Manu1385 Management Of Technology: Toyota Assessment Answer


Technological management can be defined as a science and art in management that allows the organization to create competitive advantage in the market in terms of services they provide and well offered to the is an interdisciplinary field that comprises of management knowledge with science. The main reason for managers to focus on the technological part in management is to create wealth.

It is can also be viewed as an integrated, planning, designing, optimizing and control of technological process and services, thus management by use of technology for the good of humans or the households.

Management of technology in bigger manufacturing firms, for instance, the Toyota motor firm and the Nissan motor firms is always given the first priority due to rapid changes in the field of science for the improved quality production of more comfortable cars to enable them to fit into the world`s competitive market. Therefore, as they try to outdo one another in the market, they are forced to adopted new technology in management for difference interface of production like globalization, manufacturing, organizational and marketing levels.

The paper explores wide into the above-mentioned production interfaces of technological management in both Toyota motor industry and Nissan motors which they to adapt so as to realize maximum output and to fit into the competitive market.

Organization technology interface

Management body in both Toyota and Nissan motor firms as to adopt new technology in organizing the resources within the firm like staffing and directing the human resource. In order to attain the set organization`s objectives, therefore for healthy competition between the two auto firms, thus Toyota and Nissan auto companies, management body has to consider the following technological requirements; thus, adoption of electronic data exchange-business,

Computerized record entry methods and also training the staff on the new adopted technological improvements.

justify;">Toyota motor firm has adopted the electronic data exchange program within the organization is advantageous to both the manpower employed by the firm and economical to the administration body as less cost for hiring the skilled labour is required. This facilitates the transfer of electronic data to all departments within the organization very fast as it consumes less time as compared to manual data and report transfer, In addition, the security of the data is always guaranteed since none can tamper with the sent data as original data from the information department is retained and can be used as evidence. According to (Armon, 2015, pg. 47), records and transactions files are uploaded in the firm`s system and kept for future reference. By this, the management body will have to divert the extra cost for hiring more staff into the production process thus maximise the output. Thereby the Toyota motor firm has a well-organized channel for data transfer as compared to Nissan motor firm.

In Nissan motor firm adopted new information system within the organizations has greatly improve communication within the organization. (Eason,2014,pg. 61), viewed information system as the most important tool in an organization since communication is done on an hourly basis and thus new and improved channels need to be adopted for effective dissemination of the information within the organization. Such adoption includes modern communication channels like landline telephone lines, access to the telegrams and e-mail accounts for official as official communication channels within the organization. This can be possible through access to internet connection as some of the newly invented channels must have a network connection for proper functioning, this has become an additional advantage for Nissan motor firm.

Staffs within the Toyota motor firm are trained and educated on the newly developed technology as it limits accidents and injuries which may occur to the workers in their lines of duties. (Valacich, and Schneider 2015 pg. 67) argued that proper and efficient training of new and existing members of the organization should be conducted on a regular basis since this enlightens the staff and also reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries which may arise in the course of operating the modified machines in production process.

Nissan motor firms management prefer monitoring and course correction in the implementation of newly adopted technology must be done by the manager since new technology interrupts with the daily workflow. This is achievable through monitoring the deployment and continuously checking whether the implementation procedures may need to be revised into smaller manageable and understandable stages, (Kourie and Snyman, 2014 pg. 76).

Building a roll-out plan. upon identification of the technology, Toyota motor firm management is required to gather information on how the technology will be beneficial to the organization and thereafter communicate plan with the stakeholders, (Lehmann and Joseph, 2015, pg. 64).the roll-out plan will help in communication of various key elements for implementation of the proposed technology like dates of deployment and expectations of the organization to the adopted technology.

Marketing technology interface

Marketing is the management process of creating, delivering and exchange of good and services with economic value to the households. This is supported by the use technology can be adopted by the motor firms so as to reach their target customers.

