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Project Charter

Lock 2017) define project charter as a set of a project objectives, whose core target is to illustrate the goals, duties and responsibilities of the project teams. On the same note the project charted is tasked with n the identification a project’s main stakeholders. Therefore, in the case of this project the main focus of an information technology centre is to make sure that there is smooth flow of information within an organisations operations (Kerzner, & Kerzner, H.2017). As a result, the project charter allows the project participants to understand what the project requirements are and how to accomplish these requirements within the set time, resources and it has to meet the client’s needs and wants. The project charter acts as an agreement between the project sponsor, stakeholders and the project manager. Thus, it means that a project charter is essential to the documenting of a project’s objectives, activities, assumptions and constraints (Schwalbe, 2015). Additionally, a project charter provide a solution to problems facing an organisation and also determine the primary project stakeholders.


The primary task of an information technology centre is to develop, execute as well as support information systems and applications of an organisation. As a result the objectives of this project charter is to:

  • To determine the suitable information management system to be laid down in the organisation

Planning Methodology

Project scope

It has to be noted that the project scope is a vital tool towards the success of any given project, thus it is supposed to be outlined in the early phases of a project life cycle because it has a great effect to both project cost and schedule. The most important factors when it comes to describing of the project scope include:

Description of product requirements: Prior to determining the things that will be included in a project scope, it is important to have a clear understanding of the product requirements (Harrison, & Lock, 2017). In simple terms these are the project features as well as functionalities which are needed for the development of the information technology centre such as the website, software solution, in addition to the applications to be developed.

Defining the process requirements: Process requirements defines the manner in which different individuals communicate with the project product as well as how the product interacts with a range of business operations. For instance, this can be the description of hoe information flows from one department to another.

Engaging the right stakeholders: For a project to be successfully delivered a project has to involve the right stakeholders within the organisation who have commissioned the project. Failure to ensure this is not undertaken, it results in making of assumptions as well as confusing of the stakeholders as the project progress.

Identifying of project limitations: It is important for the project manager to document things that the project will not be able to perform, this helps to avoid the execution of particular things which have not been budgeted for or listed in the project timeline.

Change Management: It is unavoidable for change to take place along the course of a project development. Though it is advisable to avoid scope creep, at some point it is unavoidable because of the changes that take place in business (Morreale, 2009). So that to avert changes as well as disagreements to the project scope, all stakeholders that is from the client side and project side, it is good to have a strict change management procedure. After a scope has been defined, it is not supposed to be changed with no appropriate change management operations happening. In this case, appropriate actions has to be undertaken to address the change in a project requirements.  

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plan

Stakeholders play an essential part in the success of a project, which means that for a project to be successful there has to be a strong relationship between stakeholders and the project manager (Aakhus, & Bzdak, 2015). Stakeholders provide expertise because they have enough knowledge about the current organisational insight as well as past information about the organisation (Binder, 2016). As a result the engagement of stakeholders help the project manager in collecting a project requirements to avoid missing out of major deliverables. Also, involving of stakeholders helps to decline projects risks since stakeholders are in the position to uncover risks related to the project.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

The responsibility assignment matrix is used by the project manager in the development of this information technology centre to identify the different roles of its project team. The matrix illustrates clearly the task as well as responsibilities of each project team member.  

Summary schedule

Project objectives


Deliverable 1

Deliverable 2

Success Metrics

Cost savings +/- 20%

Stakeholder sign-off

Budget and Team

Steering committee: Project manager and the project team  Project lead: Project manager

Project team: A, B, C, and D









Major Meetings




Project kick-off (21 August 2018)

 Steering Committee (5 September 2018)

Steering Committee (20 October 2018)

The steering committee (10 November 2018)

Key Milestones




Project kick-off

Interim findings

(5 September)

50% Design Complete (20 October2018)

Final Design and Report 22 November

Activity Groups














Summary Budget

The projected project budget is 25 million for project development, this takes care of the project management costs, developer costs and charges for all other costs like resources, labor, and licensing and equipment.  

Project closure

Project closer involves cross-checking of a project deliverables against initial project plan (Bourne, 2016). When it is found that the deliverables match with the project checklist, the project manager is supposed to submit a complete project report that include every project phase to the responsible personnel within the organisation for approval and signing-off of the project as complete and finished.


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