IT Infrastructure Project Phase 2



According to the requirement IgnaceBazigaHospital owns a 5-story building and houses many departments that span multiple floors. Its Radiology department is spread across the first and second floors, connected by a dedicated LAN. The department has recently deployed a new “Radiology Images” application as part of their initiative to digitize patient records. However, the department staff sometimes faces long application delays during busy hours. It also experiences regular delays in Internet connectivity, FTPS services, web services, and email services. As per the case study, we have to build a prototype of a network that will support a medium-size network for 200 to 1000 devices. It will provides high speed and good quality of the service for the organization. To build the strong network, I am using a good quality and good feature network devices like router, switch etc. Computer user system should be free from a virus so we might be used antivirus tool. Another idea from my side, we should use IDS system which is a helping to provide the security and help to identify the internal and external attacker. A network should be reliable so that in future we can be easily modified and enhance the system as the company requirement and user demand without disturbing existing network and we can also increase the scalability of the system.

Project requirements

Hardware requirements with costs specification


CPU (Celeron/ Pentium) – 2 GHz or faster - $ 254

CDROM Drive - $35

DVI Video Adapter - $ 48

Monitor 14”/ 16” - $ 200

Internet connection

T1, T3, Wired Cable, uncongested, strong wireless, wired DSLSoftware requirements

  • Operating System - Windows 7/8/XP/NT - $ 500
  • Security –
  • Antivirus - $ 600
  • AED Loop forever script- no cost
  • PC lockdown software – no cost
  • NO LINKS in content - no cost
  • Hide the Keyboard – no cost
  • Filters and Transitions
  • Add-on for Firefox

An IP network addressing plan that specifies;

  • For each subnet, the network address, broadcast address, valid host address range that will be assigned to the PCs. Note that you need to spare 10% of the total addresses of each subnet for future development.
  • The IP address of each router interface.
  • Any unused address space


Network address

Allocated subnet/mask

Default gateway address

Host range

Broadcast address






Network design

As per the case study in this project network has to be designed such that it should be flexible and reliable, it must also be secure and data need to be protected from outside attackers. To maintain the quality of the network, it must be using best network devices such as routers, switches available in the market, we will analyze the requirement and design the network. Before designing the network in the packet tracer and simulating we need to add sufficient modularity, resiliency, and flexibility into the design


In this project the network is designed for IgnaceBaziga Hospital that owns a 5-story building and houses many departments that span multiple floors. Its Radiology department is spread across the first and second floors, connected by a dedicated LAN. We have used class A IP address so that it can have at least 1000+ devices connected through the network. The human factors are studied and used in the network so that the network is reliable, secure and flexible for future development of the network. The routers and switches are most important network devices that need to configured and optimized in a proper way. The simulation of the network is done in Packet tracer and network is optimized and tested .


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