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Susan Diane Wojcicki was born July 5, 1968, at Santa Clara County, United States.  In the year 1998, she along with her husband rented their garage to 2 Ph.D. students who were interested in exploring the Internet. Wojcicki thought that it is very exciting and quit her employment and became their 16th employee as a marketing manager (Fastenberg, 2010). Today, she is among the 12 senior vice presidents, even though she is first in the middle of all. She has been a force behind various companies’ signature ideas: Ad Sense, in which Google advertisements were placed on other websites, blogs, and its acquirement of Double Click along with YouTube are some of the examples. Not only were this doodles which distinguish Google’s home page was developed by her. Susan is a supporter of girls in the field of technology. She is named in one of Fortune's “50 Most Powerful Women in Business,” “50 leading innovators [who] shake the foundations of their industries” in Vanity Fair and one of Forbes' “100 Most Powerful Women (Forbes, 2016).”

Susan’s: Leadership Qualities: Susan Wojcicki is among the world’s top American technology executive. She became the CEO of YouTube in February 2014. Throughout the two-year journey as the CEO of YouTube, she has frequently supported gender equality in the workplace ("Susan Wojcicki – Youtube’s CEO’s story", 2016). She wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed regarding paid maternity leave and supported various initiatives to boost women in STEM. Time and again pushed the organizations to innovate and become leaders in giving online video content. She is among the most creative people in the world, and that is evident from her personality (LAPORTE, 2014). Some of the most important characteristics are:

She is an inspirational leader who always tries to inspire others. She’s involved in doing a great job and makes sure that her team gets acknowledgment for their work due to which the people in her team have massive respect for her. She is also an exceptional team builder. While building teams her emphasis is on the individuals and giving them credit when they do something which builds confidence (Stewart & Powell, 2004). Moreover, the creators of YouTube are overwhelmed with Wojcicki’s efforts to involve them and know their needs. She always understands the needs and goals of team members to reach to the talent. She is a clear communicator who not only gives instructions but also listens and takes notes (Imus & Loftin, 2013). She was the first one who has ever talked directly in the headquarters of Youtube. She is a compelling Visionary (Caramanica, 2004): She has centralized power in her office, prompting a gesture of executive turnover. She is kind with creative’s, but at the same time, she makes sure that there is no budging on YouTube's revenue. She has various other ideas for making the team happy.

She has a very calm personality who tries to put everything with ease. She maintains a perfect balance between the family and the work. For sustaining a balance she does not answer the emails from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on weekends, all the emails are answered after 9 p.m. She believes that prioritizing the right thing at the right time is most important. She has an unfussy manner, and she appears as non-threatening to the staff. She is an open minded person who can analyze everything. Further, she is never rigid in her opinion. Susan Wojcicki’s management style is easy going. She is always in the learning mode and ready to learn from everyone.

Susan’s leadership, both at Google and YouTube, is analytical and inspirational. She has affected the way of learning, working and communicating of all those with whom she has worked. She is a real mentor. After becoming the CEO of YouTube, she got an opportunity to help other women who have the potential but are facing the problems of managing the work life and family life at the same time. She figured some of the best ways for these young women to balance work with family 

She has the great desire to create things and build things. She has developed so many products in Google till date some of them even have her fingerprints as a protection key. These products are used all over the globe. The products made by her are user-friendly. The following are personality traits which helped her to become her to achieve the success. Trust your guts (Jabr, 2011) - It is always better to listen to your heart rather than repenting for the whole life. She has left her stable job to join a start-up in the year 1998 which turned to be the biggest decision in her life. Prioritize your task - Never over plan your life. She might be the busiest person in the world and like others, at times she also feels that she is not the perfect mom and at times at work, she feels I was not perfect because of time constraints. But the sum of both the things makes her a better mom as well as gets significant perspective at the workplace thus balancing the both by prioritizing the tasks. Organizational and motivational skills are tested more in the family than at the workplace. Flexible working hours - Never fix your work time. Just try to do everything all the time so that nothing will be missed in life neither the family nor the work (Moen & Sweet, 2004). Susan tries to be at home for dinner with her husband and kids, and she checks the e-mails after her children go to bed. Trust your team - She is an open minded person where she gives a fair chance to everyone for presenting their thoughts. She is happy that she never holds an opinion too firmly about the product. Whenever any product will be launched, there is always something beyond expectations. Things keep on changing. According to her, Part of successful will be contented with not knowing what will happen.

Apart from all these she gives suggestions to the upcoming women leaders. Prioritize self-care - Our lives accelerate as everybody is online and linked all the time. Therefore, the biggest challenge for the coming next generation is to find occasion to get pleasure from the old-fashioned practices like spending time in the lap of nature, with friends and family. Success will not be found by working 24/7 (Shuttleworth, 2006). To get interesting ideas self-care is a must. That differs from a person to person. A young woman must take out some time for real vacations away from the digital devices. She always takes out time for her family. Don’t be set back by rejection -Try new things and put yourself there. If you do not try then, you will never know that whether it is going to succeed or it will be a failure. Tech can be creative - Women are discouraged from working because of the industry misconceptions. The computer field nowadays is very creative, with a lot of opportunities and you will be able to work in groups as well as teams. The creativity of Susan also got wings after being associated with Google. Most of the mentors are men - Majority of the leaders is males in the industry. Therefore most of the mentors are men. Men have sponsored her and helped in achieving the next level. Be ready to ask stupid questions - To grow in the tech industry, you have to be regularly learning and ask questions how much dull it may seem (Falter, 2003). This is the key to success because we stay in the ever changing world where no one is an expert. The unintelligent question may lead to innovation.

