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Market Trends: Labour Answers | Assessment Answer



In this modernized world, the use of the internet services is increasing more specifically. The usefulness of the internet services has been signified for connecting people worldwide (Shapiro and Varian, 2013). The study provides the idea of Xoxo Inc., which provides the internet services through the Xoxo network. The company provides internet services through a range of marketing solutions and tools in both United States and the international market. In this study, the description of the labour market trends will be initiated. The key features of resourcing strategies will be defined by developing the justification of the future skills for establishing the strategic position of the company. The explanation is based on the criteria that can signify the establishment of the company as the the employer of choice. The idea extracted from the study will present the key analysis of these segments.

Challenging Labour Market Trend of Internet Companies

The increasing demand of internet services in daily lives and business industries is beneficial for the internet service providers (Atasoy, 2013). Xoxo provides internet services in the international market. Therefore, the company has to deal with diversified employees. The labour market trends in the industries of internet providers concentrate on several requirements. The improvisation of the required skills adds value to employee efforts (Cerdin and Brewster, 2014). However, it is to be noted that employees should not expect to have lifelong employment in one company. The internationalized companies need to deal with the diversified cultural aspects and accordingly, the employees have to cooperate with others (Sparrow, Farndale, and Scullion, H., 2013). The employers can add value to their skills if the employees can appreciate and work with the diversified cultural environment. The labour market of Internet industries includes assimilation of women, older people and people from different ethnic groups (Bellou et al. 2015). Xoxo Company is providing internet services to the customers. Therefore, the workforce of the company needs to acquire the relevant computer skills. However, the ineffective establishment of the computer knowledge can be threatening for the company. In keeping pace with the revolutionized world, the sustainability of the internet companies depends on customer services (Allen et al. 2013). The efficient skills of the employees is necessary while dealing with the customers and recognizing their requirements (, 2016). The current labour market specifies the requirements of fluency in different languages, especially in English (Breaugh, 2014). The rapid growth of the industries ensures a competitive scenario in the business market.

However, in keeping the concentration in such current labour market, the developments of the different are essential for internet companies like Xoxo. Since the year of 2009, the European countries have been facing a multiyear debt crisis, which is known as the Euro zone crisis (Hanin, Stinglhamber and Delobbe, 2014). Many of the Euro zone countries were unable to repay the debt of the government or banks. However, the development signifies the rectification of such areas to eliminate the crisis. On the other hand, the elimination of the young unemployment is also necessary for the growth of internet industries (Hanin, Stinglhamber and Delobbe, 2014). The young people under the age of 14-28 years remain unemployed in the United States. In the internet companies, the contribution of the young aged employees is commendable. In this advanced world, the youngsters are using the social media internet for connecting people worldwide (Biswas and Suar, 2013). The demands of the youngsters give rise to innovative features in Internet sites. Therefore, the elimination of the young unemployment would be beneficial for the Internet companies like Xoxo.

Evaluation of the Key Features of Resourcing Strategies

The management of the people and the organizational activities is considered as the main criteria to develop the business. Hence, it is required to develop the resourcing strategies that can add value to the progressive attitude of an organization (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2015). The efforts of the employees are considered as the driving force for organizational profitability. The resourcing strategy refers to the fulfilments of future skill development. As per theories related to resourcing and talent management, the company needs to focus on ‘professionalization’ of managing people to develop the future skills (Elving et al. 2013). While working under an organization, the employees must need to acquire the skills of maintaining business ethics. The internet companies like Xoxo Inc. need to keep concentration on the value propositions of the employees. The professionalization depends on formal and informal communications, which are essential for business dealings. The internet providers sometimes have to deal with customers through the telephonic communications (Sparrow, Farndale, and Scullion, H., 2013). Therefore, it is very important to build trust and communicational skilfulness, which can be effective enough to convince the customers.

Steps for Achieving the Future Skills

The development of the employees’ performance skills is helpful in determining organizational progress (Bellou et al. 2015). Moreover, in case of the Internet Service Providers, the improvisation in communicational skills is very important. Some of the steps are very much influencing in enhancing such future skills for the organizational profitability. These steps are as follows:

1) The first step is to conduct the recruitment procedure in keeping concentration on the sophisticated market needs.