The listed technology development has greatly facilitated product marketing; big data, cloud marketing internet of things, augmented reality and art artificial intelligence.

The cloud. This a software design in which information, data and project contents are stored for future findings of the certain product or an information. The Nissan motor firms have embraced the cloud technology since it is relevant to marketers in data management and organization and collaboration on projects anywhere in the world. This boost marketing strategy as various marketers come together through collaboration thus sharing their newly developed or acquired marketing techniques for their products.

Cloud is also beneficial to the two motor firms as they have similar objectives, from different geographical bases as they are able to communicate via the cloud on some of the common ideas for building a strong marketing base for a product thus through sharing of ideas and information, a better platform of marketing is built for their product.

It aids in storing of data and information a consumer may need about the product and making the information available to everyone who may have the interest to get information about the certain product. (Schwalbe, 2015, pg. 49).

Toyota motor firm management has improved its technology in the field of artificial intelligence. It is believed that the available technologies have got more intense ability in sampling voluminous data and information than the normal book records,therefore for better marketing in the current competitive market, digital marketing tools should be adopted, (Kumar, and Reinartz, 2018 pg. 56). Artificial intelligence comprises of patterns and insights with do make it easy in finding the products as the marketers can use them in ads which pops whenever a customer is online thus build awareness and boost product`s brand. It can also automatically search and brings out the findings of certain products and relevant queries, therefore the marketers have to consider using artificial intelligence in order to optimize their information in the search engines.

The internet things. It is the collection of Internet-connected devices like phones, computers and television. A good number of people always use such devices on a daily basis for either communication or entertainment in general. This has created a better platform for online marketing of various product and marketers getting the best out of it by interacting directly with the customers through customer care services thus widens the product`s markets and positively brands the product of Nissan motor firm.

Marketers from both motor firms also get new ideas and ways of improving their products so as to meet market standards following the growing competition in the market. (Jones-Evans and Klofsten, 2016. pg41). Manufacturing companies to have got the platform in getting new ideas in producing better products according to the taste of the households.

The big data. In Nissan motor firm, marketing department requires information and market statistics about the targeted customers and the business itself. Such information and statistics help them to accurately target the ads and even assist in customizing the plan and strategies of marketing. The data and statistics spell out the preferences and composition of the targeted market, thus for instance, in cases like car models and designs, forwarding firms will always prefer heavy load trucks as opposed to the private luxurious cars, therefore marketing departments has to decide on which model to bring to the market following the consumption data. (Boxall, and Purcell, 2011, pg. 456).

Augmented reality. It combines both real worlds even the virtual event through superimposing the virtual world onto a person`s real-world surroundings. For instance, when searching for latest and more comfortable motor using your smartphone, there are other interesting motor models which will draw your attention making you browse more of such new models. (Knowles, Holton III, and Swanson, 2012, pg. 345).

Manufacturing technology interface

Manufacturing entails production of a good for sale by using labour and machines. Technology has played a better role in the manufacturing of goods through the invention of quicker and efficient production machines for greater output. Technological inventions in the field of manufacturing have enabled better and more desirable goods, such invention includes; 3D printing, nanotechnology, new level robotics and predictive maintenance technology.

3D is the ability to design and create anything from metals, body tissues or plastics. Toyota motor firm manufacturing department has embraced the newly invented technology as it now possible to manufacture a gold-coated car from is also referred to as additive manufacturing. Toyota motor firm has shown a high rate of adoption of such technologies to allow them to produce at an economical rate and save time and human power needed in the production process. The human power which earlier was used in production has been diverted into some productive field thus enabling the firm to maximize its output. (Cook, 2016, pg. 78), argued that firms operating under new technology are advantageous than those which has not adopted such inventions in terms of the quality of the products they manufacture as most of the consumers will prefer high-quality products to low-quality ones.

