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The shipper surveys the genuine entirety that is owed by a particular customer and moreover shows the aggregate for the availability of a receipt. After the receipt is made, the customer proceeds towards portion (Ståhlberg and Maila, 2012).This report clears up about the standard relevant research of a relationship, to be particular, Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery. The report displays about game plan of Point of Service in the said affiliation (Refer to Appendix 2). The couple of good conditions and shortcomings of this framework are furthermore given here. Many recommendations are in like manner obliged this affiliation.

1. Merits and Demerits of the new POS System

There are diverse conditions of the Point of Service framework. Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery will acknowledge enormous favorable circumstances from this framework. The major advantages of POS framework are according to the accompanying:

  1. i) Rapidity and Efficiency: The Point of Service framework improves the profitability of the trades happening (Rese, Schreiber and Baier, 2014). Also, the pace of these trades similarly gets improved from this framework.
  • ii) Inventory Management: Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery was encountering trouble in managing their stock physically. Point of Service framework will be the best decision consequently.
  • iii)        Precision in any Financial Transaction: Point of offer framework helps in giving cash related trades precision and without goofs.

    This framework even has couple of bad remarks. They are according to the accompanying:

    1. I) Expensive: Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery is a little nursery and in this manner, they will encounter the evil impacts of budgetary crisis if they will execute the game plan of Point of Service (Profeta, Balling and Roosen, 2012).
    2. ii) Periodical Maintenance: The second constraint of Point of Service framework is the essential of predictable maintainance (Frisby et al., 2012). This can transform into a noteworthy issue for Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery as the entire course of action of business trades and undertakings will be stopped.

    2. How can POS system help any organization for obtaining competitive advantages

    It can without a lot of an extend see each and every detail of a business errand from trades. On account of the unraveling of trade strategy, the work load of the delegates is reduced. In any case, they expected to track and mange everything physically. Regardless, with the utilization of Point of Service framework, everything is done therefore (Nikolova and Inman, 2015). The Point of Service aides in fundamental initiative process for any affiliation and gives cost reasonability to each one of the affiliations (Polasik et al., 2012). It gets more pay the business and thusly the relationship of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery can value enormous advantage and can complete their busines practices effectively and rapidly.

    3. Benefits of a centralised database

    The distinctive focal points of any united database are according to the accompanying:

    1. I) Recovers Preservation of Data: The shielding of data is over the long haul updated and advertisement libbed with the help of any united database. It has an in built setup of adjustment to inside disappointment that associates in sparing the private data, even after gear frustration.
    2. ii) Improvises the Physical Security of Data: Physical security has been an essential point for the foundation as the information and data has been put away in the database of the organization. (Gomzin, 2014). Consolidated databases are utilized for constraining the physical access to a particular zone.

    iii) Cost Effectiveness: The third helpful position of a bound together database is its cost ampleness (Polasik et al., 2012). It is to an extraordinary degree insightful and can be overseen by any little or medium assessed affiliations.

    1. iv) Gives Security to Data: A united database moreover offers security to the grouped data or information.

    4. How can POS system facilitate decision making

    Basic leadership arrangement of the organization has been helping in keeping up an earlier way to deal with the usage of key administration. The execution of Point of Service framework in their business would change the whole technique. They would get to an incredible degree successful and speedy organizations and would take diverse fundamental decisions through this framework. Likewise, the information that will be gotten from these request would be to an extraordinary degree important for the better organization of the business as Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery would utilize this information in their business.

    5. Recommendation

    LAN:- LAN means Local area network. It is utilized to interconnect assortments of information imparting gadgets inside a little territory. It exchanges information at higher rates and blunder rates is low. It was first presented in 1970.now it is utilized as a part of both business and scholarly situations. It is utilized to trade the data. The plate drive stockpiling in huge.

    MAN:- . MAN means metropolitan area network . It was presents in the time of 1980.it is relatively like LAN yet it covers a whole city or grounds. It is the accumulations of various LAN's that is the reason it is bigger than LAN's yet littler than wide zone organize. In a metropolitan refers to the populace is high, MAN can be utilized over yonder in light of the fact that the size is medium and it gives a higher information association speed inside a city or town. The working standard of man as same as Internet service provider (ISP). it gives a mutual system associations with its clients. According to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) the scope of MAN arrange is up to 30-40 km which is approx 20-25 miles.

    WAN:- WAN stands for Wide Area Network. This wide region arrange is a media transmission or PC organize that covers a huge topographical separation. It is utilized by and large in organization's home office or branch workplaces to work an alternate area which is isolated by a huge geological separation. It is utilized for the most part to share, trade information with the fundamental office. An association needs a media transmission specialist co-op (TSP) to interconnect the LANs at the distinctive areas to accomplish this.

    Types of media:- there are two types of media

    1. Wired
    2. Wireless
    3. Wired:- in wired communication data is transferred over a wire based communication technology.

    Example:- telephone networks, cable television, fiber optic communication etc.

    There are few cables which are used in wired technologies

    • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable
    • Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable
    • Coaxial Cable
    • Fiber Optic Cable





    1 Mbps

    Voice Only (Telephone Wire)


    4 Mbps

    Local Talk & Telephone (Rarely used)


    16 Mbps

    10BaseT Ethernet


    20 Mbps

    Token Ring (Rarely used)


    100 Mbps (2 pair)

    100BaseT Ethernet

    1000 Mbps (4 pair)

    Gigabit Ethernet


    1,000 Mbps

    Gigabit Ethernet


    10,000 Mbps

    Gigabit Ethernet


    Twisted pair cables are of two types : shielded and unshielded


    It can be concluded that the affiliation had utilized manual registers for following and keeping up their inventories. However, they were having issue in managing the business and were standing up to setbacks in their business. They grasped the colossal decision of securing the Point of Service framework inside the affiliation. The above report has solely discussed the advantages and terrible characteristics of Point of Service framework with reasonable recommendations.


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