My Strength’s and Weakness - I am a student at present, but that does not mean that I do not need leadership qualities. Whether we are aware or not, but we are continually leading ourselves and others. Large teams will not be required for this purpose which will be reporting to you. To become an effective leader management skills must be developed so that goals and objectives of the team are achieved. Individuals in the role of leadership must choose better alternative and decisions for the benefit of all the members. There are only few who are born as an effective leader rest everyone aspires and becomes by improving their management skills by learning from other leaders or by copying their strategies until one becomes. 

The qualities of leaders which I possess are: Humility - I am always ready to share the credit with my team members for their contributions to the project. I admit that the project would not be a success without their co-operation. Be Passionate - I am always focused on my goal and push my group members in a positive manner to finish tasks (Bowcutt, 2014). I always make it a point that I listen to their suggestions, and the best thought will be taken by giving a logical explanation why this plan will be chosen amongst all the ideas. Solves problems and analyzes issues - I am friendly person due to which all the team members come to me with their problems. I try to analyze their problems and gives them the solution. Drives for results - I always try to complete the projects and assignments on time. Due to this many people want to pair up with me. I push my team members in achieving the deadlines even if there are setbacks in completing the project (Hughes, 2003). I boost their morale with positivity. Learn from failures (Saini, 2011) - No one is perfect, in their lives and even I have so many weaknesses. I always try to learn from my mistakes and openly communicate my weakness (Farrington, 2011). Recently, while doing a school project I told my group members that I am not so good at drawing the models. They appreciated my honesty and supported and taught me and we completed the project with flying colors.

There are certain weaknesses which I possess apart from the strengths which can prove a hindrance in becoming the leader. Not Delegating - The biggest weakness is that I do not delegate the work because I feel that I can do it in the best manner which ultimately leads to stress (Selinger, 2005). I only delegate the tasks which they have done earlier but do not give them any new task while due to which they are unable to give their 100% and perform in a reserved manner. Not providing feedback -Although I make sure that I give the credit for the good work done by the team but one thing which is missing is the feedback for doing something wrong. If any of my group members has done the task in the incorrect manner, I will not give feedback and guide him for the rectification rather I correct it on my own. I think this will restrict his growth. Being Too friendly - One of the reasons of not providing feedback is that I am too friendly and approachable to my team members. This enhances my workload in cases where people have done it by mistake but few people are so clever that they take advantage of their relationship.

I possess the above qualities and weaknesses, but the effective leader is the one who is continuously learning (Kim, 2009). After going through the journey of Susan Wojcicki, I realized that there are still many things which I need to learn to become a successful leader. Some of them will be mentioned below: Clear Vision - Share your vision, mission, and goals with the team members (Bell, 2007). As a leader, Susan shared her path with her team members. The dream of turning the video hub into a business. She has explained the vision to the team and involved them in setting the goals for achieving the vision. Apart from this, she included the team members in strategic planning sessions. The quality of Integrity - Trust binds all the relationships together. The willingness and your ability to trusting the individuals whom you look upon and report to is essential for giving your best in the workplace. People can grow manifold if their boss is supportive, enthusiastic and possess excellent management skills. It is quite evident from the above story also. Same people have taken the Youtube to new heights under the leadership of successful leader. Serve as a role model - Susan is regarded as a role model by many young women because she is managing both her family and work life efficiently. She has helped many of her co- workers in managing their lives by listening to them and giving realistic solutions. She is telling her staff to do what she is actually doing or has done in the past.  Listen to your gut feeling - She makes choices and takes actions by her gut feeling, and there is no nagging bad feeling at the end of the project. The choice of leaving a job and joining a new venture was based on gut feeling, and this proved to be the biggest decision in her life. People today respect her opinion and management skills. Motivate others to greatness - Susan is not working for the company which she has joined. She is also working for the society. She is supporting a lot to the girls. There are various programs which have been started by the Google for their support. She is a real inspiration to the upcoming leaders. Maintain a positive attitude - No one admires a grumpy or negative individual. Positive attitude helps you in looking at the bright side and team members are naturally attracted (Meng, 2010). This happened when Susan has gone to the headquarters of Youtube for her first meeting. People sensed that there would be a new style of managing things and they felt quite happy because it was for the first time when someone came to listen to their needs.

A great leader is one who not only grows himself/herself but takes his team on the path of growth. Susan Wojcicki is a personality who is admired by many individuals due to her great work. She has started the 18 weeks maternity leave in Google which has benefitted not only her but also too many others. Now she is trying that it is done at the state level. She is not only a great mentor for her team but also putting efforts for the betterment of society (Maxmen, 2012). It is quite evident from start up programs such as Girl start, Google RISE Awards and Girl Rising. All these programs are run to provide better education to girls. Her life span is full of such activities which motivate the person a lot. Few of things which I have and will inculcate in my life are listening to your gut feeling, delegation of tasks, open mindness, and serve as a role model. Before changing my team members I will change myself. 


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