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Effective Business Communication: Training On Assessment Answer



Effective Business Communication (EBC) is much essential for a successful interaction within a company. The scope of such successful practice not only depends upon the words used, but it also depends on upon the body posture, style (attitude) of communication, the tone of voice and clarity in the message (Mason & Leek, 2012). In order to establish a good and efficient business communication following factors are necessary (Mishra, Boynton, & Mishra, 2014):

  1. Efficientiveness in speaking- This is one of the most important factors in the establishment of an effective business communication. The speaker should express the message according to the situation and understanding potential of the listener.
  2. Clear message- With clear communication, an individual seldom gets an opportunity to express their views. Furthermore, it is necessary for them to express their point in an apparent way which can be understood by every listener.
  3. Brief and complete message- In a business communication, the message delivered should be brief and to the point as per the requirement.
  4. Confidence- Confidence is the foremost factor for a speaker to deliver information in an efficient An individual needs to express their views in clear and strong voice to add integrity to the information

Notably, both verbal, as well as non-verbal communication skills, are essential within the interactome framework to enhance the information flow among the employees, customers, collaborators, and other personal outside the firm (Kanihan, 2013). The commonly used tools in this regard include face-to-face communication, presentation, emails, and written reports. It is noteworthy to mention that EBC helps to frame good relationships with other companies, collaborators, customers, co-workers and vendors, which is always reflective in terms of operational management, mitigation strategy, information flow across the organisation, and avoiding the risk of confusion.

Scope of Present Training Session

The scope of the present training session mainly focuses on the delivery of “effective presentation” in the meeting. This training session will be helpful to the employees in order to boost up their confidence level and that they can effectively deliver their presentation. In this training session, employees will be provided information on tactics and approaches, to improve their communicative skill with their corresponding audience while giving a presentation (Castells, 2013).

Steps Involved in Delivering Presentation

Steps necessary for delivering an effective presentation includes:

  1. Preparing slides- Slide preparation dictates the whole theme and interest of presentation. The titles of the slide and its contents should coordinate each other and must be in accordance with the speaker’s word. The presentation should be prepared to fit into the given time period, and it must contain all the necessary information (Hamilton, 2013).
  2. Doing a thorough research- Critical research on a subject enhances the knowledge and makes master on that particular topic. Providing the facts which are known to others is a piece of waste; in contrary, the speaker should try to provide their opinion or comment regarding the topic, along with the known information as evidence to convince their facts (Lingard & Driessen, 2015).
  3. Clear presentation of evidence- An effective presentation must include all of the 7 C’s, which are (i)Clear (ii)Concise (iii)Confidence (iv)Complete (v)Conversational (vi)Considerate and (vii)Check (Castells, 2013). The presentation must include facts and figures as evidence to convince the audiences.
  4. Good source of information- The data collected for presentation must be peer-reviewed data, or else it might not be accepted by the audiences. The data gathered for the presentation must be relevant and genuine from all aspects.
  5. Knowing the audience- Understanding the audience before any presentation is necessary for any individual so that there will be better The speaker should possess the ability to appeal the emotions of the audiences (Lingard & Driessen, 2015).
  6. Be organised and determined- It is important to be organised and determined for any presentation. Doing rehearsal or giving a presentation in a simulator approach before the actual event is necessary to be confident in front of the audience (Tropman, 2013).
  7. Collecting feedback (Question and Answer) - Collecting feedback from the audience about the presentation is necessary for further improvement. Additionally, before closing any presentation, the speaker can ask the audience for questions to improve the communication with the audience (Ruck & Welch, 2012).
  8. Be confident and stick to the point- Nervousness gives rise to confusion, which ultimately ruins the whole presentation. To become credible, the speaker should possess the ability to stay on track starting from till beginning till the end (Ruck & Welch, 2012). Hence confidence is the only key to a successful and productive

Benefits to Audience’s Work Related Activities

This training session is indeed necessary for the audiences to enhance their knowledge and communicative skills. Optimal usage of EBC is thus requisite to make communication clear and fruitful with the corresponding audience. Employees are also benefited through this training session in the following ways:

  1. Offers platform for explicit information sharing- Through this training session, employees of the organisation gets an open platform to share information. They can share and exchange their views and opinions. They get the opportunity to express their thoughts into words (Hamilton, 2013).
  2. Increase confidence- Confidence level is also boosted up with this training session. They get confidence as to ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘whom’ to communicate. Likewise, the corresponding mitigation strategy can be framed with accuracy because of clear communication (Lingard & Driessen, 2015).
  3. Share knowledge among peers- It helps to build communication among the staffs and share their knowledge and experience between them. In other words, this helps in framing trustworthy relationship (Reynolds, 2013).
  4. Improvement in personality- This training session increases the confidence level of individual, which ultimately change their personality (Hamilton, 2013).


EBC is an essential element for any business as it helps in framing trustworthy relationship and offers a clear prospect of information flow. While making a presentation, the individual must be attentive towards the requirement of research, clear articulation of opportunity, displaying evidence, collecting feedback. In addition to the verbal tactics, the strategy for EBC also include non-verbal strategy such that the audience must perceive a good feeding in conjunction to listening to the presentation. The advantage of these practices is that communication flow will be clearer that helps in developing shared knowledge framed, effective decision making, accurate risk identification and assessment. On the whole, this training session proves to be productive for the organisation as well as its employees in various aspects.


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