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The human dignity is a basic prerequisite for the survival of human beings. Every person has the fundamental right to be protected and respected. Human dignity is at the core of the human identity which also includes the protection of the basic human rights. The issue of human dignity has found its place in the Preamble of “Charter of United Nations” and the term is also included in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (Kent 2013). The concern of human dignity is mentioned in several international declarations. The declaration states that the human beings are endowed with conscience and hence should respect the sense of brotherhood. The Government should try to maintain and preserve the dignity of its countrymen. The people have the right to receive humane treatment at their personal life as well as their professional life.


There are instances when the human dignity is being violated due to several reasons (Clapham 2015). The violation comprises of the degradation of human beings and can be done in multiple ways. There can be humiliations which deteriorate the self-worth of a person. There can be dehumanization which revolves around the unfair treatment of the human beings. There are other practices that violate the human dignity such as social exclusion, rape, torture, slavery and labor exploitation. There can also be violation of human dignity concerning women such as sanitation, genital mutilation and others.

The human trafficking is one of the most common forms of violation of human dignity (Haase 2014). The issue of human trafficking has proliferated in the recent years and it is often observed in the workplaces. The human beings resided in the rural areas are often promised lucrative jobs in the urban areas. This lures the victims and they are often trapped in the vicious circle of trafficking. It is considered as a global issue and it is considered as an extremely profitable crime ( 2016). There are around 21 million people globally who are illegally trafficked. The traffickers generate a profit of $32 billion which is generated through the means of human trafficking ( 2016). The human trafficking is most prevalent in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific ( 2016). There are approximately 600,000 to 800,000 people who are trafficked around international borders.

There is a great involvement of the multinational companies in the issues of human trafficking (Quayson and Arhin 2013). They have their facilities in multiple countries and hence face this issue on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that a large number of the migrant workers are often trafficked in the foreign country. There are fake companies which force the migrant workers to pursue employment for meager pay. These kinds of companies can also engage their employees in sex trafficking for financial gains. This poses a direct violation of the human dignity.

The human trafficking is concerned with the locating, transportation as well as forceful detention of the people for a particular purpose (Smit and Van der Laan 2014). The primary purpose of human trafficking is utilization of the human beings for cheap labor. The human trafficking is common with women and children. The girls and the women are sexually exploited for the purpose of profit generation. It constitutes 79% of the human trafficking. The trafficked victims are used for several purposes such as prostitution, pornography, forced marriage, sex tourism, begging, migrant farming and others ( 2016). The children are subjected to inhumane working conditions and are often underpaid. This ruins the education and future career prospects of the children and they end up being child laborers.

The “United Nations General Assembly of Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially in Women and Children” defines the international efforts in order to stop the human trafficking trade in the society (Kent 2013). The “United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC)” is concerned with offering of help to the States so that they can formulate laws as well as the creation of anti-trafficking strategies (Kent 2013).

It has been understood from that human trafficking is a serious crime. My profession puts utmost importance in preserving the dignity of human beings. It has implemented strict anti-trafficking rules that strictly prohibits the trafficking of girls and men. It believes in the preservation of human rights. My course has taught me about the necessary steps to safeguard the dignity of human beings and I would work towards protecting the dignity of my fellow colleagues. The human dignity is an inherent component of human rights, which needs to be preserved under any circumstances.


This paper makes it clear that human trafficking is one of the heinous parts of the violation of the human dignity. It is important for the government as well as the society to take active measures in curbing the issue of human trafficking. Every human being has the right to live with dignity and in order to maintain optimum quality of life, they need to be respected. It is important to preserve the dignity of individuals so that they are motivated to lead a prosperous life. The unfair treatment of the individuals should be stopped under all circumstances. This would make the society a better place if the human beings are treated with dignity.


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