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The studies conducted by the previous researchers specify that indifferent project management techniques have been implemented by the project managers to establish a successful design of the project. In the circumstance of the similar statement, Davidson Frame (2014) determined that the procedure of introducing new projects into the stream, demands for the improvement and establishment of the new management technique that can limit the procedural hindrances. Considering the previous content, Lock (2007) asserted that it is highly important to organise the project process in the day-to-day operations. The inclusion of the systematic process directly facilitates the management with a faster decision making techniques and scrutinise on the policies that are initiated for critical path method. The current study attempts to evaluate the significance of a structured methodology in the project management process. Moreover, the study attempts to compare the similarities and dissimilarities between two methodologies and identifies its importance in the project life cycle process.

Definitions of methodology and its significance in the project management

Institute & Project (2013) inferred that a methodology is the system of broad principles that offers effective interpretive measures to resolve a particular issue. However, Levin (2013) claimed that unlike an algorithm, a methodology is not the formula. The methodology is comprised of a set of practices that directs the project manager with corrective process and disciplines to resolve the critical obscurities.

The role and significance of the methodology in the project management process are discussed below:

Strategic benefit

In the framework of the present context, Hyväri (2006) determined that the project management methodology facilitates an organisation to comprehensively tackle the project based issues. It also involves different systematic and integrated process to limit the change of acceptable risk occurrence. The implementation of the effective solution helps the project managers to tactfuly handle the situation and similarly designing the operational process efficiently.

Tactical benefit

At the tactical level, the methodology often permits the off-site managers to gain confidence in the status assessments delivery process. According to Davidson Frame (2014), the tactical methodology level ensures an early recognition and correction of identified issues. The identification majorly helps the manager to examine the risk category, based on which the resolving actions are initiated.

Operational benefit

The methodology is identified as the key means which help the delivery organisation to empower the project with a correct set of technique that would be implemented on-site. Rose (2010) claimed methodology to be an essential process that enables the delivery organisation to deliver cost-effective solutions to its team members.

Evaluation regarding the similarities and difference between the methodologies

Waterfall model

The waterfall model is a non-iterative design process utilised in the software development procedure (Institute & Project, 2013). In the specific model, the progress seems to flow in the downward direction via the phrases like requirement, design, implementation, verification and maintenance.

Agile model

An agile scrum methodology is identified as a lightweight project management framework consisting of the broad applicability for controlling the iterative and incremental projects of all categories.


Both the methodologies are well structured. The procedural steps are structured through code, unit test, fixing issues, design, performing the system testing process and finally the delivery process.


The waterfall model is identified as the traditional model that used to evaluate a project with the scientific approach. However, according to Davidson Frame (2014), the agile is the rapid application development and comparatively an updated model than the waterfall model. Thus, the majority of the project managers are following the agile methodological structure due to its updated list of information. 

Relation between the chosen methodologies and the project life cycle

The project life cycle incorporates the steps like project validation, risk reductions, lifecycle cost, business cost, project validation revision and prioritisation by capital project committee. According to Rose (2010), both the waterfall and the agile framework consist of the procedural designs that satisfy the determinants of the project life cycle process. Both the methodologies include the process of project validation, risk reduction and project investigation. Thus, the previous content specifies that the both the frameworks are viable for conducting an efficient project management process. Following both the methods, the project manager would receive the equal guidance of creating a disciplined project outline and operational process.


The current project attempts to evaluate the significance of the methodology in the project management system. Analysis the current study, an inference can be drawn that both the waterfall and agile framework are suitable to mitigate the requirements of the project life cycle. However, the attributes of the agile framework are more update than the waterfall model.


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