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Human Resource Management : Structures Assessment Answer



Based on the case study it is inferred that the issue on being absent from work has been a crucial for many firms in the business world. According to Macdonald & Asanati (2016), the aspect of ‘absence from work’ tends to depend on the psychographic and behavioral feature of an individual. It is noted that assigning a definition to the topic has been a debatable issue for experts. Despite of a thorough study of the concern, the subject has not progressed beyond descriptive levels. Further, considering absence from work as a dysfunctional matter of purpose has not only attended a one sided describing of the topic, but also tend towards a managerial concept that further defends subordination and ideology. Also, being absent from work depends on an employee`s perception and commitment towards his work. In the modern world, the topic receives an increased amount of attention from the managerial viewpoint as compared to the others.

It is noted that the management of a company identifies absent to be a deviant behavior and thereby a root to problems. On the other hand, it is often that the managers tend to blame a workers motivation, engagement and laziness levels to be the reason for being absent from work. Further, a proper tracking of the staff is also important to check on the performance levels of a firm. Moreover, as per the case study Lenz tends to describe the topic in a much wider sense and also differentiate among its types. It is noted that the concern is referred to as the spare time or informal communication levels at a workplace (Wynne-Jones et al., 2014).

Issue Analysis and Answers

The study of absence provides highlights the differences between payment structures and their perception towards Glactel. According to Edwards and Scullion, there exists a difference between fully employed and hourly paid workers in an organization (Barmby Sessions & Zangelidis, 2013). It is noted that with a difference in salary payment there also exists a completely dissimilar absence pattern of the two groups. Being paid on a monthly basis, administrative and clerical employees are more dedicated to their work and hence there exists a low degree of nonattendance. While on the contrary, employees paid on an hourly basis and being appointed from a particular job have a different perception towards their work. Not only do they care less about their day`s pay but also seeks to suit themselves in being absent from the workplace. Further, being confided by the ethical, moral, and legal obligations the salaried employees tend to be more responsible and efficient.

Furthermore, in cases of presumptions about staff absent not affecting performance levels of a firm it is noticed that there lays a gap in the data tracking and collection. Also, the vicious circle tends to directly affect performance degree at a workplace. As stated by Mohamed & Ali (2015), several characteristics like salary differentiation, status gaps, attitude and involvement pitfalls are the reasons behind discrimination in absent levels. Additionally, Edward and Scullion also highlights the factor of unrecorded absenteeism through a informal rota for time-off periods in keeping the degree of absent low in an enterprise.

As per the case study, the self certification for sickness by employees for short period of sickness has had a direct impact on Glactel. Among the several types of absentees, taking for sick leave has been a great concern for the human resource management in the firm. In addition to a ensuring a pay scheme for the period, the company also concentrates on ensuring generosity towards the workers. It is noted that self certification method in the recent times no longer requires a doctor`s note for taking a leave from office (Ramsarup, 2015).. Concerning notification, the sick call line has been of great use to the firm as well. Furthermore, approval of the self citification by a team head provides the sick with a full payment of salary even in the period of nonappearance.

As compared to other reasons for leave, the management tends has a greater acceptance for certification of sick leaves. In addition to the excess planning and controlling measures, the absence from work also concerns a proper management of the human resource department of Glactel. It was noticed that the management tend to diversify the work of the absentee and assign it to the other present employees. Additionally, supervisors also tend to emphasize the need for overtime and administer opportunities at the workplace.

According to Hewett (2016), the management of Glactel tends to analysis the absent pattern in the company. In addition to the fully employed workers, the analysis also studies behavior of the hourly paid employees. It is noted that there was a steady increment of 10% in the year 1992 – 1993. Further, it is noted that there has been a downturn in 1994 after a constant increase over the previous time period. With an increase in absenting levels, the Senior Personnel Manager personally tends to restore situations and thereby improve the work environment. It is noted that a lax in control levels helped to develop absenting rates. Despite of a period of flu and health degrading issues, a purge in the organization tend to enhance conditions. An analysis helped in understanding the interdependency of absence levels on the degree of importance given to the concept.

Further, a consideration of reorganization and epidemic was also highlighted by the management of the firm to analyze its impact on the variables. An understanding of the reactivity levels also led the supervisors of Glactel to pay more attention to absenting rates rather than depending on permanent control method. Moreover, it is inferred that an increase in attention rates consequently lead absenteeism to be considered as an important issue which thereby helped in lowering absenting percentages. The most basic way in which purge helped in developing conditions is by setting examples to the other employees of the organization. Additionally, the rates of absent tend to reflect a downward fall when being considered as a vital issue (Steger, Dik & Duffy, 2012).

Based on the case of Glactel, there often are situations where there exist a low number of employees as compared the shop-floor presence. The management of the firm often considers the low levels of motivation, morale and commitment to be one of the most impacting reasons for low attendance at the workplace. Additionally, the unexciting work and a pressure of absence culture also are crucial reasons behind affecting the attitude and perception of employees. It is noted that increased levels of sickness often raises questions about authenticity (Reb, Narayanan & Ho, 2015). While, on the other hand the aspect of overtime raised a three level effect on the enterprise. It was noted people working on extra time basis looked for time off on weekdays rather weekends. Also, the employees seek for sick leaves at times of illness and use absence to share out the extra working period during shifts.

Concerning hourly paid workers, sickness, boredom, people skiving, holiday entitlement, lower morale, illness, family issues, oversleeping, drinking reasons and poor active levels tend to be the most impacting absenting reasons (Shaughnessy, 2016). While on the contrary, the fully employed and salaried employees have a completely different approach towards being absent from work. Moreover, factors like work related issues, communication problems, and sometimes a combination of two or more problems together often tend to decrease efficiency rates.

As per the case study, it is understood that there lays a difference between the perception of senior managers as compared to those of the department supervisors in Glactel. As opined by Airo & Nenonen (2014), it is noted that the company has also recruited an entirely new level of authority that greatly takes the aspect of absenteeism into consideration. Additionally, the fair system of lax management also greatly helps in developing conditions in the business. Being divided into different departments, there was a behavioral segregation that not only had a impact on performance, motivation and communication levels, but also noticeably affects perception levels of a leads and managers.


Analyzing the case study, it is inferred that the pattern of absenteeism can be managed at Glactel in a number of ways. There are several recommendations that can be made based on the current situation of the organization. Moreover, proper controlling, managing and coordination with each other will develop business conditions (Salvendy, 2012). It is noted that a clear setting and understanding of attendance rules will benefit the firm in a better way by decreasing nonattendance rates. Further, the presence of a rigid policy concerning the issue will also benefit Glactel. With a proper set and description of the policy, there will be a downfall in discrimination and favoritism which will ultimately help in regaining absenting levels.

Additionally, a clear and transparent interpersonal communication among the organization will ensure a higher level of involvement of the public. According to Barak (2013), a fair comprehension of the firm`s objectives might also develop conditions. Also, the introduction of non-work obligations, unplanned leaves and paid time-off will help in lowering nonattendance rates in Glactel. Further, internal stakeholder programs, work and individual engagement might also contribute towards increasing the total number of people. Pre scheduling of tasks, company`s mission and vision statement definition and reward system also tend to ensure a proper attendance level in the workplace.


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