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Managing Organizations: Organization Structure Answers Assessment Answer



At the beginning of my career, I used to work in a small organization with employee strength less than twenty. I was appointed there as an operational supervisor. Therefore, I have to analyze the effectiveness of the operational process of the organization. At the time of joining, I was not that confident in managing the responsibilities appropriately. Despite that, I have tried to control my anxiety and take the responsibility as a challenge that can help me to grow up in my professional career. After joining, my manager have described my responsibility is to oversee that every employees is performing their responsibility in an appropriate way. I have provided with the information that the company has specialized person for specific responsibility of the organization.

However, after few days of work, I found that the organization is having shortage of employees. As a result, every employee in the organization has to take on several responsibilities simultaneously. I found that employees are being forced to handle responsibilities in which they are not specialized. As a result, it is creating huge amount of stress for the employees, which eventually affecting the operational process of the organization. Furthermore, I found that increase amount of pressure has affected the satisfaction level of the employees largely. Therefore, the company has experienced high rate of employee turnover.

I immediately address the situation to the higher management. However, the management has refused my suggestion of recruiting more people in order to provide specialized task to each employee. For the time being, I was surprised that management does not showing too much concern over the issue. However, later I realized that recruiting more people would increase the cost of the organization largely. Furthermore, management also has to develop new operational process that will increase the difficulty level for the organization. Thus, it actually creating dilemma for the organization to handle.

Learning from experience:

I have identified few benefits in using the Katz and Mintzberg’s theories to elaborate the incident that I have faced in this situation. The above mentioned incident highlighted the large number of dilemmas that management of organizations have to face in order to implement effective operational process. The Katz and Mintzberg’s theories highlighted that managers responsibilities can be elaborate in term of different roles or organized set of behavior identified with a particular position (Shafritz, Ott and Jang 2015). Interpersonal responsibility of the managers refers to the duties that involved people who are subordinates of the organization (Anwar 2015). I found that my incident also require managers to consider interpersonal responsibilities in a much more effective way (VÄ‚RZARU and VÄ‚RZARU 2013). Although, I am not sure how managers could able to manage this situation effectively but it will certainly give clear idea about the raised situation. Since, the mentioned situation has induced managers to utilize all the employee strength to fulfill the organizational requirements (Randerson and Fayolle 2013). Therefore, it is necessary for the managers to develop effective interpersonal skill so that all the employees can feel themselves as a valuable asset of the organization.

I believe that the theory describes that the managers have to be decent in order to handle the critical situation in an effective way. For instance, managers have to develop certain organizational atmosphere that will allow employees to contribute for the organizational effectiveness (Tam and Gray 2016). Thus, I believe that the theory highlighted that managers have to implement their informational responsibilities so that the employees can able to understand the situation of the organization in an effective manner. I felt that the proper flow of information could help the employees to take several responsibilities of the organizational apart from their specialization as well. Hence, proper flow of information is crucial for the successful utilization of the operational process (Horkin, Mevorach and Katz 2015). However, managers of Katz elaborate them seems to me to absence an overt moral compass (Evans 2013). Thus, it induces managers to implement strategies that are right for the businesses. Hence, managers decision of not recruiting additional employees to fulfill organizational responsibilities is somewhat justified by the theories. Mintzberg’s integrated model of management highlighted the role of manager’s perspective in effecting their approach to the management (Katz-Buonincontro and Ghosh 2014). Thus, this theory also highlighted that managers perspective is very important in managing organizational incidents like those that the one above mentioned.    

Learning about myself:

The incident highlighted the fact that I have lack of knowledge regarding the management implication in handling several complex operational processes. For instance, I am still not sure about the effectiveness of utilize non-specialize people in specialized field. However, the experience of this incident has helped me different way of running a business. Therefore, I believe the experience of this incident has helped me to enrich my knowledge regarding the management implication in the organizational workplace.

The experience of this incident has helped me to deal with the future complex organizational situation in an effective way. Furthermore, the incident also helped me to understand moral perspective of the managers in a better way. This I believe will help me in future to take challenging decision for the benefit of the organization in a much more effective way. I also found that it is important to consider condition and perspectives of the employees. However, it is necessary to have certain level of balance between employees benefit and organizational profit as well.

The mentioned incident also enriches my other learning. I found that effectiveness of the organizational performance requires specialize human resources. Since, it allows management of the organization to plan, organize, lead and control the operational process in an effective way. I also have able to gain knowledge about the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. This will help me to improve the organizational performances even when it is facing complex operational challenges at the workplace. Thus, I believe that the knowledge that I have gained due to experiencing this incident will eventually help me to become an effective manager in future.


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