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Manager Information Systems

Information Technology Capstone - CSIS 474 


Information Systems have been around for a really long time, and they help make the business what they are today. According to the textbook by John Satzinger, Robert Jackson & Stephen Burd (2015), an information system is something that collects, and they store information to complete a task of the business.   The business has run with these types of the system almost every single day since they have opened their doors. In the project that people are doing, they are trying to create an information system that they design in which can help a lot of people do their job by storing almost any information they can into these systems, which help make their jobs easier or they can help people in need. Information technology is an important part of the Information Systems. According to Darius Pacauskas and Risto Rajala (2017), information technology has been recognized in helping out businesses. With the use of technology, business is going more and more into the digital world and it is all because of information systems. Also, many people now use the online way of doing things. According to Theorin et al. (2017), low level data have to be transformed into something useful so that it can be used online. People are going to do whatever it takes to put something into motion for the business to thrive because mostly everything is online now. People are putting their business online these days. 

Information Systems are helping bring their business online. This is where they bring their system to the next level. Designing an information system is not as easy as one may think and implanting the design into code is not as easy either. Everything needs to done right and it will help with bringing everything to the final results of the information system. A database is a well-known information system almost like a website but it not online. A website can store all the information that a person wants on there and it is good for business. An information system is a good way of looking at things in a new way and it is a new brand of doing business now. People can always go to the store but now most everything is done online now including getting people prescriptions ready. The information system that was created in this project was created to check everything from the order form to the label against the customer information by the manager so that the customer gets what they order from the pharmacy. The manager needs to be sure that everything is in right for the customer because they are getting the medicines, any wrong medicines that they take can prove to be fatal or it might make them sicker. The label also needs to be checked to make sure that nothing is wrong when it goes out to the customers.

Plan and Report

When it comes to people business and information system, it is good to have some of them online because of it easier for everyone to look at online than doing it by paper or going in person when everyone is busy these days. It is because the business would want people to know what they are about, and not just from what they see in the newspaper, and make it easier for the consumer to purchase everything. A web-based information system can sometimes be called a Geographical Information System or a GIS. According to Ri NamSong, Choe JongAe & Kim Jinggun (2018), a web-based GIS can be used in all fields of the economy as it stores and gains everything from geographical data. Information Systems have always provided people with some sort of way of helping them do all kinds of things. One of the things that information system is helping with is the environment and according to Richard Baskerville, Jan Pries-Heje & Jan Recker (2016), information systems can be used to reduce environmental problems. People use information system for all kinds of things. They use what they can in order to get what they want and need from online to anywhere. There was a study done once and according to Xiang Ji, Markus Swoboda, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau & Na Sun (2018) "As an information system, there are three different types of feedback including emotion feedback, average feedback, and ranking feedback" (p.2). There are so many things to be added to information systems.

Information Systems are something that is being built over time and it is continuing to grow. They are being built by all sorts of people now and they can be used for anything. According to Shuja et al. (2016), the world of IT has changed our lifestyle and has become technology enabled.  IT is a huge part of information systems because it is what powered the information systems as stated before. People need to know just about everything they can find on both of these subjects. It helps to be informed in the technology world because so many things are changing in the world around us today. It helps with the websites as well to be informed in the information technology systems. In the planning and report of the project, people are going to see what is going on and what the manager is checking up on inside the system. The forms that the customer fills out should help the manager to make sure that everything is alright with the customer, The customer information will be checked to make sure the order is right, as well as the label, because the manager wants to be sure that it doesn’t go to the wrong person.  The order form that is created for the project is for the one was filled out by the customer and the manager is checking and making sure that it is correct by checking it against the information given by the customer.  With these online order forms for the customer, it is sure to help improve with the customer database because it can help bring in more customer to the business. According to Yili Hong, Paul A. Pavlou, Nan Shi & Kanliang Wang (2017), an online system can firms attract new customers and expand their customer base by the use of social media. With these online forms, people can buy or order just about anything online now. Also, with the testing that it goes through after writing the code, it should be fine. 

