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Environment And Marketing Strategy Answers Assessment Answer


Background of company

Kenco that is subsidiary of Kraft is a brand logo of instant coffee brand. In 1922, Kenco began doing commercial enterprise when a co-operative of Kenyan coffee growers opened a coffee store in Sloane square (The marketing Society, 2015). The Kenyan coffee firms shortened call to Kenco in 1962 .Besides, by 1988, it had made instant coffee to compete with Nescafe. Currently, their merchandise is supplied by the Jacobs Douwe Egberts in the United Kingdom and Ireland. According to Kenco, (2015), the business enterprise has 3 missions to achieve in industry which includes ‘Making great coffee, Terra Cycle and coffee made happy’. The report will evaluate Kenco’s market environment and marketing strategy which is the largest coffee maker in the global and concentrate on instant coffee in United Kingdom.

These days, studies from BBC news, (2014), is showing instant coffee still has occupied 77% of the coffee in British purchase to drink at home. It is accounting for the maximum of part in instant coffee market as compared to different international countries. For examples, in Italy, it is taking over simply 1%, in France 4% and 7% within the US. There are a variety of opportunities that could make profit and grow up. Nowadays, the market of instant coffee in United Kingdom at home has increased and it is now worth more £1bn annually. however, there are some the key challenging situations Kenco has confronted with in managing brand is first of all, the selling of instant coffee because it has fell to 3% last 12 months to £782m, down from £806m in 2013, and the marketplace is predicted to maintain declining to hit £700m in 2020.The first main reason is, data from Economic journal,(2015),it says there is still many amount of humans anticipated to switch from tea to coffee. To be detail, the older people who do not always choose instant coffee .However, as coffee tradition will become more potent, this could possibly alternate. Moreover, in United Kingdom, they has now not come to the average line with capita coffee consumption of European in 2014, which proves that there may be possibilities further boom. Furthermore, according to, Telegraph, (2015), studies by Mintel, announced the figures as part of its annual document of British coffee. It stated that whilst instant coffee still controls sales, the marketplace is on the decrease time to time. Moreover, around 30% of consumer said that they drunk instant coffee one times in a day, 2014, however it did fall to 21% in 2015. Several reasons will explain why: customers who are regularly going to coffee shops, switching again to standard instant coffee at the home won't be attractive (Douglas Faughnan, 2015). Ground coffee and coffee bean extent sales have stopped moving for a number of years, with sales values decreasing with by 1.1pc in 2014, even though this was largely because of supermarket struggle of lowering prices and falling inflation, which pressed downward the charges of packets and jars. Sales of premium coffee: espresso, cappuccino or filter espresso – have extended significantly in current years.

As visible above graph, the other main challenging Kenco coffee has faced with is Nescafe has maintained the first position within the instant coffee market, with original and Gold brands has occupied 35% of total instant coffee sales among them (Telegraph, 2015). However, data from Mintel, (2015), last 12 months, the merger among Douwe Egberts and the coffee department of Kraft’s Mondelez method of the recent origin Jacobs Douwe Egberts. NOw, the organisation has manufacturers inclusive of Kenco, Carte Noire, Tassimo and Douwe Egberts, and now takes up 34% of the on the instant coffee marketplace this means that they almost seize up with Nescafe UK. To conquer the key demanding situations: increasing their business brand. Firstly, report from Marketing Society, (2015), during the last 10 years, See the visible below picture.

