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Ethical Code Effectiveness In Football Assessment Answer


PM leadership

The classroom project that was undertaken by the project manager “Jim Rains” was running smoothly. However, as the winter as well as spring months bought some days of rain, Bob who was one of the proficient organizer handled the situation by engaging the carpenters within the work of his home to keep them motivated as well as satisfied. The project manager was against the decision of the Bob and therefore informed him that he has discontinued the billing hours of the employees if they were in fact working within the house of the Bob.

PM Execution

 The classroom project that was assigned to the project manager “Jim Rains” was running smoothly due to proper management of the project.

It is identified that instead of the steps that is taken by Bob for keeping the carpenters engaged and motivated if they would have hired more carpenters so that they can be able to manage the work of the project effectively [3].

PM risk analysis

The main risks that is identified in the project plan is that due to rain, the work that is related with furnishing are obstructed as during rain the carpenter are sent to their home as they are not able to work in rain. They generally works for almost 3 days in a week, which not only extends the time that will be needed for finishing the project but also creates negative impact in context to employee’s satisfaction.

 In order to mitigate the issues, the project organizer need to ask the carpenters to do  overtime on the days they are working so that the lag that is occurred  within the project due to rain can be managed effectively [2].

Ethics assessment

The ethical dilemma that is occurred within the project case does not abide by the law as none of the members of the project team has the authority to utilize the resources of the project for their own work. In spite of the fact, it is identified that Bob has used strategies or steps for keeping the employees satisfied and motivated are not ethical.

 The Ethical dilemma that is identified does not align with the PMI code of ethics because the PMI code of ethics utilizes honesty, responsibility, fairness as well as respect as the values that are generally helpful in driving the ethical conduct [5]. However, the decision that is taken by Bob is not honest as he is utilizing the resources of the organization for his use.

Ethics alternatives

The alternative steps include:

Hiring more number of carpenters: If more number of carpenters were hired then it would be quite helpful in managing the work of the project effectively. This not only assists in finishing the work on time but also avoids negative impact on the employees in context to satisfaction.

Overtime work: The carpenters are motivated to work overtime within the project in order to handle the work effectively and for avoiding extension within the project [6] .Overtime work will be helpful as it will be helpful in managing the lag that is created within the project work due to rain.

Alternative steps



Overtime work

 If the carpenters are motivated to work more within the project then the project work can be effectively managed.

 The organization have to pay extra for the overtime work to the carpenters of the organization.

Hiring more number of carpenters

 If more number of carpenters are hired, then the work will be finished effectively within the time that is expected.

 It is identified that due to hiring new carpenters the organization need to spend much on hiring them.

Ethics analysis

As per the framework of ethical decision-making, it is very much necessary to explore the strategies that are quite effective in decision making so that it can be helpful in achieving the goals as well as objectives of the organization [6]. The factors that are suggested by the ethical decision making process are as follows:

 Utilitarianism approach: The step that is taken by Bob does less good for the organization in comparison to harm and as a result, it is against the utilitarianism approach.

Rights approach: The decision taken by Bob does not helps in protecting the moral rights of the organization for the loss.

Common good approach: The decision that Bob takes are considered helpful in interlocking relationship of the society [1].

Virtue approach: The decision is taken is quite helpful as it generally helps in enabling highest potential of the character of Bob.

Ethics application

The choice does not result in the greatest good as the decision that is taken by Bob is unethical which harms the organization financially [4]. It is found that Bob utilizes the carpenters at his home for his work however; the carpenters are generally paid by the organization. As the carpenters are not working in the project and they are being paid, it will generally create negative impact on the budget of the project. Furthermore, due to lag in the project work the completion time of the project also is extended.

Ethics action

It is found that in order to resolve the issue that the project organizer mainly faces, it is very much important to motivate the carpenters of the project for working overtime. This is considered as one of the ethical step for completing the project work and for keeping the workers satisfied as well as motivated towards work. It found that by utilizing this step both the organization as well as the customers would get profit. Thus after analyzing number of ethical approaches, ethical decision making  framework  is mainly utilized in the project for making decisions so that the challenges that are associated with the project can be successfully resolved.


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