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Habits Of Highly Effective People Assessment Answer


The book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” provide an elaborative overview about human nature. The human changes their habit accordingly with the evolving situation in their personal and professional life. I have witnessed many of these situations in my personal and professional life. This report is explaining several paradigms measuring the habits of human in different situations. I am giving a brief description of the seven habits of human in several situations in this report.
Goals and Objectives: The report I have presented here helps the student to be more effective in their professional and personal life as well. The report is describing the seven habits of human for making the student understand more clearly about the principles mentioned in the book for providing guidance about the habits of highly effective people.

Character is generally a composite of our habits. Our character is build by developing our thoughts, actions. I can say it more elaborately that, habits are the building block of our character. I have observed many times that, the habits highlight our character unconsciously or consciously.
Personality is defined as the specific quality that makes us an individual one in the crowd. Personality is related to the outer appearance of a person, whereas, character highlights internal qualities and behavior.

Primary greatness of the people is combined of some features: integrity of values, maturity, and abundance mentality.
Secondary greatness is achieved by positive personality and human relations techniques.
Paradigm shift plays a great role for the personality development of human being. Paradigm shift introduces the change of mind set of the people while neglecting their own priority and providing importance to the perspectives of others.
I have also experienced a paradigm shift in my life: my friend was facing so many problems in his life, he was n family member left with him. Due to this reason he was losing hope for surviving in his life, then one day one teacher of his school told him that don’t see the life while thinking about your problems, just think that these are new steps provided by god to bring you higher in your life. This one perception totally changed his vision about life and now he is the most successful person among my group of friends I had in my school.


According to the Covey’s definition of habit this is the intersection of knowledge, skills and desire. These three elements are mandatory to maintain a habit in life.
One habit that I need to develop within the mid-June is: I want to be more punctual in my life. It will provide me more opportunities to develop my personality.
According to Covey, the effectiveness is defined as the behavioral sense of human which allows the person to achieve maximum long term growth in his life. The effectiveness enforces the correct mental maps for solving the problems of individual.

One example of my life can elaborate this theory very well. I have seen one student who desired to get good marks in his studies. He was trying very hard but not getting any specific results. His focus was less in finding the essential materials which he need for his study and he was giving effort to memorize all the subjects. As the quality of the material was not good, he was not being able to get good marks in his school.


Coveys P/PC balance theory states that, the effectiveness in work or achieving something can only be accomplished by balancing the production capability and production of desired results. If any of these elements are missed the result would not be achieved.
In my university, the students are trying to achieve good scores in subjects, they have the proper dedication for it, but they are neglecting the guidance provided by their professors. Therefore, though they have capability, lack of sense for choosing the proper guidance is forcing them to be failed.

Be proactive: Reactive vs. Proactive

According to the theory of Covey, one proactive person does not blame the situation and can easily take the responsibility, whereas, the reactive person get influenced by the physical conditions at a circumstantial situation.

Last year I got a chance to study in abroad but I rejected it as I was not feeling convenient for leaving my country. That was my introvert behavior which was forcing me to do this; if I took this as a challenge then it would be beneficial for me.

Another example of proactive nature I have observed is that, most of the time my friends used to neglect the classes of one of our professor in my college, only because he took several tests to check our strengths in the subjects. They avoided that challenge, which could make them stronger in the subject.

Your circle of influence

Development of requirement actions
According to the study of covey’s theory I have found that I am an proactive individual.
The actions I need to take to be proactive are:

Prediction: Proactive people does not disturbed by surprises as they know how to predict the events.
Prevent: Proactive people don’t waste their time while thinking about here and now. To be proactive I must have to plan for future.
Participate: Participation in every event makes an individual proactive.

I would like to be more predictive in my work filed. It will helps to gain knowledge about the upcoming circumstantial situations and I can easily be prepared for that, which will also boost up my performance.

Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the end in mind means that every individual should plan their work with a new beginning every day. The projects, tasks should be started with a clear vision every day. This will provide us the clear goals and our target, what we want to achieve in our life. This aspect strengthens our proactive muscles.

Every day I have to face so many challenges in my workplace, but still I begin with an end with each task. At the starting of the day I set my own goals and targets for the day that I have to achieve and start y work, which provide me new strength every time.
Development actions:

Start with motivation: Begin with the end in mind is nothing but a motivation thought of any individual about his project or task. So any kind of startup requires the motivational aspect.