At first, Kenco has maintained stance which is pioneer of the mainstream ethical production and sustainable distribution of coffee. This has been part of the DNA of the Kenco’s image that is main the whole thing which includes manufacture procedure, packaging layout and communications strategy. This effort made them differentiated from their key rival: Nescafe and others. So, article written by Kemp, (2014), Kenco is trying new concept that's the coffee vs. Gangs programmes to the next generation in Honduras in which it produces the world’s first-class coffee bean and it's one of the world’s largest coffee brand, has been selected to release a ground-breaking initiative designed to provide 20 susceptible younger people the talents and help to end up being coffee growers. The content approach will comply with the progress of the 20 inclined younger humans as they begin a tailor-made training and training programmes, assisted and made by way of Kenco. This programmes starts with Tv advertising via JWT London, offering a young guy on the point of being engaged in a gang before being a coffee cultivator. There may be no doubt the explosion of coffee-culture has brought with a great deal of ethical issues for marketers. Kenco’s figure organization that's Mondelez international has already invested a lot in establishing wider CSR credentials. The campaign is section of the ‘coffee made happy’ programme’ that is certainly one of Kenco’s missions. It's going to assume $200m investment in 1 million coffee farming entrepreneurs via 2020.(Kemp,2014)

Therefore, consequences demonstrate that the media mixing marketing campaign multiplied sales of the Kenco as much as 7% in the test area sales went to 25.4% from 19.8%.

Delivered to lifestyles via communications this dedication to ethics had a direct effect on income. Campaign which is Kenco’s ethical dedication to sustainability through affiliation with the Rain forest and creative eco-refill packaging added 1.2 million new customers into the Kenco, increased frequency of buying as well as value and figures of sales. This make them help to stay their position which is number 2 in the instant coffee market and boom sales and profitability in United Kingdom.


To begin with, instant coffee marketplace is at the phase of boom from above product lifecycle because of life-style in United Kingdom and new demand which include high level of coffee. Studies from Telegraph, (2015), it shows that Britain is eager to experience new kind and taste of coffee. This consists of cold brew, where coarse-ground beans are soaked in room-temperature water to shape a coffee pay attention this is then mixed with water and normally served chilled. It is different from iced coffee, that's brewed like usual coffee and left to chill before being served over ice. Data from Euromornitor, (2015), In United Kingdom, people who are dwelling in large city have being very used to with area of expertise coffee shops and premium coffee. It can be explained as there's demand of top rate of instant coffee. To supply the upward of premium instant coffee and micro-ground make a variety firms released top rate instant coffee: Nestlé SA’s Nescafé Azera Barista fashion, Jacobs Douwe Egberts’ Kenco Millicano WholeBean. New top coffee that is Nescafé original smooth Roast has come out and released in August 2014, and Beanies the flavor which has Co’s three flavoured on the amaretto, Irish cream and cinder toffee, launched in July 2013, are anticipated to keep boosting call for instant coffee in the United Kingdom.

Information from Kenco website, (2015), generally, Kenco has five categories of coffee which are Kenco premium, 100%, Millicano, Cappuccino and Caffe Latte, 3in1 & 2in1.

A new sort of Kenco Millicano is the primary whole bean instantaneous from Kenco and the first new on the instant coffee layout in 40 years.

Among 2010 and 2013, Kenco has tried to upward the product categories, they concentrated on advertising cost across the introducing of Kenco Millicano that's the initial of a brand recently form of top instant coffee that had a percentage of ground coffee. Kenco Millicano maintained the still moral code because the range of the Kenco coffee however due to the including of fresh coffee got traded at expensive price. To attract new consumer and promote premium coffee in industry, Kenco Millicano’s communications on purpose changed far away from a moral message agreeing excellent-focused approaching. At the same time as Kenco Millicano has experienced top success, this fulfillment got here at the fee of Kenco’s ethical brand institutions which after several years without logo conversation had made weakened dramatically.

Premiumsation of instant coffee

Report from Kenco Marketing Society,( 2012),Premiumisation is coming close for people to high-quality of flavor. Private tag coming into high level coffee, in 2014, is common to have had a high-quality impact on the popularity of microground coffee, with purchasers of inexpensive different choices trading as much as this higher exceptional coffee. Newly modern top class merchandise consisting of Nescafé authentic clean Roast, introduced in August 2014, and Beanies the flavor Co’s three flavoured instantaneous amaretto coffee, Irish cream and cinder toffee, came out in July 2013, are anticipated to keep boosting call for coffee in the United Kingdom. The additional growing of top class sorts is predicted to boost on the coffee’s unit prices by way of 9%, plenty higher than the projected 1% price advantage for normal coffee which is not predicted to expect increasing in premiumisation. Although coffee is the most important coffee category within United Kingdom with 2014 retail sales of value $1.8 billion, it is still anticipated to increase by way of 24% in steady retail price terms and by 14% in retail volume terms among 2014 and 2019.


