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Students learn the best when the learning environment is productive and supportive. This means that the students are supported during their learning process then they learn quickly and this learning becomes productive. By productive, it means that the students inculcate the knowledge and creates ways and means out of their rational mind (Jonassen and Easter 2012).

  1. b) Students learn best when the learning environment promotes self-motivation, interdependence and independence. The outcome of the learning procedure is always useful when the students find themselves to be independently dealing with the problem-solving. Interdependence is a scenario in which the group of the six students can devise the ways of weighing the object that is beyond the capacity of the weighing machine. Also, beyond all the interdependence and the dependence comes the self-motivation and this helps the students to stay focused even if they have problems (Kopnina 2012).
  • c) It is obvious that the students learn the best when the interests, perspectives, backgrounds and the needs of the students are included in the learning program. It is an established fact that not all the students in a class will have the similar learning potential and capability. But it is important to note that the when the learning program takes into the needs of the all the student, then such a learning program gets a holistic approach. Considering the scenario, forming groups can enhance the nature and the quickens the learning as well as problem-solving capabilities of the students (Entwistle and Ramsden 2015).
  • d) Students learn the best when they are challenged and supported so that they can develop the deep levels of thinking. It is because when students come across the challenging tasks, students are forced to think in and find a solution to a problem. Like the students in the scenario are provided with objects that can be weighed with neither the digital kitchen scales nor the digital personal scale. This will thus enhance the problem-solving capability of the student by making predictions.
  • e) Students learn best when the assessment practices are an integral part of the learning and teaching because learning without proper assessment procedures is incomplete. Assessment procedures help the students to check themselves whether their process of learning perfectly aligned.
  • f) Students learn well when the learning connects strongly with the communities and practices beyond the classroom because the learning is a continuous process and it is not just confined within the classroom. Learning also takes place by gaining knowledge from the surrounding and also by observing and questioning the natural process (Pianta, Hamre and Allen 2012). 
  • Task 2

    The different learning styles that will be employed by the students are as follows:

    • Visual- this is for the learners that learn the best when they have an image to process the information.
    • Verbal- this the type of learning is preferred by those that learn through the writing and verbal instruction.
    • Logical- this learning style is for the students that emphasis on the logic and have the ability to perform complex calculations.
    • Social- these learners are the ones that prefer to learn by staying in a group (Pritchard 2013).


    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    Location in the school



    Activity room

    Describe the approach

    Social (interpersonal)- the learners learn here by getting involved in the extracurricular activities.  

    Physical (Kinaesthetic)- the learners will be learning through the animated objects and they themselves will learn by copying the moves.

    Aural (Auditory-musical)- the learners learn by responding to the sound.

    What do you believe are the benefits of this approach?

    The students get a chance to socialize

    Students are able to make models

    Develop a sense of pitch and rhythm

    How did the children respond to this approach?

    Students responded positively

    Students responded positively

    Students responded positively



    Is it a ‘content’ or ‘technical’ problem?

    How would you respond to this situation?

    The students are continuing to work on their PowerPoint presentations. Sarah has approached you and she is not able to log into the computer


    I will assist the student to log in to the computer

    Blair has added a few images to his project from Clip Art but is not able to locate a specific image he’s seen on the Internet. Blair is not able to connect to the Internet.


    I will help the student to connect to the internet

    You have created a note about recycling for the students to take home to their parents. You need to email the note to the classroom teacher for approval. The email won’t send and has bounced back into your inbox.



    I will double check the email address

    Neve has completed a graph for her presentation and is ready to print it. However, she is having difficulty printing the graph.


    I will assist nerve and check whether the power cables are connected properly

    The classroom teacher has talked to you about a new app he would like to use with the students to record rainfall. You have attempted to access and download the app several times but the system is not allowing you to install it.


    I will check whether the downloading procedure is proper.

    The five issues that may be encountered by the students with the disabilities are movement, physical activities, visual teaching strategies, any visual calculation, communication.

    the supported strategies that will be implemented with the students that are in need of the additional support are as follows:

    1. a) small group work- for small group work the two support strategies that can be used are giving assignments to such small groups so that they can solve it together. Another support strategy can be providing study materials for self-study.
    2. b) Large class discussion- the support strategy can be like providing a discussion topic to the class so that the students can make an extensive discussion. The next support strategy can be providing study materials so that the class itself can work upon it (Lamberg 2013).
    3. c) individual work- The support strategy can be like providing small assignment so that the student can work upon it. The second support strategy can be like providing study material to work upon in individually.
    4. d) Outdoor sports activity- the two support strategy for the outdoor sports activity are: active sports activities that promote team spirit and the second strategy is outdoor games that increase physical activity (O'Neil 2014).


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    Pritchard, A., 2013. Ways of learning: Learning theories and learning styles in the classroom. Routledge.


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