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Effects Of Social Medial Addiction Assessment Answer



The thought of the world addictions is mainly accompanied by abuse of drugs and alcohol; however, the term is now taking a new leaf towards a growing epidemic among the youth, social media. While it is not yet a formal clinical diagnosis, it has been a growing concern in the past decade among experts and phycologist the link between social media and mental health issues among young people (Birnbaum ,292). Technology advancements have tremendously contributed to the rise of social media use through increased internet penetration globally with ease of access. Moreover, the emergence of different phone manufacturing companies has led to increased smartphone penetrations who in the long run has seen an increase in social media use. It is estimated that 40% of the world's population is on social media which an average of 2hours daily. This usage could be high among young adults as they are mostly reliant on social media spending most of the time tweeting, liking, sharing posts and updating their social media platforms. These social media platforms are Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram which are commonly used by young adults (Primack ,2-4). Recent statistics show that Facebook recently has over 2 billion active monthly subscribers while Instagram and twitter hit 700 million and 250 million respectively (“Future - Is Social Media Bad for You? The Evidence and the Unknowns.”). Therefore, this paper will discuss the effects of social media addiction among the youth

Motivations behind social media use

It is certain that social media is uncommonly well known, however for what reason do as such numerous people use it? Ongoing neuropsychological research could hold one answer: the self-exposure one would take part in social media actuates the characteristic reward arrangement of the cerebrum in much the same the route as intense essential rewards, for example, food and sex expert further indicate that individuals are inspired to utilize Facebook or Instagram for two essential reasons: a need to have a place and a requirement for self-presentation. A recent study discovered that Facebook and Instagram profiles help fulfill people's requirement for self-esteem and self-uprightness (Birnbaum ,294-295).. Another study showed that young adults main motivations for use of the social media are admiring the lifestyle of famous people in social media in emulating their behavior and way of leaving so as to have the “cool factor” among the peers in the modern generations. On the other hand, another study found that the most famous purposes behind utilizing internet-based life included keeping in contact with current loved ones, albeit different reasons developed also: making new companions, perusing remarks by famous people and government officials, and discovering potential sentimental accomplices( Bian et al ,65)

Symptoms of social media addiction

Young people who have symptoms of social media addiction spend 40%- 50% or more of the time on a daily basis. This could be 4 to six hours and others spend most for the day on the social media platforms. Another symptom is when an individual cannot glance away form social media while performing their duties such as work. They tend to get distracted in the core process of their duties which leads to low productivity in the long run. Over-sharing is another symptom, during a time when numerous individuals are exceptionally worried about their protection, a few people are imparting extremely private data or photographs to their social media platform companions or in different locales (Primack ,5-9). A conceivable purpose behind this is to pick up endorsement or affirmation from peers. Another symptom is idealism where young adults use social media to escape their reality and evade conflicts they may be facing (Brian et al 4-5). This exponentially increases social media addictions among youth who use its social media to escape their own reality. Finally, individuals who tend to loose sleep just to be on the social media sites are noticeably already addicted to social media . These same individuals would wake up early and be on the platforms once again. It is hard to break from this routine unless they are self-aware of the huge sacrifices they are giving for their mental health

The effects young people


Also known as major depressive disorder is a common and series medical illness that most young adults who are addicted to social media tend to suffer from. It is characterized by feelings of sadness and even individual tend to lose interest in activities they once found enjoyable. Depressions are also known to lead to many suicides among the youth as an s they tend to confine themselves to idealism and use social media to escape reality. However according to a study done by Microsoft, they concluded that depression among  the youth is evident in their social media activities especially twitter where women were found to show higher signs of depression that men they are more aware of other people’s depression, fortunately, depression is treatable (Needham, 520).


Social media addiction was also found to cause high levels of anxiety among the youths. Anxiety is mainly characterized by feelings of worry, having trouble concentrating and even sleeping as well as restlessness which would sometime lead to panic attacks at a later stage. A recent study came to conclude that individuals who have more than seven social media platforms tend to be vulnerable to anxiety that individual who have a maximum of three social media platform. However, more research still needs to be done to determine the actual link between social media and anxiety in young individuals (Weinstein and Aviv ,5) 

Low self esteem

Individual s who are addicted to social media ted to have low self-esteem. This occasionally is a common trend among young female adults who are not content with their physical appearance and tend to use filters to claim the self-esteem. Moreover, a study conducted by experts at Penn state university concluded that viewing other people’s social media profiles was a contributor to low self-esteem since individuals had a tendency of comparing themselves of people who seem to have better lives and are always happy (Lopez ,169).


Social media contribute heavily to loneliness and isolation of young individuals who have a social media addiction. A survey conducted on 7000 young individuals who were the ages of 19-32 concluded that individual who spent most of their time on social media platforms were twice likely to be experiencing and suffering from isolation and loneliness. This also contributed to the individuals experiencing a lack of sense of belonging which made it hard for them to have a conducive engagement or face to face interactions with other people ( Bian et al ,65)


a recent study found that individuals with abnormal amounts of narcissism, high levels of Facebook or Instagram activity were related to bringing down levels of melancholy. In spite of the fact that lower levels of depression were discovered, this still can't be considered a constructive outcome. As indicated by the DSM-IV-TR, narcissistic identity issue is set apart by an affected feeling of vainglory, dreams of boundless power, self-advancement, vanity, and shallow connections. Moreover, numerous investigations demonstrate that long-range informal communication destinations worsen narcissism (Andreassen, et al ,287). The scientists themselves found that additional time spent on Facebook and a higher recurrence of checking Facebook anticipated higher narcissism levels.

Sleep Interruption Due to Blue Light

Individual who often use social media tends to have an unhealthy sleeping cycle due to the emission of blue light. The blue light is found beneath the glow of smartphone mobile devices and computers that are used to access the social media platforms (Richardson and Cele,116-118). The blue light suppresses the melatonin productions vigorously that wav lengths of than light from other artificial sources (Tosini,et al,61).Thus tends to decrease productivity or energy among these individuals in performing their task often increasing a feeling of laziness as well as anxiety.


In conclusion, it is evident from the above that there is insufficient knowledge to draw accurate and precise conclusions regarding effects of social media addiction among young individuals. However, the evidence and conclusion drew from the above still point out that social media has a negative impact on addicted individuals and it has explained profoundly on the different occasions. Moreover, the paper has also contributed to the facts and causes that lead to social media addiction while still depicting the various signs and symptoms that of individuals who are suffering or heading to social media addiction (“Future - Is Social Media Bad for You? The Evidence and the Unknowns.”). However, it would be long to state that social media is a bad thing as there many advantages which have contributed to the wellbeing of young individuals as well as the society, the problem arise when there is too much usage of these platforms leading to the various effects afore mentioned in the essay


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