out. There is a gate on the R, Jane, a woman of around 70, enters through RS, with a handbag and with a book in her hand. She started looking for a place to sit, when the young man makes a place for her.

Jane: Thank you young man, I could not stand any more. Thank you for your help. What is your name?

Young Man: My name is Smith Jones, ma’am.

Jane:  Oh! Good to meet you Smith, I mean Mr. Jones.

Smith: It’s okay ma’am, you can call me Smith. May I know your name?

Jane: I am Jane and I prefer you call me Jane.

Smith: Good to meet you Jane, so you arrived here just now?

Jane: Yes. (She took a long sigh. After a few moments silence, she again started speaking). They gave me the tickets today only. For how long you are waiting here Smith?

Smith: Oh, I have been waiting for a long time. So many people had arrived here and had moved on. (He stopped for a second. He searched his pockets and pulled out a cigarette and a matchbox) Do you mind if I smoke?

Jane: Not at all, but the brand is quite old. As far as I know, it is not available in the market now.

Smith: (grins) Oh, I can provide you with everything that is old.

Jane: (she was sitting straight, now she laid back. She put her book in her bag. She was wearing a denim jeans and a white collared shirt. She gave a glance at the man and grins) You did not offer me a cigarette?

Smith: (taken back by these words, pulled out the cigarette box again and offered it to her) You smoke!

Jane: (taking a cigarette) Yeah!

Smith: You are among those factory women, who are shouting for their rights? Saying that they should be allowed to wear jeans and allowed to smoke like the other men workers in the factory?

Jane: (Surprisingly) No.

A man entered the room, through RS and had a quick look at the room. Smith was sitting casually in the bench, suddenly he straightened his back. The man looked around everywhere, searchingly, for sometimes and then went out of the room. Smith sighed and again started waiting. Change of Scene

Scene 2

The scene has changed although; the setting has remained the same. In the same “Waiting Room” there were few people scattered here and there. Some are sitting, while some are drowsing and some are having a blank at nowhere. Smith walking up and down, he was restless. Jane was quietly reading the book. She got irritated by Smith’s action and put her book down.

Jane: Why don’t you sit down?

Smith: (angrily punching his hands) I was waiting for a long time. How long…..how long, do I have to wait?

Jane: (Standing up and walking towards Smith) I think you will soon have a call, have faith.

Smith: (looking straight at Jane) On whom?

Jane: Ummmmm…. (She was searching for an answer), well, ummm, may be on these people.

Smith: (Laughing sarcastically) Well, you have arrived just now; you will not understand things now. At first, I too thought that these people here are efficient enough but they are actually no one. NO ONE, I tell you. (He stopped for a moment and took a big deep sigh) Actually, they too wait; they have to wait. As I said, they are NO ONE.

Jane: (Tries to change the subject) So, what you like most?

Smith: (Smiling) Poetry.

Jane: (Surprisingly) Really, I too love poetry a lot. Who is your favorite poet?

Smith: I love Shakespeare’s Sonnets, especially those that are written for the Dark Lady and few poems by John Donne.

Jane: My son’s favorite poet is John Donne. You know my son too loves to read poems a lot, and even in his busy schedule he make out time to read poems that he love the most.

Smith: Actually, I forgot to bring the book of poems with me here, if it was with me I would not have felt that bored here.

Jane: You know when my son feels bored he eats chocolates to come out of that boredom. You do not have any chocolate with you?

Smith: Where will I get chocolate here?

A girl of around 16 now enters the room; she was dressed in a red top and in blue jeans. She had a look in the room and went to the corner far from Mr. Smith and Jane. Change of Scene.

Scene 3

The stage has remained the same, although now there is a young girl in the room. How many days have passed is not clear because, time seems to be in a standstill in this place. Smith is sitting in the front bench and smoking. Jane is talking with a young girl. The girl is tired and so Jane had made place for her so that she could lie down and sleep. The young girl lay down, and soon she started snoring. Jane slowly moved to the front stage.

Smith: So, you had your talk?

Jane: (Smiling) A very lovely talk I must say. You know she had brown eyes.

Smith: So?

Jane: My mother too had brown eyes. I used to adore those brown eyes.

Smith: Your eyes too are very beautiful and quite adorable.

Jane: (laughing) I too was quite adorable in my young age.

Smith: (Laughing loudly) I have never grown old. (They both started laughing loudly)

The man in the first scene again enters the stage; he walked straight towards Jane, and gave her a piece of paper. Jane had a quick glance at the paper, she looked very happy. Smith although looked quite disappointed.

Jane: (Excited) Finally, you know Smith; finally, my mother has agreed to meet me. Actually, she had to meet many people. There were so many people, who had so many things to say to her. I told you, she was quite beautiful. She too was waiting for someone; the person has thankfully arrived early.

Smith: Who was your mother?

Jane: Oh, she worked as a secret agent during the Second World War. (Whispering) Well, I will not tell you for, which country she worked. (The man, who came started becoming restless).

Smith: (Angrily) Oh come on move now. You had your call, off with you now.

Jane: (Started moving towards the gate from where she has entered; she stopped and returned) Mr. Smith you did not told me for whom you are waiting?

Smith: (Looking blankly) I am soldier who died in the Second World at the age of 21. I promised my love that I would return to her. She had waited for me and after her death also; she is waiting for me for an answer. (After taking a deep breath) I am waiting for the Lord, I want to know; of all the soldiers (Standing up) why it is ME?

Jane laughed out loudly and walked out of the room. The man, who has come to escort her, too started laughing. They both exits and Smith waits. Curtain falls.


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