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Human Resource Management: A Study Assessment Answer



In current business scenario of the world all business organizations are practicing human recourse policies to achieve a sustainable business growth which is very important in this competitive environment. In this practice of human resource employee engagement is becoming very important to run their business. Practice of employee engagement provides many advantages to the company which helps in smooth business process as well as help to reduce the running cost. The performance of the company depends on the employees and employees perform well when the culture of the organization is good. The Department of human resource balances this process by many initiatives within the organization. Employee engagement is one of that process which helps to satisfy the employees social need in their work place. Leaders or managers are being trained to learn how to engage employees in every process of the organizational development. Engaging all the employees in their respective areas one can achieve the highest performance. Employees are treated in such a way that everyone is equally important to the organization so the contribution of every employee is also important. This kind of activity incorporate a sense of self esteem which drive the motivational force of the employee to perform better for the organization (, 2015).


Aksa Chemical is the world’s largest acrylic fiber producer having a non stop operation in seven days in aweek and 24 hours a day based in Turkey. They are consisting of huge work force combining their manufacturing and marketing department. To manage this huge work force the human resource department has to be very strong in their actions. The human resource department of Aksa chemical is structured in such a way that they can monitor employee performance in each department. Within many initiative of human resource department they have emphasized on the employee engagement program so that all the employees remain satisfied in their work place. To run this initiative of the employee engagement human resource department aims to increase safety and work environment in their work place and production process. Healthy and safety is the first priority for the Aksa chemical in their business process. To engage their employee’s human resource department of Aksa chemical conduct frequent training programs which are being held in every six months. It is mandatory for almost all the employees to take training which helps to motivate them as well as increase their performance quality. The policy of their training is to improve skills and knowledge to ensure the adaption of new technology. Another employee engagement program is 360 degree where individual development program are carried by the professional consultants to evaluate individuals. In this program employees can evaluate themselves in term of performance and behavior. This kind of program motivates employees to develop their own skills for their carrier success as well as the success of the company. Another objective of employee engagement program is to retain employees. Employee retention not only increases the performance of the company it also helps to reduce the cost of operating business (, 2015).

Literature review

Employee engagement is an upcoming field where the HR managers are required to put more attention. In an era of rapid globalization and fluctuating economies coupled with intense competition and changing needs of the consumers, the companies need to push its performance levels by reducing costs, improving their quality, enhancing its productivity and brining in innovative products quickly (Brajer-Marczak, 2014). The employees are the ones who will help the organization to achieve its goals.  Thus it is important for the companies to keep their employees motivated and provide them job satisfaction as it will increase their productivity. They also need to ensure that they make the employee feel a valuable part of the organization by providing them with challenging tasks and breaking the monotony of work. It is important for the organization to align the personal goals of the employees with the organizational goals.  Engaged employee are highly satisfied with their jobs and they walk an extra mile to make the organization competitive with respect to its competitors.

There are various benefits that an organization receives by engaging its employees. Engagement provides a psychological satisfaction to the employees. Engaged employee yields higher productivity and they most of the time outperforms those who are not engaged. This happens because they get motivated and become flexible and gains the ability to take quick decision to solve small problems at work (Bridger, 2014). Engaged employee understand the strategies adopted by the company and contribute effectively towards the achievement of goals. They also become loyal to the company and this reduces the turnover rate of employee. All this can help the organization to reduce its operating income; a reduced level of absenteeism, fewer accidents takes place.

There are many models, which can be applied by the organization to unlock the full potential of the employees (Gagné, 2014). One such model is Sirota’s three factor model. This model states that the engagement among employees can be attained through the fulfillment of three key engagement factors. They are:

Achievement: When an employee is given a task which is challenging and he perceives it important for the organization, this creates a sense of achievement when he completes the job (Thompson, Lemmon and Walter, 2015).  The feeling of pride is instilled in him when he is appropriately recognized for his efforts. This motivates him to continue to strive for better results in future.

Camaraderie: This means providing a healthy working environment to the employees. The organization must create a work culture which is warm, cooperative and interesting. The environment must stimulate a sense of harmony among co-workers and it should crate mutual trust for each other (Hsieh and Wang, 2014). This will create sense of belongingness among employees. When an employee feel wanted, he automatically becomes more productive.