Mission: Begin with the end in mind requires a clarified mission to be followed in the mind. The task or project should possess a proper mission for gaining success.

Staying connected with the mission: An individual should keep the connection with the mission statement of his project or task. It will help the individual to manipulate their aims according to their progress.
In my opinion, I would like to start my each work with the new motivational aspect in my mind, which will guide through any kind of difficulties in may work field.

Put First things First

I tend to operate more in the 1st quadrant. The second quadrant is not urgent but important for me. The third quadrant is urgent but not important for me and the fourth quadrant is not important as well as not important for me.
The percentages I would like to provide for the time management of these quadrants are given in the table below:
Development actions:
Remainders: First thing should be put in first, considers the reminders for keeping in mind the goals of the project and also the aim of the task.

Preparation and planning: Recognizing the first thing requires the planning and preparation. We can easily indentify the thing which has the higher priority by proper planning.

Prioritizing and controlling: The priority of the task can be analyzed through controlling the tasks and events, which introduces the priorities of the tasks in real life.

I would like to focus on the analysis of the priority of tasks or projects. Estimation of the important and urgent tasks is very crucial for making myself successful in my personal and professional life.

According the to definition of the emotional bank account provided by Covey, it is defined as the metaphor, which estimates the amount of trust has been build up in a relationship. |

I can explain this aspect with an example of my life: I have faced a critical situation in my personal life, when my best friend has left me for three years. We had bad fight with each other, which forced her to leave me. Though during these three years she realized that the issue for which we had been fighting from three years is not so important than the quality time and facts we have shared and the trust we build among each other. We both realized this issue and ended our fight.

Think Win-Win

Thinking Win-win is not a quick fix techniques, it’s a character based code for the human being.
According to me, we always think our success in terms of failure of others. We like to judge ourselves while considering the comparison. We think that if some win then we are losing. The Win-win situation sees the situation, where the success is achieved by making both of the parties a winner. This situation seeks to have the benefits from mutual relationship with each other.

Development actions:

Integrity: It explains the stickiness of thoughts according to the personal value, beliefs and norms.
Maturity: It allows the ideas of one person while considering the ideas of other people at a time.
Abundance mentality: This aspect explains that there are plenty of options for everyone.
Most of the people consider each other either the one is tough or they are nice, whereas, Win-win considers these both. It considers the balance of consideration and courage. Maturity is that stage when one person achieves both the aspect at a time: consideration and courage.

Seek first to understand

Communication is the most important key skill in professional and personal life. But listening skill is the most effective skill ever introduced to a student in their whole life, for which they can easily understand any kind of situations.
Proper listening skill helps the individual to cope with the situations within their organization and school.

Development actions:

Evaluation: You judge first then take decision for the agreement.
Probing: You ask question according to your knowledge base.
Advising: You provide advice and solutions for the problems.

Some of the situations need autobiographical responses to overcome the problematic situations. When there is high level of trust in between two people the convenient responses solve the situation automatically.


Synergy is defined as single head s not better than two heads. This aspect is all about the creation of the cooperation between two or more individuals. It combines open-mildness and teamwork. If these two aspects are combined with each other then the performance of the group will be increased in huge manner.

The interaction between two people makes them more aware of their behavior and nature. They gain insights of each other.
Adding the value to differences among each other enforces the synergy. One should see the differences as the strength of individuals and also for the groups.
Sharpening the saw
Sharpening the saw means that, the preservation and enhancement of the assets we have.

Development actions:

Physical: Beneficial resting, eating, exercising.
Social: Making of social connection with individuals.
Mental: Reading, writing and teaching.
Spiritual: Connection with the nature.

The presence of interest in the above mentioned four areas leads to the change of our life full of growth and happiness. Sharpening the saw makes us more effective in our daily life with satisfying our daily goals.

Feeling the life in good manner does not mean having all the essentials in our life, it means keeping the proper balance in our life, which will provide happiness to us.


This report is elaborating the seven habits of the human, which plays an important role while analyzing the personality and character of the human being. As per my concern, for developing my personality and enrich my character, it is very much important to understand all the habits. My mission is to build up my personality and character in such a way that will benefit me in my professional and personal life. Covey’s seven habit shows me way of understanding the impact of several habits in our professional and personal life.


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