Eneg20001 Australian Engineering Practice Answers Assessment Answer


Lead or participate collaboratively in teams.


Engineering projects are able to involve different teams. As an engineer, one is required to organize and collaborate with all the teams and ensure that tasks are well delivered. The different engineering tasks in engineering projects are interconnected. This means that the teams must be able to collaborate in order to deliver the tasks (Berson, & Benner, 2007). The lead engineers are required to understand the working of the different teams and ensure that they are able to deliver the tasks. The engineers have to enhance the collaboration between the teams to ensure that delay of task delivery is not achieved at any given time.

So what

One I was involved in project where I was the lead engineer in a construction project. During the project delivery, I had teams from the architectural sector, quantity surveying and the contractor’s teams which were working on the project. During the project delivery, the different teams had to understand their tasks and expectation in order to ensure tasks are well delivered. The understanding of the teams and proper communication was important in the project delivery (In Bairaktarova & In Eodice, 2017). The collaboration in the teams was able to ensure that the project was delivered without delays and even within the set budget. This was one important aspect which was achieved due to the collaboration in the teams.

In addition, lack of collaboration in teams has adverse effects on project delivery. I was once involved in a project where the lead person was not consultative on matter on what was to be done. The lead person was able to come up with different instruction on what he needed to be done and did not respect ant input of the team members. After finishing the tasks, demolition of different parts was experienced and a lot of time was consumed redoing the tasks. At the end of the project, the budget was able to surpass the allocated budget.

What else

Collaboration in teams is able to go hand in hand with respect and proper communication. These aspects are able to ensure that the input of other people within the team are heard and analyzed (Shina, 2014). This helps to have wide and diverse way of accomplishing the tasks considering each person had different experience. The respect is able to ensure that all people are able to contribute to the different matters in the project delivery. In addition the communication ensures that the different people can seek guidance on different aspects which they have hitch in accomplishing them.

What now

In my perspective, I will be able to look in enhancing my communication and consultative skills. This will ensures that I am able to enhance the management of different teams and giving each person an opportunity to contribute to the issues affecting the project delivery. In addition, enhancing my management skills will ensure that I am able to collaborate well with the teams. This will help me in understanding the needs of the teams and thus enhancing the collaboration between diverse teams.

Demonstrate critical self-review, self-management and life-long learning. 


In engineering, the self-review, self-management and life-long learning are important aspects which ensure that some engineering problems are well solved. The critical self-review is important in analyzing the activities after they have been accomplished. This process helps to review on what was done and the way it was done. Self-management process is an important aspect which is required during the project delivery (Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, 2011). This aspect ensures that one can be able to manage the resources available and ensure that the targets of the projects are met. Every stage of the project should be able to involve the self-management of the resources. Lastly, the life-long learning is lessons which are learnt. These help to form basis of referral and rectifyi9ng the mistakes and improving the available processes. The life-long learning is used in other projects to ensure that mistakes are not repeated and that the delivery process is enhanced.

So what

Project delivery required proper monitoring and self-reviews of every process. Once I was involved in a project where after every two week, the self-review on the tasks allocated was done. This was able to identify different areas of weakness and how to help the team members to deliver the tasks. In the same project, each person was given the opportunity to engage on self-management of their activities. This ensured that each was able to come up with their own delivery processes of the task allocated. The self-management ensures that different delivery processes were used (Taylor, 2006). At the end, the life-long learning on the process used to deliver the tasks was conducted. In this selection of the appropriate process was done and different lessons were issued. At the end, the project was considered a success within budget and set timeline.

In addition, I was in another project where the self-review was not a concern. Same mistakes were repeated each time. The life-long learning from the mistakes was not available. This is because the workers lacked the self-review process to identify where the mistake was emanating from. Self-management of the workers was not possible. The enforcing on the way to deliver the task was issued and freedom of exercising other process was not allowed. The projects feel behind schedule at the end.

What else

Proper communication and understanding the technological changes are important in enhancing project delivery. These are important aspects which will enhance the self-review, self-management and life-long learning experiences in the projects (Drew, 2011). Enhancing communication and freedom of exercise will be able to enhance different project delivery processes. This will ensure that self-review is enhanced within the project. At the end, the review will able to ensure lessons are derived.  

What now

Embracing technology is an important aspect which is will in cooperate in my life-long learning experiences. This will ensure that I have different options in the processes which is can used to deliver tasks. Most important, I will be able to enhance my self-review process. Setting the review timeline will be an important aspect which will help me to have self-management of the tasks available.


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