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Haighs Chocolate | Marketing Plan Assessment Answer



The following plan of marketing develops the form of achieving the vision of the selected company known as Haigh’s company. The report will help to deal with the effective strategies to achieve the goals. The confectionary industry is situated with large players and high level of competition. Haighs produce high quality and premium chocolates and is known as a very few providers. Thus the quality of chocolate provided for these brands are also high. It needs to know the meaning and importance of differentiation in terms of the quality of the product and the image of the brand along with the loyalty also plays an important role in the market. (Smith, 2013)

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Ken (2010) says Haigh’s chocolate is considered as the fourth generation chocolatier where the raw cocoa and the beans are all piled high and then they are poured into the German machine so that it can be used in the festive seasons and also on many other occasions. As far as the marketing strategy of the Haigh’s is considered then it can be said that when the said firm is approaching near to the $50 million with its turnover to the world and the employs of more than 400 people who owns and operates the functions in the manner that it will give the 14 stores to be operated with it but when the company was said to make the move to the market then it has also with the time made the turnover. Nine years is on from that the very chocolate stores in the Sydney and with it there are seen the drastic changes are seen throughout the world’s economy. There has been also faced the global crisis of the facts and it has proved to be the irrefutably the operations in the singe global economy with the deals. The transactions that are made are the better means to make the selling and the buying in the manner that will make it more at the convenient use. The Haigh manufacturing unit is the owned family business where the turnovers and the marketing strategies are followed and run with the economies that are making the run at the global level. The said things reveal that there is manufactured the chocolate and the confectionary. Haigh’s manufacturing consultancy only represents some part of the Australian chocolate market that is prevailing in the basis of the Australia. The best estimated growth rate is that which is based on the 1.1% of the total consideration of the Australia market that is in the every smaller proportion by the volume. It is employing the 120 staff that ahs both the casual and full time employees. The assignment speaks on the brand and customer analysis with the help of the marketing products diagram and the SWOT analysis.

It is a family business with consistent styles of management and the business are aligned strategically. Haighs’ chocolates is one of the most successful and real brand of South Australia. It is made up of premium handmade chocolates and the company focuses on clear goals and positioning to attain the target market and to keep the chocolate traditionally. The company provides long-term relationship between Haigh’s and its customers. (Wang, 2012)

The specialty of Haigh’s chocolates is that is that it is a family owned chocolate brand with respect to manufacturing and retailing. Selecting the chocolates is the special status of Haigh’s chocolates in the chocolate industry of Australia. The founder known as Alfred Haigh began the small ice cream and dessert store in the 20th century. Haigh’s chocolates have been the largest chocolate store in Australia. (Kerry, 2014)

Haigh’s Chocolates is the highly authentic brand in Australia and it had produced the flavor of chocolates over high varieties. Most of the competitors imported chocolate for producing chocolates and it has been successful with respect to market segment and products position. (, 2013)

Market analysis

Doctor (2010) says that when the Haigh’s is considered as the integrated manufacturer and with it, the retailer has been able to make the control where the delivery is made on the pattern of the standard forum of return then there is made the process of the distribution packaging. This process is used by the means as to represent the products that are to be made distributed in the random manner. The action that has been implemented is for the five years covering the period from the 2011-2016 and it is reported annually. The action plan also incorporates the Australian packaging guidelines that are having the number of the principles with the fact that goals of it also reflect the same.

The rapid increase of premiumisation with consumer trend has been driven for high growth for specialty chocolate stores industry over the five years. Consumers purchase high quality chocolates with respect to affordable indulgence for special occasions. The revenue of the industry grows with 2.6% over the year 2015 and the sales of high quality chocolates and boxed chocolates develop with respect to high growth. Thus the industry builds high quality products that targets high range of products. Product innovation has been known as a strong driver for the growth of the industry and it remains the high level of differentiation from external competitors. (, 2014)

The USP of the product is to build the premium chocolate with the raw cocoa bean and the product is segmented with the premium quality and it targets the young people and the target market purchases the chocolate for their consumption and gifts etc. The product is positioned in the reliable and family owned company since 1915 and the company is positioned with handmade and high quality chocolates from the raw cocoa bean. (Wang, 2012)

The major aim of the product is that the customer enjoys handmade and high quality premium chocolates. It produces the most authentic chocolate which is precious and it retains high quality chocolates and there is no other store when compared to Australia. This kind of product is the only chocolate producer that produces chocolates with fresh and healthy chocolates from the initial stage. It aims to lead the chocolate quality successfully.

Customer’s analysis

Dent (2008) says that when the customer analysis is approached then it is explained with the term of keeping the goal so that the customer analysis can be done. Like that of the optimized packaging where the packaging is done with the term fabrics, seasonal packaging that means that when the seasons goes on the variations then the change in the packaging is also made with it. Standard packaging runs with the new kind of the designs that are given. There are sustainable packaging guidelines that are when made then it will make the better and the proper run with these.

Brand analysis

Thomas (2000) says that the primary business is that it is operated with the Haigh’s chocolate brand. It is also shown the number of the other brands and the images and also that including of the Australia that one continues with the own and they are not the active in the current areas. The brand analysis can be done with the supply chain management that runs in the organization. That is to say, that when it is working with the supply chain model then majority of the people make the sold through the business and it is purchased as the raw material and the very less amount that of the 5% is sold through the wholesale relationship that exists in the market. In it, the retailers operating in the niche locations will have the promotion with the network sales that is made up of. The branding is done in keeping the mind of the packaging and the systems that are followed this means there is the branding done with the ease manner.

