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Qantas Airline is one of the popular and famous airline service providers of Australia. It provides both domestic and international flight facilities. The paper is mainly showcasing the operational activities of Qantas Airline. As this is a reflective case study based work, I have highlighted my views and understandings on the basis of scenario (Zhang, 2010). I have found that Qantas Airline is the company that comprised of several activities. Flow chart has been asked to make, flow chart can be made on two ways one is from customer end and other is from organizational base. Both operational activities are consisted of two stages one is back stage and other is front stage operation. In this paper back stage operations and front stage operations have been highlighted through flow charts.

Flow chart

As discussed in introduction, two stages are there which I have used for justifying the overall concept of the paper. Flow charts have been shown below,

Customer based flow chart model

Front base model

This is the front stage of customer operation sector.

Back stage of customer Operation

The above mentioned flow chart showcases the back stage operation from customer end. Through the above two flow charts overall front stage and back stage operation could be understood.  Now flow chart from organizational point of view has been demonstrated below;

Front stage

This is the front stage flow chart of the organizational operations.  Back stage operations also have been driven below,

Four flow charts have been mentioned in the above pages. Through these flow charts both back and front stage operations of Qantas airline could be observed. Overall discussion and reflective analysis has been made in the later phase of the report.

Significance of this service counter

Each and every business organization wants to deliver quality service to their customers. By providing quality service an organization could be able to sustain in the market platform. The paper is mainly focusing on the Qantas airline and its operational activities. I have gathered information on this particular company. After studying each quotient, I have come to the conclusion that Qantas airline has been able to reach to the peak of success due to its extra ordinary strategies and operations (Ekman & Dahlin, 2012). The organization maintains two stages for two business side. The overall operations of the respective company have been segmented in two sections, one is customer based operation and other is organizational operation. These two operations have two significant stages; one is front end and other is back end. In the above section of the paper I have shown the process flow diagram. Through this process overall activities and their importance could be observed.

First I pick customer operation; customers are the prime asset of an organization like Qantas Airline. By providing service to the customers, organization could be able to sustain in the market. Front stage operation can be physically identified and observed. The overall operation is comprised of multiple small activities like boarding pass collection of customers to their entry in the flight. Qantas has focused on these issues for checking each and every activity in an appropriate manner. On the other hand in the back stage I have found that operational activities made by management for the customers have been mentioned. Checking of baggage and their boarding pass is highly significant for the airline service provide to maintain the safety. I have found in the internet that multiple faulty issues and terrorist attacks are done due to the poor security checking process. In this case Qantas and its members strongly focus on the minute elements of the customer end. Through this process overalls security of the process can be maintained.

After discussing the customer operation, now I am going to discuss the organizational stages of operation. This operation is also comprised of two stages like front and back. These stages are not made for the customers (Choong, 2007). Through these phases, management could be able to maintain the overall operations with lots of safety and security. As per I think, this overall operation is designed this way for enhancing the safety issue of the process. Through this overall process management could be able to check every single terminal of the airport. Qantas Airline could be able to check all the system in such way that they can sort out their problems. I believe this is one of the prime issues of their growth and fame. In the organizational phase, management has segmented operational activities in different parameters like boarding of passengers, signal checking of pilots and take off etc. These elements are very basic and nominal, but Qantas has been able to focus on these issues.

Analysis of managerial implications

After studying the overall concepts and ideas, I can say that management mainly focuses on their security issues and service facilities. They mainly concentrate on the service quality towards the passengers. Passengers can get huge benefit through this type of organizational process model. They can get premium satisfaction by travelling through Qantas Airline. I personally believe management must have to be more focused towards the overall infrastructure of planes and other ground handling tools.


Through the above mentioned paper, a brief understanding of the Qantas’s process flow model could be understood. By the help of these procedures respective organization could be able to enhance its business functionalities in the global platform. The company has been able to establish a good reputation in the market. People love to access the services of the respective organization for getting pleasure and comfort. Different types of process models have been mentioned in the paper and through this way overall understanding of the operation could be done.


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