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Global Ict Practices : Outsourcing Assessment Answer



The emergence of latest technology in information and communication technology has helped in the faster progress of globalization all over the world. Different technological advancements are now being used by developing countries to convert its economy into information based and value added economy. Moreover, they try entering the global markets so that it can set economic goals according to the global market. According to Ionescu and Carstea(2013), this helps developing countries to have higher profit and higher economic growth of country.’

The following report presents a review of the meaning of the words “Global” and “Globalization”. In addition to this, the report also contributes to the meaning of globalization and involvement of information technology in the globalization process.

Review of the meaning of the word Global

The word “Global” represents the issues that can include or affect entire world. These are issues can be related to economics, environment, business etc. (Stromquist and Monkman 2014). Any global issue can affect the whole world without considering the geographical, cultural and political barriers.

Review the meaning of word Globalization in academic literature

Globalization can be defined as a process of international integration by interchanging views, ideas, and products and other aspects of different cultures around the world. The major factors that are responsible for the process of globalization include advancements in transportation and telecommunication sector (Abbott and Jones 2013).  Till now Globalization has been being a poorly defined concept. The term is generally used to encompass increase in the worldwide and liberalization policies. Moreover this concept also signifies reductions in transportation costs and technology transfer between the different countries all over the world (Larisa 2016). As far as globalization’s impact is concerned, it simultaneously effects on income distribution, economic growth and employment in any region or country of the world.

Since 1975, some crucial changes have taken place in political and social spheres. These changes help in the creation of a more interdependent world. Today each and every country is dependent on each other for some particular aspect. This aspect helps in political as well as economic development of a country. For an invention, it is possible that an Australia-based company helps in the marketing of a product which is created by a Hungarian scientist. Moreover, it is also possible that by using this technology, the industrial productions of thousands of machines are produced at a plant in Korea (Ionescu and Cârstea 2013). As an effect of globalization the scientists are coming up with remarkable and new ideas are coming to global markets which are quickly speeded and caught by different industries. Over the last few decades, liberal policies related to trade and technology is being dispersed and adopted all over the world. These liberal policies for globalization were helpful in increasing cooperation and breakthroughs around the world (Wagner 2014). These policies are also helpful for the increased interdependence between nation and firms. Again globalization of technology also has a massive effect on the structures of different economies of different countries. This processes of globalization also made it necessary for the organizations to restructure its fundamental structure to modernize the production and distribution system.  

In addition to this, developing and the third world countries are also benefitted by the globalization processes of trade and technology.

Furthermore, globalization is also considered as a worldwide phenomenon that is increasing with every decade. Rapid globalization is a result of the rapid changes all around the world (Stromquist and Monkman 2014). Developed countries are considered as role models for the developing countries and the third world countries in setting goals and developing technologies. In some of these countries, globalization is resisted due to it's harmful consequences and characteristics. These are characteristics include privatization of organizations and affiliation with other competitive parties (Ionescu and Cârstea 2013).The third world countries and the developing countries are now trying to enter the global market as they are interested in a developing domestic condition in order to generate the necessary capital for the development of the country. 

What does Globalization mean to me and reason behind it

For me globalization means connectedness.  As a result of globalization, people all over the world are more and more connected and closer. Communication and media measures are penetrating into previously closed communities. Individuals are much more aware of each other than previous times. At the same time, it also helps in becoming more familiar with other societies. Moreover, it helps in accomplishing tasks much faster, cheaper and easier.  It increases the number of opportunities and reduces different business barriers.  Globalization can be thought as the engine of economic prosperity and trade.  It also helps in procuring desired products from across the globe such as procuring cheaper consumer goods from India, Japan and many other parts of the world. Globalization helped us to cover a huge distance on the globe within the span of few hours and meet with our dear ones.  As a medium, globalization touches almost every aspect of someone’s life in a civilized world.

Globalization provides opportunities to explore and enrich myself with newer technologies and inventions in every field. Globalization can be thought as a dynamic perception having a universal scope. The people who do not spend too much time to understand the concept of globalization are also affected by the effects of globalization. As a student of ICT, it helps me to know about the recent developments in a particular specific field. It opened the horizon for me to build new connections and possibilities for collaboration throughout the world. In this global age, it helps me to recognize global interdependence between different points of views on the same technology in ICT.

