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Easy Jet Company : Case Assessment Answer



As we know the airlines are fighting for the business in the market. They launch discounted rates for the customer to attract them and they should buy the tickets. Many companies launch holiday packages to attract customers. Many facilities are given to the customer they can buy food before time. The customer does not need to stand in queue for check in company gave facilities to check in online with very less prices. There are many airlines company in the market but the Easy Jet Company is second largest airlines in U.K. This airline offers best deals and lowest fare for the people of Europe and U.K. The company won the various awards for the best services provided to the customers. This airlines ticket is booked online in the website of the company. The main motive of this company is to provide best customer services and in low rates. The most of the flight of Easy Jet provide in North Africa and Europe.  The total employees in this company are 6,000 and they function worldwide. The company has total 131 aircrafts in which there is (Airbus A319 and Boeing 737-300) and mostly planes are new.

Customer support:

The company does not charge for the luxury of customers like free service to business class and first class service and food during the flight. The customer selects the Easy Jet airlines by comparing the fares with the other airlines companies.

Services and products:

Easy Jet airlines offers the best services to the customers like internet, provide transport from the centre to the airport and also from airport to the centre of the London. The main reason of the success of the company is lowest fare and offers for the customers.

(Samli, 1995)

Financial information:

The Easy Jet airlines are increasing the business year by year.  The company is increasing the performance as we can compare in the last some years. We can see in the financial graph company business increase year by year.

Macro environment:

Macro environment has a great impact on aviation industry. This environment consists of:

The political factors are:

  • Tax policy: It can pressure the aviation market in period of system to the business be pursued.
  • Terrorism: The terrorism is the biggest hurdles in the world people are sacred to travel which effect company business.
  • Political instability: Sometime the company has to change the routes of the airlines which can cause of loss in business.
  • Elections: The changes in taxes are causes of profit and loss of the company.

The legal factors are:

  • International law: The international laws are very strict so company needs to follow that rules for company welfare.
  • Agreements: The Company can achieve profit if the company accepts the tickets from the other air company for some specific destinations.
  • International trades: The changes in international trade can affect the profit of company.

The Economical factors are:

  • Exchange rate: Easy Jet Company belongs to British so the company deals in pounds so the increase the price of pound in dollar can also increase the profit of company.
  • Oil price: As we know the airplanes run on oil so the price of the oil changes time to time.

The Socio-cultural factors are:

  • Life style: The people change their life style time to time so it is totally depend on the people to accept the mode of transport.
  • Media views: The media play big role in company business like advertisement and news.
  • Population: If there is high population can increase business for the company.

The Technological factors are:

  • Development potential: If the company buy new aircraft with new technology and new routes can cause the increase in business.
  • Research and development: The company needs to research about the demand of the customer and try to fulfill their demands can increase business.
  • Online system: The technology is running to fast that the internet is available everywhere in the people. The customer can check price and book flight by themselves. This can also decrease in the employees of the company.

Micro environment:

This environment consists of:

Suppliers: The supplier should supply the demand of airlines on time.

Distributors: The food product served during the travel should be best because the food items need more attention.

Customers: The customer satisfaction is the first part of increase in business. If the customer is satisfied than he or she will tell in society to choose same airlines.

Competitors: The Company has to face lot of problem when new company launches their product with new aircraft and new policies to attract customer. The company needs to struggle for business and can also cause the loss in business.

(Kotler & Gary, 2006)

Future course of action:

The airlines company should take many steps for better business in future. They should provide many facilities to the customers like:

  • Book hotels: Mostly company gives the deals of hotel like to book ticket of airlines and get discounted rates in the hotel booking. This will attract the customer and give good business. The airlines company should tie up with some hotels.
  • Car rental: The customer want car for going to destination but they had to search the car. The company should have help desk so that the customer can hire taxi inside the airport or online before the journey start for convenience.
  • Holiday’s packages: The holiday packages should be sold online which includes the flight, hotel, food and transport according to the convenience of the customer. The customer feels difficult to search everything in other city or country.
  • Internet facilities: The internet is necessity of life so airlines company should provide internet everywhere for the customers.

For the good business company should try to introduce new plans and offer for the customer. In the modern time there are many types of advertisement which can increase business for the company:

Newspaper: The newspaper is very successful ways of advertisement people usually buy the newspaper at home and offices. The advertisement given by the company which contain new offer or discounted price can attract the customer.

Television: the media is also another way for the company to attract customer. The company hires the movies actors or models which help the company to attract the customers.

Internet: The internet is fast way to attract the customers by mailing or pop in social site. The people are informed about the offers of the company. The internet can help people to buy the lowest fare ticket without help of any executive.

Banner: The Company hires banner in the city and print the advertisement which people can read while driving or visiting the market place.

Cultural program: The Company should organize cultural program.

(Jayachandran, 2004)


The aviation market is very costly but very profitable for the company.  The company should hire the employees who survey every month of the demand of the customer that can help company to know about the customers. The company should ask for the feedback of last customer who travelled through their airlines. This can help the company to know the problem of the customer and try to change that on time for better business. There is lots of competition in the market EasyJet buy new aircraft with the new facilities for the customer. The company try to launch the lowest price    for the customer due that customer choose that airlines. The company is increasing business day by day but company need to start new routes for the customers’ needs. This way the company will be able to maintain its top position in the coming years. Consistent growth and development of the business can be expected and a desired outcome can be achieved from business operation. Hence this airline will continue to be able to offer best deals and lowest fare for the people of Europe and U.K. The company won the various awards for the best services provided to the customers. This airlines ticket is booked online in the website of the company. The main motive of this company is to provide best customer services and in low rates. The most of the flight of Easy Jet provide in North Africa and Europe.


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