Harry (2008) makes the view that when this organization is making the move to the market then the marketing strategies are put in the manner that it will give the proper boosting to the strategies of its very own. The competitors of the organization are mainly there and these are Cadbury, Nestle and Mayfield chocolates. These competitors in the market meet the demands and the supply chain management of the company is worked with the view to make the greater competitions in the market.

SWOT analysis

Strengths: The strengths of the company are associated with the strong brand and it operates successfully since the year 1912. The company develops strong brand equity with high quality products. It has its presence in countries such as South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. It has wide range of products and chocolates in high quality and luxurious packages. High variety of products is available such as milk, chocolates, liquor chocolates and dark chocolates etc. The goals of the chocolate “Easter Bilby” is also called as Easter Bunny. The major tour of the factory for the public is to look for the chocolate making products.

Weakness: There is inability to expand the business in terms of other attempts that leads to low market share. This could not build the certification from the fair trade foundation.

Opportunity: There is high level of opportunity with respect to the growth and development in terms of gift offers and it is known as major corporate gifts and reward associations for company. There is an opportunity with online selling and delivering in terms of e-commerce. There are opportunities with market growth and development in country such as Australia and other countries at global front.

Threats: Threats in the Haigh’s chocolate are associated with the strong level of competition and also from the other chocolate companies. It responds to increase the health consciousness among the target market. To maintain and manage the high quality in the category of perishable goods is the major challenge. The storage situation and chocolates whitening also damages the image of the brand. (Dang, 2012)

Competitor’s analysis

Competitors’: Strong competitors are associated with Cadbury’s, Nestle and Mayfield Chocolates. It is different from the chocolate producer company when compared to the other brand known as Maltesers. Haigh’s chocolate is the mere chocolate manufacturer that delivers high quality and premium brand chocolates. This aims to control the quality of chocolate successfully. (Kerry, 2014)

Competitors in the market deals with the growth and it indicate to adopt the corporate behavior to survive in the long term. The need for innovation and attracting the employees with respect to right kind of talent develops high level of growth. It maintains high quality and introduces new products every year that manages the culture of the family successfully. (, 2015)

Harry (2008) makes the view that when this organization is making the move to the market then the marketing strategies are put in the manner that it will give the proper boosting to the strategies of its very own. The competitors of the organization are mainly there and these are Cadbury, nestle and Mayfield chocolates. These the known competitors that are farmed when the market is meeting the demands and the supply chain management of the company is worked with the view to make the greater competitions in the market.

Marketing mix


The Haigh’s chocolates had only single flavor that attracts most of the customers and it improves high quality and flavor of the product. The company got high techniques from Swiss in the year 1950’s and besides the local technique of chocolate manufacturer; it also has designed the store and promotion successfully. This way, it has produced the basis for the international chocolate brand for the chocolate of Haigh’s brand. Thus it has also different stores in Adelaide. There is a tourist center in Parkside of Haigh’s chocolate that introduces chocolate brand to the entire tourist with respect to images and words. Thus it characterizes to remain attractive and they have huge opportunities to taste the healthy and fresh chocolates after the visits and tourists can also purchase premium and high chocolate from the small store in the center. It operates under the model of high vertical supply chain model. It promotes excellent level of products.

Stanley (2009) says that there is the standard range of the products that is packaged with the minimalist theme and for the many year it has been continuing with the cellophane that is sued as the primary material for the beginning of the higher bio degradability over the use of the materials known as the poly propylene.


The product operates under highly vertical integrated model of supply chain. The mass of products sold through the business with respect to raw materials through the number of stores. The small amount less than 5% is sold through wholesale with specialist retailers that operate in niche locations that promotes and increases the sales of the store network. Haigh’s is placed at Adalaide with the factory and visitor center. It is available from Monday to Saturday to tourists. The tourists have opportunities to deal with the fresh quality and high premium chocolates after visits. There are certain places in the Australia where this chocolate is nor advertise and fit the promotion of these products the places are elected in the manner to maximize the product capacity in all areas. (Emmanuel, 2008)


The product demonstrates an ongoing and continuous communication with the customers on packaging and sustainability through promotions, social media and advertisements etc. This way, it connects to new ideas and products with print media etc. Packaging promotes the initiatives successfully. Davenport (2000) is of the view that the promotion of the products is done through the retails stores or the wholesale offerings that will make the distribution process in the possible mode.


Charan (2009) says that the price is fixed with the nomenclature of the products where the products are making the use of it. Thus they are fixed with the choice of the customers and the law of supply and demand-chain is made applicable.


Bing (2007) says that the Haigh’s chocolate is the running chocolate industry in the Australia and it is owned by the simply. There are many chocolate agencies and the company’s level, but the best is this that is known for the variety of the tastes and the packaging is all appreciated. This firm has many competitors and all the strategies that are followed are followed with these principles that are fixed by the authority board.

The assignment covered the analysis of Haigh’s chocolate and it discussed the marketing plan and analysis of the chocolate product with respect to market design and industry analysis followed with SWOT and also the brand analysis along with the competitor’s analysis. Major competitive brands known as Nestle, Cadbury’s and Mayfield have been covered in the paper. It also covered the important analysis of marketing mix such as product, place, price and promotion etc. High quality and premium chocolates have been the high priority for the company. Packaging plays a vital role in its promotion and also it plays the major strength for the company. (, 2015)

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