LOG 206 module 13 exam maintenance

How should joint commanders manage civilian contractors within a Joint Theater?

  1. Civilian contractors are managed only through their own civilian corporate chain of command
  2. Civilian contractors are managed through the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  3. Civilian contractors are not allowed in theater
  4. Through the Contracting Officer/Administrative Contracting Officer responsible for the contractor’s contract

The DSCR decision to determine whether organic or commercial depot support will be utilized is made by

  1. The Product Support Manager (PSM)
  2. The acquiring military service
  3. The Program Manager (PM)
  4. The Secretary of Defense (SECDEF)

Within the DoD, Automatic Test System (ATS) Enterprise Management is the responsibility of the:

  1. Director, Development Test and Evaluation
  2. DoD Executive Director for ATS
  3. Director for the Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analysis
  4. Director, System Engineering

Depot employee end-strength should be managed using

  1. Man-years
  2. Available workload and associated funding levels
  3. Position descriptions
  4. Full-Time equivalent (FTE) positions

Identify the stakeholder in a PBL support arrangement that is responsible for developing and implementing a weapon system’s product support package?

  1. Product Support Manager (PSM)
  2. Contracting Officer (CO)
  3. Program System Engineer (PSE)
  4. Product Support Providers (PSP)

In depot maintenance, what is the purpose of Surge?

  1. To reduce the quantity of systems that require depot-level maintenance
  2. To increase the rate at which systems can be repaired
  3. To provide forward depot-level maintenance capabilities in an operational environment
  4. To increase the quantity of DoD civilian personnel at DoD Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE)

What is the term used by the military to describe an anticipated situation that will likely require military forces to respond to natural or man-made disasters?

  1. Operations Plan (OPLAN)
  2. Joint strategic capabilities Plan (JSCP)
  3. Joint Logistics Environment (JLE)
  4. Contingency

Which two of the following correctly describe what Supprot Equipment used for? (Select all tha apply)

  1. Measuring and calibrating
  2. System support, not components
  3. Testing and repair
  4. Components, not systems

Along with the military services, what activity is responsible for supplying the joint force in the Joint Logistics Environment (JLE)?

  1. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  2. Joint Logistics Sustainment Command (JLSC)
  3. Combatant Commander (CCDR)
  4. United States Central Command (CENTCOM)

What is the term used by the DoD to describe the actions required to restore systems that have been damaged or worn out beyond economical repair due to combat operations?

  1. Retire
  2. Renovate
  3. Replace
  4. Reset

Objectives for establishing Public-Private Partnerships include:

  1. Increasing the Government’s and the private Sector’s investment in the public sector
  2. Increasing the Government’s investment in the private sector
  3. Reducing the private sector’s investment in the public sector
  4. Reducing or eliminating the DoD’s cost of ownership of a Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE)

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