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Managing Mental Health Answers | Assessment Answer


Since the beginning of civilization, among the various significant factor, which can greatly influence the essential activity of human being as well as regulate the quality of the life, health is most important. As per the given instruction this assessment will be focusing on the various perspectives of the managing mental health in the adults and discrimination specially who are suffering from altered  mental health condition and various mental disorder. In a  the virological effectiveness of 4 commonly used HH protocols with use of a standardized human study protocol, and we compared the results of these protocols with any natural change in influenza viability on HCW hands when left undisturbed by HH activities. Researchers used a live (infectious) influenza A virus strain (A/New Caledonia/20/99 [H1N1]) that was a component of the influenza vaccine administered to Australian HCWs during 2005–2006. This H1N1 strain was considered to be a suitable surrogate for H5N1 avian influenza, because their envelopes have similar physicochemical properties, but it was less likely to be associated with a significant risk of severe illness, given the ability to prevaccinate participants [4, 6]. H1N1 was originally isolated and repassaged in embryonated chicken eggs before allantoic fluid was collected, pooled, and aliquoted into 1-mL samples that contained ∼1.8_107 tissue culture infectious dose (TCID)50/0.1 mL live H1N1 (PCR cycle threshold [Ct] value: 17.3;World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Influenza, Melbourne), which was stored at _70_C until used. In order to establish a systematic view on this context, it is very important to understand the various significant purposes of the research design as well as its multipurpose way of planning, before the detailed evolution of various type of research design related to implementation of relevant technologies in the health care system or specific type of therapy design in the case of aged care system. In order to choose a specific therapy design, clarification of the about the proper concept of the research design is very much essential. Then the various aspects and the specific field of the research should be taken into the consideration and also need to know in what format the research format fits forms the development of a relevant research topic or question to moderate stage of the research process like the collecting of the data, evaluation of the collected data in order to synthesizing the evidence based practices as well as reporting the data (Bao, 2012). In order to systematically evaluate the various aspects of the research design as well as its various classification, philosophical as well as theoretical assumption, always play a significant role. Before the detailed interpretation of the philosophical assumption in the context of the qualitative research and heath care system allied wearable technologies, it is essentially suggested by various researchers after the numerous clinical study, that there is no such confirm or predetermined way or systematic process for the successful development of the qualitative research (Baratta, 2010). In spite of some conventional way of processing or developing, the systematic structure or progressing of the qualitative research, depending upon some significant factors like epistemological factor or ontological factor or research goal oriented factor. In the perspective of the Research design, qualitative research may be explained as the naturalistic as well as interpretative approach, which should be carried out with the responsibility of exploring various potential phenomena from the internal context. It also includes the perspective of the research oriented subjects and relevant information (Díez, 2015). Here in the following diagram, a engagement percentage of people to the wearable technologies, in the perspective of heath care system, is represented:                                                 

Various characteristics of the qualitative research are to be specifically analyzed, in the perspective of the research design and in order to properly develop a research process. Aims as well as objective of the research design, is the main fundamental factor which has to be in death qualitative value as well as comprehensive understanding of the overall process. Comprehensive understandings of the various significant approaches, which are related to the research design, are playing the fundamental part in the perspective of the philosophical as well as theoretical assumption. The significant characteristics of the research design are the, information providing the depth interpretation of the main theoretical assumption (Dr Fisher's casebook. 2010). This interpretation helps to comprehensive analyzing the essential issues of the social world related to the research participants. Another characteristic is the various adaptable as well as non-standardized processes relating to the generation of the data, which should be sensible enough in the perspective of the social aspect of the participants. Analysis of the detailed as well as comprehensive information which may be complicated, as it collected, taking into the consideration all the possible, relevant aspect of the research and subjects. Clarification of the emergent category as well as the theoretical assumption, which later develop the opportunities of the concise opportunities as well as the interpretation of the collected relevant data, is very much essential for the proper structure of the research design. Various relevant resultants of a specific research, which may consists of detailed as well as scientific description of the relevant phenomena, are need to be further evaluation, which may came under the research area of the relevant research topic or research question (Fields, 2010). Some writers suggested that various philosophical assumptions as well as theoretical assumption are supported the various methodological approaches in order to maintain the gradual consistency in identifying and developing a systematic philosophical  point of view as well as correlate the adapted research design with the philosophical aspect. This consistency of developing the philosophical approaches is proved to be very significant in the proper progress of the research design because it helps to produce comparatively more valid as well as valid findings. Various philosophical approaches also have a broader prospectus, as it offer various new ranges of phenomena as well as develop a more strong evidence based research study.


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