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There is a relationship between the traits, motives and effectiveness of a good leader. All the three mentioned above must be inculcated for there to be good and effective leadership.  The following are considered paramount traits in good leadership;

Emotional stability is arguably the best trait for a leader to possess (Anderson, 2008). Emotional stability will include all the other traits that a leader is required to have. Good leaders are able to tolerate stress and frustrations in any organizational set up and this shows maturity.

Dominance and enthusiasm

A good leader is able to dominate others. This comes as a result of his influence on others as his contributions cannot be brushed aside. He should display enthusiasm and an approachable character to attract all and sundry.

Social boldness and tough mindedness

Timid people do not make good leaders as they don’t attract a following. Good leadership requires courage and social boldness to build up influence on the people (Conant & Norgaard, 2011). A good leader should also be mentally tough with the ability to tackle tough choices.

Self-assurance and compulsiveness

A good leader is self-reassuring. He has confidence in himself and his ability to lead. A good leader is able to be compulsive and self-driven.

Day to day public examples of good leaders

The world has had a lot of good leadership with traces of very bad leaders. In the course of twentieth century when the world was going through the second world war, good and bad leadership emerged (Nirenberg, 2002). This was evidenced through Winston Churchill of Britain. Along with president Roosevelt of the united states and  Joseph Stalin of Italy made a pact to defeat the antagonist at the time who was Germanys Adolf hitler. The world war two was won by the allied forces bringing the world back to order.

In the twenty first century, corporate leaders have emerged especially from the technological world. Apple founder Steve Jobs is one of many example. He transformed Apple to the most profitable, reputable and biggest company on earth. Others include Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and google founders.

Leadership motives

There are different motives for occupying a certain leadership position. Bad and good leaders are differentiated by their motives to occupy a position (Flemes, 2010). There are four main motives of a leader; they include; the power motive. This is usually a selfish and self-seeking motive. It drives the leader to seek self interest in the leadership position. An example in public domain is the rise of dictators like Idi Amin of Uganda and Hitler of Germany who were self-seeking

Drive and achievement motive is based on a leaders need to achieve a certain goal. The leader has a self-drive to go for a certain achievement (Giuliani & Kurson, 2002). An example includes leaders like Winston Churchill and Roosevelt when they teamed up to defeat Hitler during the Second World War. Other motives include the tenacity and a strong work ethics.

Leadership effectiveness

For an organization to have effective leadership, the leader should communicate clearly within the organization (Jasper & Jumaa, 2005). The employees within an organization should be motivated in all aspects including financial all otherwise. A leader should be a risk taker, visionary and goal oriented. Many successful leaders in modern corporate world have this traits, they include, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and warren Buffet of Hathaway among others.

Leadership traits and roles

All these questions have been answered, in one way or another, but always theoretically. The real truth is that you can get very close, but these theories do not pass that, theories. In a series of posts, we will analyze each of these theories of leadership Research conducted developed a list of features, but the contrary. By understanding that it was not possible to find some features that might be set clearly, who could be a good leader, they tried to establish what were the traits related to failure, affecting the success negatively. Overall, the features that make the difference between those in positions of responsibility, and those who do not, are as follows:

Intelligence and education.

All authors found a significant relationship between intelligence possessed a person, and your chances of success (Nirenberg, 2002). Ultimately, they agreed that a minimum level of intelligence is needed to succeed. The educational level of the person was also closely related to the success achieved.
Leadership, decision-making and prioritization

Leaders know, almost instinctively, in whom they can trust by creating a strong and cohesive team and delegating certain tasks to them. However, he knows what he does; he identifies a competent person in your field. A leader also undertakes any task personally.

Effective leadership

An effective leader must be the first to step forward when the team take the lead if present difficult times, when all remain on the lookout (Schyns & Meindl, 2005). A good leader must love the responsibility, must be willing to risk, and of course, should be able to maintain that illusion throughout the entire process must be tenacious and firm in his vision.
To do this, the leader must be a person with a high degree of confidence in his vision, and in itself. The leader is able to determine with some accuracy if your group is ready for change, or if they will be resistant to this.
However, you should be able to motivate your team, communicating your vision, with enough passion. You should be able to gain the trust of the people around him (Flemes, 2010). For this, you must be able to understand the motivations, and needs of his followers.
Thanks to this, a person with these traits should be able to positively influence the people around them, and therefore their motivations are aligned with the objectives set.

Need for achievement

There is need to present results, based on leadership traits and behaviors. A leader is measured by how successful he is. If necessary, a good leader must be able to change the course of the team fast enough, so that the decisions are effective. Understand that your vision may not withstand long contact with reality and must therefore change, and accept to be adapted to achieve your goal.

Leadership theories

Great man theory and participative theory

Due to the broad content involved in leadership, various theories have been developed to support every leadership trait and behavior. The great man theory in leadership shows a leader who is idolized and is nearly worshiped by his subjects. The great man theory is the equivalent to tyrant or dictatorial leadership in an organization (Tracy, 2014). The second theory is the participative leadership theory. In this theory, the leader encourages group participation in decision making. This is an all-inclusive leadership style but may have certain limitation.

Trait theory and behavioral theory

Trait theory in leadership focuses more on the trait of a leader and the quality of the trait. Behavioral theory on leadership on the other hand focuses on the behavior of the leader. In these theories, various leadership styles emerge like the autocratic and the democratic styles of leadership (Winkler, 2010).

Current and projected issues impacting on organizational leadership and success

Due to current global changes, many factors affect organizational leadership, they include; Knowledge- many people have acquired knowledge that is crucial in organizational leadership. In fact, the current trend for career and leadership growth is accumulation of academic papers. It should be noted that, the higher the education the more likely one is to get a leadership position.

Organizational culture- with different organizational cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ideologies and religion leadership is greatly affected. A good organizational culture positively affects organizational leadership (Rondinelli & Heffron, 2009).

Globalization- the emergence of multinational companies and need to expand has greatly influenced organizational leadership and success. Globalization in leadership has led to growth of new leders with tenacity and athick skin to handle global issues.  This has impacted on organizational leadership and success positively.

Innovation and globalization- the world has become a global village. Organization have become more global with innovation enhancing this dynamics,. This has also impacted on organizational leadership and success positively. If necessary, a good leader must be able to change the course of the team fast enough, so that this decision is effective.

Communication- a good communicator always gets his way in any situation.communication strategies are effective way to influence organizational cultures and beliefs and in its entirety the leadership of nay organization. Many organizational leadership believe that the flow of communication should be top-down, where communication should flow from the top most managerial position to the bottom of the pyramid like the intern. However, based on the strategies involved, the top down communication show many characteristics of a dictatorial or a tyrannical leadership model. The best and effective communication strategy for an organizational success and leadership is the bottom up strategy. This is where a two way communication strategy is involved. Any decision is made by employees but major decisions are made by the top management.


Leadership is crucial for survival and success of any organization. Effective organizational strategy in leadership will have a positive impact on the business (Winkler, 2010). A good leader is effective, has positive character traits and is a great motivator. In fact, the current trend for career and leadership growth is accumulation of academic papers. It should be noted that, the higher the education the more likely one is to get a leadership position.


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