ECET 201 Lab 15 Current Dividers

Lab #:

Lab #15


Current Dividers


ECET 201-001

Abstract: The aim of this lab is to investigate the concept of current division. Current division is an application of Kirchoff’s Law. A current divider is a simple linear circuit that produces an output circuit that is a fraction of the input current. Current divider is the splitting of current between the branches of dividers.

Introduction: An experiment to verify the properties of current division is presented. The current divider is created using multiple resistors connected in parallel. It is found that if one of the resistors in the divider is greater than the other, more voltage will be dropped across it. It is also found that the greater the resistor is less current will pass through.


Results and Discussions: The calculated, simulated result gave out corresponding values. On the other hand the experimental results prove to be slightly different from the calculated results because we were unable to find the same exact resistors. If this experiment is redone, we can improve by pre-finding the resistors before trying to figure the calculations.


Questions for lab #15:

1.)     If all the resistance values in figure 15-1 were stepped up by a factor of 10, the new current would be

A: (C) One-tenth of their old value                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Assuming I is adjusted to be 10 mA when resistor tolerance of 5 percent is taken into account, the smallest expected value for I3 in figure 15-1 is

A: (D)  None of these

  • If the 2.4 k resistor in figure 15-1 were mistakenly replaced with a 24k resistor and It were maintained constant, the currents affected would be

A:  (B) I2 only

  • If all the resistors in figure 15-1 were at the upper boundaries of their tolerance, the voltage required to sustain 10 mA through the combination would be

A: (A) 5.83V

  • The smallest valued resistance in a parallel connection of the resistors will always take the largest current, explain why?

A:  Current takes the path of least resistance but in parallel circuits Current flows through all path in an amount inversely proportional to their resistance.

6:) If the current I in figure 15-1 is kept constant, comment on the effect of varying any single resistor on the branch currents I 3, Iv, I 4



Books or Magazines:  Brian H. Stanley, experiments in electric circuits, Pearson 9th ed., 2009, pgs. 77-80

Lab Grading




Cover Page (3 percent)


Lab number and name


Date performed


Team members


Table of Contents (2 percent)

Introduction (5 percent)


Lab station number or list of test equipment with model and serial numbers


Lab objectives

Body (40 percent) – separate section for each circuit


Circuit title and function


Measured response – including all the data required in the lab write-up


Comparison of the theoretical and measured responses – either plotted on the same chart if they are curves or showing the per cent difference if they are individual points.


Discussion – with answers to the questions and a credible explanation of any significant variations

General (30 percent)


Grammar, spelling, and punctuation


Plot format – independent variable on the x-axis, dependent variables on the y-axis, legible data points and curves, labeled axes with units, linear or log scales as appropriate, figure numbers and captions


Table format – appropriate number of significant digits, clear column headings, appropriate column widths and row heights, table numbers and captions



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