Report written by Caldwell, (2014), low has bucked the tendency and last week reached a biennial high, with the value of Arabica beans reaching $2.21 (£1.40) a pound.

In 2013, as higher than chart shows, the beans were listed higher than $1 a pound. The main reason is, in Brazil, a severe drought has impacted on crops. Traders have driven the worth higher inside the expectation of a shortage. Statistics from National Statistics the worth of low, it already mentioned the value has already begun to rise in United Kingdom. At the start of this year, a 100g bag of pure instant low value £2.52, but this has increased up to £2.75. Over a same amount a 227g bag of ground filter low has jumped from £2.75 to £2.80 (Telegraph, 2014).Therefore it would have an effect on value of Kenco. Basically, knowledge from ASDA, Tesco web site,(2015),the price vary of Kenco instant low is from £3 to £7.But the marketplace leader that's Nescafe provide their merchandise to client at bigger low-cost rate compared to Kenco. Their rate vary of product is £0.89 to £5. Kenco must concentrate on the maintenance and improvement of market performance (Wilson and Gilligan, 2005). Advantage of this goal is that the enhancements of the marketplace share however it's going to be costly and now not frequently value effective. Kenco continues to be in 2d position of market but there is chance that they might seize up with Nestle.


Selecting the proper supplier and also extent of volume can affect the quantity of sale. To acquire the competitive benefits the appropriate distribution channel, it needs to be considered (Wilson, 1983). Basically, Most of Kenco coffee has been sold in: Morrison, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Aldi also via different places and way. But Kenco has to take into consideration other options consisting of workplaces, universities and hospitals due to there could be huge possibility to succeed.

Channel strategy

The initiating of Kenco Millicano, Wholebean was supported via 2 phases, £7million release plan. Kenco communications plan changed into formulated to deal with fundamental challenges: Kenco has sought to address these demanding situations through multiple channels designed to target consumer in a variety of strages (Kenco Marketing Society, 2012) .

In store: A £1 million in store release assised to similarly providing incentive purchase & trial.


During last ten years, Kenco is that the just one company that is pioneer of the thought moral production and maintainable distribution of coffee. It has been an area of the DNA of company emblem directing anything from supply to manufacture procedure via packaging layout and communications method. For the period of this era, that they had been rewarded for behavior that is it created them completely different from their key rivals, Nescafé and extremely own tag. (The selling Society, 2015)

Introduced to lifestyles via message of dedication to ethical had impact on sales. This programmes promoting Kenco’s ethical dedication to sustainability through affiliation with the rain forest alliance and inventive and ideal packaging, introduced 1.2 million new customers to swollen frequency of purchasing addition to price and sales. This is able for them to stay their role that is second position within the market and grow financial gain and profit.

According to Kenco Marketing Society, (2012), there are the way Kenco do promotion.

Tv:  Kenco release Tv campaign drove people attention of Kenco Millicano with advertising and marketing that became strangely risqué for the category .Kenco understood that the maximum crucial detail of this campaign become helping our consumers to understand that Kenco Millicano changed into one of a kind, consequently prompting buy attention.

Experiential activities: Experiential activities & sampling of store made a talk together with people, dragging the Kenco brand into world and encouraging product trial close to the factor of buy.

Customer relationship marketing: A targeted CRM and mail campaign, our sampling partnership with Jamie at domestic, drove brand engagement and trial inside the domestic and social settings. 