The code that is one the project is that it is the covered by C ++ and it was created in Notepad ++ and so was the style page. The use case that is covered in the project is the one where the manager is checking everything as said before. The code that is written before is also what the manager will see when they open up the system and see that the order form is filled out and another form where the customer information is and they can check the customer information against what they have in their database. Also, it is good to have all the information in one place so that they can make sure that everything is correct and good. The system works for the manager so they can make sure it is done right. Even though it has to be gone through an HTML it helps because this is how everything is done now. With the research that is done above, people can see what it means to design and what an information system does online. The design process for the project took some time and effort but it pays off in the end.

The plan for testing and evaluating the code was the next step after putting in the code in the IDE. The manager would just open the login in website and then go to the order form, but the order form looks different for the manager because it does not have the submit button as it did for the customer who is ordering the medicines. The manager will check the order and make sure that everything that was placed in the order the customer will get and nothing is wrong. Also, the customer information form is along with the label being online. The customer information is checked against the database created in access to make sure that it is correct and right. The label is created through the customer information and the order that the customer fulfilled it should fit the customer address that was given, and the manager will be checked it to make sure of that. The projects are something that was thought of in CSIS 474 when I saw that CVS was charging medicines to be delivered for the next day. I wanted to make it so that there will be no charge because of the people in need and do not have a lot of money because medicines are costing a lot and it should be there for people who are in dire need of medicines because they are sick and need the medicines fast.  The testing of the code and making sure everything works would take no longer than two-three days to be sure of everything and it is working fine.

 The list of tasks that are the need in order to complete this project is are the customer completing the order form and giving them the information. Also, the manager needs to be able to check on everything that the customer and the employees give to them. It is helpful for them to be given all the information in a timely manner so that the manager can check everything and double check to just be sure the customer is given the right medicine. The task at hand is to make sure everything is right for the customer. It is the time that the people spend on these tasks that help make people a better understanding of themselves. For it is the Christian way of thinking things through and because we need to show other than through our lives that we can be better people because of it that will help see the light. The task that we do in order to complete this project is something that we need to work on and be able to do. The manager should be able to do all the things that they need to do for the customer to be satisfied if they get the order. Plus, they will be back for more business in the future because they are given a complete order form, and everything is in place for them in order to complete the order. There are so many things that people need to plan for in order for things to go wrong in this project. The customer information that is given can be wrong, and the way that the medicines are package can be wrong as well. People need to be careful in the way they package the medicines because one wrong mistake and everything can be ruined. This is why the customer order form is online as well as the information because if anything goes wrong it can't be blamed on the wrong information that is given because of it all online. People tend to blame others for the mistake but the blame should fall on themselves. People will always blame others for the mistake that they make this is why it is important for the manager to check everything to make sure nothing is wrong, and no one can be blamed for something that can go wrong.

It is the Christian way of thinking that may be something that we can do for the people in need. For the people in need, they need to be a better way of doing things and that what the Bible teaches us. For helping those in need of medicine is what good and it is pleasing unto him for as it said in Hebrews 13:16 "And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased" (New American Standard Bible). People should not forget to do things that are right because it is written in the book to do good. It is also written inside the Bible to lend a helping hand to those people in need. It is the golden rule that says to treat others the way you want to be treated. It is good for people to know what love and kindness to do and what God taught us to do from the beginning. Also, the use of websites it the use of technology and it shows us in the bible how to work with technology.  Technology can be made to glorify God in all ways. For many of us do know what to do with the use of technology and how to use it to glorify his name. God has taught us how we should glorify his name and what can be done with technology. For we are all helping one another to do good things and we are helping each other out in the end.


When it comes to implement this project, people should know what to do when it comes to filling orders to just about everything. With everything from cloud computing to filling out things, online everything is about information systems. Information systems are a legacy to many people according to Jolita Ralyte, Abdelaziz Khadraoui & Michel Leonard (2015). It is important to know the important part of the information systems. Also, the intellectual components an important part of the project according to A.V. Gulai & V.M. Zaytsev (2016). It is important to know everything about online order forms because it is an important part of the project. The customer order everything and the manager checks everything to make sure nothing is wrong with websites. The code of this project is in C ++ and it well was written and the biblical principles are helping others and people need to help each other. In all that we do people need to make sure that all that they do is for the glory of God and to do what good unto him as it said in John 15:12 (NASB). For all that we do is for the glory of God and the manager checking everything for the customers is making sure that they get the right order. Managers are like God’s workers making sure that they do everything right unto the customer and unto His name.


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