Equity:  The organization must ensure to prevent any kind of discrimination at the workplace. They should follow internal as well as external equity principle (Sharon, 2014). Internal equity means all employees should be provided the basic amenities at workplace and external means that they should get the pay as per the market standards.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs essentially deals with the hierarchy that is formed in a pyramid. There are different levels analyzed with the use of self-actualization process at the top. At the base of the model, the needs start from the physiological perspective.

Physiological needs- These are the basis needs in any organization. This also includes the basic need like that of food, water, air that is crucial for the sustenance of person. Similarly, Harzing and Pinnington, (2010) put forward in any organization the employees also have the specific need like the worth of the job, the perspective of money and other important aspects that is important for the employee. It is the basic attraction the, employees have towards the organization in order to stay back or sustain.

Safety needs- The needs are part of the safety and the security process that is important in any person’s life. This also includes the analysis of violence, post traumatic and other experience that might be the problem of the individual. Armstrong and Taylor (2014) mentions the security can be based on personal level of security, financial, health and security against illness. The safety needs in case of the employees in an organization deals with the sense of security that they have within the organization. The importance of salary is crucial along with the attachment to the team, the working hours, the environment of work and such other factors.

Love and belonging- This is the attachment people have towards the family or any other group. This includes the friendship, family and intimacy. It is the sense of belonging that makes a person feel attaché to the family or society. Similarly, in case of an organization it is important to note that there has to be a belonging to the organization. This is the motivation that the employees have from the organization. They feel the integrity towards the organization with the help of the belonging aspect (CHUANG and Liao, 2010).

Esteem- This is the self-analysis along with the confidence helps in driving the ideas of freedom, interdependence, and self-confidence. In case of the esteem it is the personal level respect that individuals have being a part of society. Similarly, Bindl and Parker (2010) opine in case of an organization the respect and the treatment of the employees play a key role. They feel engaged to the process and interact cohesively when they receive the respect that they deserve.

Self actualization- This is the potentiality that, people have in personal life in order to accomplish themselves. It is the usual drive and the desire that people have in their life. In case of an organization, it is the urge of the employees to reach a particular position. This helps in generating their own potentiality to reach a point (Wollard and Shuck, 2011).

Self transcendence- This is the perspective that transcends the ides of self to divinity and spirituality. This is more than motivation the urge to reach a particular position in the company (Coetzee and De Villiers, 2010). This is the idea of being self sufficient along with the idea of overpowering the performance of self.  This perspective also includes the idea to inspire and motivate others.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (employee engagement)

(Source:, 2015)

Motivational Factor for the Employee

There are various motivational factors for the employees of the organization, which the organization can give to its employees. The motivational factor always helps the organization to motivate its employees to work hard or in accurate way for the organization. The Motivational factors for the employees are as follows:

  • The Reward system for the employees of the organization always motivates the employees to work harder for the organization. The reward system can be in terms of monetary reward, or giving additional rewards. The monetary rewards is the best reward for the employees, because the main motive is to earn money for all the workers who work in the organization (Finne, 2015).
  • The leadership quality can also be the motivational factors for the employees of the organization, as the employees always want to work under the good leader. So the good leadership style may engage the workers to do work for the organization (Scott & Scott, 2015).


The human recourse is the most important resources for any organization. The proper utilization of the human resources makes the organization to run faster and smoother. The organization should use its human resources very accurately, so that it can help the organization to make progress in the future. There are some recommendations for the organization to make the proper utilization of the human resources:

  • The organization can arrange for the training and development program for the employees of the organization, so that the employees of the organization can know work in a better way and the employees can also achieved the target for the organization, which also helps the company for its success.
  • The organizational changes can also help the employees of the organization, changes in terms of technology, process of working or method of working. The technological changes can help the employees to work faster and easier.
  • The appraisal system of the organization can also help the organization, to make the workers work more properly. The appraisal system motivates the employees of the organization to work hard for the organization.


The project tells about the employee’s engagement for the organization. In this project, we can see that the organization wants to utilize the human resources in a proper way, so that the organization can achieved the targets of the company.  The proper utilization of human resources is the main focus for every organization, as the ultimate use of human resources can help the company to progress their work. The in the literature review of the project we also discuss about the “Maslow’s hierarchy theory”, and “Siro task three factor model” which tells us about the basic need of the employees of the organization and how the motivational factor help the organization for the utilization of the employees.

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