PR & Social: Kenco taste Setters marketing campaign has strengthened the belief that Kenco Millicano certainly is the ‘new must have’ pure coffee, encouraging people to part both Kenco Millicano. By using apparently positioning Kenco Millicano outside of traditional advertising and marketing space and using advertorial content, they cemented themselves firmly in consumer’s area, intensifying the impact of inferred endorsement.

A research from Euromornitor, (2015), demonstrated that the Britain in UK market has witnessed considerable changing over years because of their busy lifestyle-patterns, along with over time work, and the breakdown of the traditional family unit. To be detail, unmarried-man or woman families are at the increase and this phenomenon has caused call for convenience products and a boom in the speedy food sector which is instant coffee. In addition to, according to, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada,(2011), human beings in United Kingdom have become aware about their well-being, resulting in the developing strong request of healthier food selections, along with locally grown, natural, low-fat, low-calorie and cholesterol-free merchandise. Moreover, quality and not price, still in a top requirement for interest of consumers in tea and coffee is on the increase in United Kingdom, particularly for his or her healing characteristics, with some of scientific papers reporting the potential benefits of those drinks. Coffee and tea are two of the most normally consumed drink in the international, and therefore constitute a large possibility to undoubtedly have an effect on sickness resistance and overall purchaser health. Several researchers proposed that the benefits of tea and coffee can be due to their antioxidant content, with the flavonoids in tea, mainly, idea to make a contribution to decreased risk of heart disease. They note, but, that the underlying beneficial mechanism continues to be now not known.

Data from Euromornitor, (2015), Whilst consumers in United Kingdom keep staying  their preferred brands which is loyalty, the flavor and best of instant coffee is getting greater critical than before. This could be explained great deal of demand with premium instant coffee exists in market, especially, Nescafé Azera and Kenco Millicano is continuing to boost sales.

Echo refill packaging

Data from Busniess case builder, (2015), Kenco has invented foil Eco which fill up packs of instant coffee. Consequently, it is not necessary for consumer to purchase a new glass jar with every time. To be specific, they can ship empty packs to Terra Cycle at no price. It will transform the packs into paper pack or photograph frames and Kenco donates two pence for returning pack to the charity of the customer’s preference. Via those activities, in the point view of customer, purchasers give money 4% less for coffee bought in this packaging than in glass jars. The recently brand packaging has expanded the perception excellent of the merchandise, and makes purchasers experience appropriate about selecting a more environmentally friendly product. As a result, Kenco, they could reduce the danger of short term period via decreasing packaging prices allow Kenco to maintain fees competitive. To be particular, to lessen packaging price, they want to improve creative and innovative new packaging abilities. So it is probably connected to growing recognition and market portion because of the fact consumer regard Kenco as environment friendly company. As a result, 48% of United Kingdom households is knowing the product and 7% now purchase Eco refill coffee. 16,000 individuals have sent back more than 30 lots of empty pack to be recycled. It has 97% less weight compared to packaging and use 81% much less energy to offer in comparison to traditional glass jars.

Kenco rewards club

Article from The Drum, (2012), it says this has been initiated since 2012. It's about rewarding their customers to help them to make small difference to the environment through giving points due to the fact, nowadays, customer has been aware of well-being and surroundings. By operating this programme, Kenco expect the loyalty of customers to their products and increase their reputation via offering this activity.

Kenco, Emily Woodward-Smith from Kenco, stated:

“Ability to keep going for a long time is at the core of this programme, so it’s fantastic to be cooperating with Granby for a greener future”

Report from Kenco, (2014), stated now Kenco is starting with 3 charity programmes. First, consumer could aid youngsters in rural area of Honduras and have a better training and a bright future life through giving gadget and books for a new school. Second, they are able to provide British and Irish youngsters from humble backgrounds the opportunity to inspire their own self-confidence in great business innovative workshops. Last, they can even flip into an ocean – assist people offer 500 million glasses of clean water to households throughout South America.

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