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of the atomic and molecular matter. It entails modification the products for a better look and making it stronger than before. According to findings from the Nissan motor firm, nanotechnology has enabled to give to the market a standard and quality products by modification made on car outlook contributing to a good name brand,(Wajid, 2018, pg. 456).

New-level robotics. Technology has benefitted the motor firms as robots are nowadays being used in assembling and carrying out heavy duties which would have a large number of human employees to carry out. They are efficient in service delivery and quick since they are computerized in performing such duties. Production cost incurred earlier by the firms are now being diverted to other productive use apart from hiring more workforce as before, therefore the firms are producing economically and maximizing the output which is the main objective of the firms.

(Goetsch, and Davis, 2014, pg. 71), argued that, with robots forming part of the production system, production will be quicker and efficient since the robots are programmed to work at a certain speed with gives the output as opposed to a situation where manpower is applicable which is considered slower and costly as manpower needs remunerations and rewards for the work done. Thereby a Toyota company has welcomed the idea.

With the low cost of production, the firm will lower its prices for the products produced, therefore a good number of the consumer will prefer such products due to the reduced price hence company will produce such products in bulk thus maximizing the production process to meet the market demand.

Maintenance technology. Both Toyota and Nissan motor company can increase their productivity and efficiency in production with the use of technological devices in assembling information processing and measurement of data in real time. Predictive maintenance in technology aids the firms in detecting defects in the production machine in time thus saves on time and cuts the cost of maintenance of the defect machines.( Kuna, and Nadiv, 2018,pg 67).For effective and continuous production process maintenance technology must be considered so as to avoid cases of production breakdown which may make the company run at a loss as much of its profits earned will be pumped into the repairment cost instead of more productive use within the production department, the technology is both used by the two competing firms.

Internet of things. Early time of industrial revolution, the main objective in the manufacturing firms was interconnectivity among all producing firms so as to work together by sharing new ideas and invention in the manufacturing of goods. This technology has improve manufacturing process in the Nissan motor firms since those internet devices has facilitated facilitate communication between the competing motor firms thus new ideas and invention are shared.( Cronin, 2015, pg. 40).

Global technology interface

Technology has highly impacted the global business environment, socio-cultural and economic environment. This has been achieved through teams working remotely in the cloud, invention of voice recognition software.

Voice recognition software as aided communication between the Toyota firm and its targeted market to occur smoothly without any barrier like language barrier as the software is designed to translate spoken words into a common language which the motor firms can easily communicate. This also reduces time wastage in which one may need a translator for understanding and facilitate faster action to be taken upon communication. (Eliogu-Anenih, 2017, pg. 57).

Globally, business interaction is very important for every business as in every conversation or communication, they got to share new ideas, but due to the fact that such business is not located in the same geographical regions, language tends to vary and therefore technology has come in to ensure a smooth transfer of messages globally. (Darlage, 2017, pg.90)

Technology has enhanced teams to work remotely in the cloud regardless of the regions they come from. The motor firms benefit through this improvement since they are able to hire and manage staff from any part of the world. This is made possible through improved communication technology and various tools of communication like cloud networks. (Wind, 2017, pg.245).this puts the Nissan motor firm ahead of other competing firms in production.

Cloud networking has created employment globally as one can be employed by any of the motor firms so long he has the requirement needed for the job. Toyota motor firm has acquired new technology in employing new staff members hence having more qualified staffs in production (Mongi, 2018, pg.411).

(Williams, 2017, pg.52.), viewed technology to has promoted global business relation in that better business ideas are shared among the firms globally through cloud networking where the two motor groups can discuss their production ideas, thus they do come up with more refined ideas on how to improve their ways of production.


To summarize, technological management has a bigger role in the field of marketing, manufacturing, in organizations` structure and global. New technological inventions on various fields have improved their productivity in both motor firms by minimizing production cost a firm may incur.

Development in technology should be encouraged by both motor firms through working together in order to meet the market taste of motor products. They can also set aside innovative team which specializes in the development of new technology.


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