By collaborating with other members who reside in different regions of the world, it is possible to change or transform the world in which we are living today. More companies all around the world are now able to access in a broader financial market and capitals in different countries. As a result of globalization, it increases the production in an industry.  This, in turn, helps in the availability of much more consumer goods in the market for users across the world.

 It also helps in mobility and removal of barriers at an international level. Hence it helps in opening new opportunities for young people at national as well as international levels.    

In addition to that, it is possible to build an interconnection between different economies of the world. As a result of this interconnection, there will be a free flow of services and goods. Therefore consumers will have much more options for the products which are not available to the consumers from other countries.

At the end, it can be stated that globalization is a game changer for cultures, economies geographical aspects and businesses of a particular region of the world.

Involvement of Information technology in globalization process

In the recent years, the advancements in information technology have a major role in the globalization process (Abbott and Jones 2013). Significant and revolutionary advancements in information technology like GPS satellites, mobile phones have a huge impact on the globalization processes. Globalization mainly affected production, knowledge, possession of resources and change in technology.

The revolution in information technology affected the cultural, economic, social and political activities of almost all regions of the world (Ionescu and Cârstea 2013). Governments and top level leaders have realized the important role of information and communication technology in the socio-economic development. In the less developed countries too, information and communication technology provides a window of opportunities to transform their economies into high value added economies. A number of developed countries have developed and placed policies to transform their country’s economy into information and knowledge-based economy.  Information technology has acted as a driver behind the integration of worldwide markets (Gal, Blegind Jensen and Lyytinen 2014). The invention of the telegraph, the telephone has helped people to communicate across borders in seconds. Previously this communication process consumed a lot of time (it would have taken several weeks or even months to convey the desired message from sender to receiver.).

It is impossible to discuss each and every technological development that have contributed to the globalization process.  Some of the key developments are discussed below,

Development of computation technology and rise of personal computers

The development in computing speed and windows based PC have increased the amount of data an individual can store, modify and share (Abbott and Jones 2013). It helped them to authorize their digital content. Followed by PC, invention of the dial-up modem, faxes are other revolutionary inventions in information technology.

 Using dial-up modems, users can send and receive an email via different service providers. After this, when people used fax, PCs and dial-up modems as a combination, it created a new revolution in information technology.

WWW (World Wide Web)

The invention of the World Wide Web has been the most powerful impact of globalization. Before “WWW” in 1991, there was the internet through, which connected people across the world. However, today people have a way to publish their digital content (Scott and Storper 2013). This content is available to anyone across the world. The invention of World Wide Web accelerated the speed of globalization. It happened due to instantaneous sharing of knowledge and information through WWW across the world.

Use of optical fiber and creation of software’s as per workflow

In the year 1977, the fiber optic cable system was first implemented. It was made of glass and provided a higher bandwidth and signal capacity. This enabled users to send much more data packets (more information) compared to other transmission mediums.

In the 1990s the most important invention that helped in the globalization of business was the use of workflow software. This software was used to automate different business procedures (Abbott and Jones 2013).  Workflowsoftware is helpful to collaborate, design and manage business data.

Mobile, Virtual and Personal Movement   

In the recent time, it is observed that use of digital cameras, PDA’s(personal digital assistant), cell phones and personal laptops have affected the globalization process. The popularity of these devices is increasing day by day.  As a result, individuals and organizations have so many ways to collaborate with each other (Ionescu and Cârstea 2013). Use of instant messaging services has enabled organizations to communicate with customers or employees of the organization. In addition to that, employees can use their laptops or PDA’s to connect with company or customer via VoIP and address their query. 


In the above section, the meaning of the words “Global” and “Globalization” have been discussed. Moreover, this paper argued that use of information and communication technology in education sector can transform the existing system of education, learning and knowledge. Globalization of technology can also help to increase the efficiency of the employees and collaboration between them. Today globalization is considered as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides a broader financial market, speeds up the flow of goods, capital, and ideas across the world, while on the other; it is responsible for the decreased growth rate of local business and ideas. Therefore, it is important for different governments of different countries to support different private organizations that are capable of doing research and development in the sector of information and communication technology. Hence it needs to be ensured that implementation of different ICT technologies must link to regional or local problems. As an example, internet in developing countries can be used to empower and transform the education system.


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