2) The human resource management even has to keep focus on employee retention practices by providing the employees relevant motivational aspects.

3) The enhancements of employees’ branding exercise are required for the improvisation of the future skills (Askhatova et al. 2013). The presentation of the developed skills increases employee branding and strengthens the competitive position of the business.

4) The targeted PR activity is needed to be set.

5) The capital investment for facilitating the training period is also very essential (Elving et al. 2013). The training session can be effective enough in enhancing both the personal and professional skills of the employees

6) Participation in the competitive business scenario is also considered as one of the driving forces for establishing the future skills (Franca and Pahor, 2012).

The maintenance of such steps creates significant impact on the increasing level of organizational profitability. The advanced world demands for the sophisticated approach while they are connected through the internet sites. Hence, the evaluation of the future skills is required accordingly.

Strategic Positioning of the Company

It is to be indicated that the establishment of the strategic position is essential in determining competition in the market. The advancements on the technicalities ensure the increasing level of sophisticated demands (Sparrow, Farndale and Scullion, 2013). In keeping pace with the higher technological value, the needs of the customers are also changing accordingly. Hence, it is important to focus on the strategic decision-making process that can facilitate the competitive position of the organization. Xoxo is an internet company that provides internet services to the nationalized and internationalized market. The internet services are connecting people worldwide, which provides an opportunity to get the idea about the customers’ demands (Percy, 2014). Therefore, it has been seen that the advancements of the technicalities is changing the demands of the customers. The company therefore has to acquire several strategic implications, which can facilitate the future benefits and ensure the maintenance of the sustainability (Bellou et al. 2015). In determining the establishment of the strategic position of the company Xoxo, the contribution of the human resource management is very much significant. Firstly, the human resource management has to get the knowledge about the customer demands and accordingly the recruitment process can be arranged (Askhatova et al. 2013). The skilled employees are needed to be selected as per the requirements. It is to be noted that the improvisation of the employees’ performance skills can be determined if the organization can provide the employees with proper training sessions (Cerdin and Brewster, 2014). The association of the expert’s knowledge and relevant capital investment is beneficial for enhancing the knowledgeable approaches among the employees.

The internet providing companies are much dependent on the communicational process to provide the required services to the customers. More often, the internet service providers are unable to visit the customers personally and they have to provide the services by communicating through telephonic services (Percy, 2014). Hence, it is very much important to enhance the communicational transparency and the convincing skills of the customer care executives. The beneficial training session would be effective enough in building effective customers services, which eventually strengthens the strategic position of the organization (Sparrow, Farndale and Scullion, 2013). The company can even get the opportunity to participate in the competitive world.

Criteria required for being the Employer of Choice

The term ‘Employer of Choice’ is mainly used to define the empowerment of the employees provided by an employer. The process of being the ‘employer of choice’ is associated with the employee retention practices. The successful organizations usually utilize the ideas and the innovative attributes of the employees to enhance organizational productivity. Therefore, the organization needs the suggestion for the employees. The employees can only be involved if they are getting the benefits from the employer (Askhatova et al. 2013). In determining such aspects, the organizations have to maintain several criteria to become an “employer of choice”. The criteria are as follows:

a) The conduction of the employee survey initiates the idea of the satisfactory level of the employees. In the conduction of the survey is the process to gain feedbacks from employees about their workplace (Elving et al. 2013). The survey process is helpful in gaining the knowledge about the employees’ perception and their satisfactory level while working under an organization.

b) One of the major criteria to fulfill the requirements of being the ‘employer of choice’ is taking the in-person feedback (Percy, 2014). The extraction of the employee feedback is essential for the organization to know the requirement of the employees. The staff and the departmental meetings are needed to be associated in this process.

c) The arrangement of the suggestion program is also necessary in taking advice from employees regarding the working environment that can develop their performance skills (Cerdin and Brewster, 2014).

d) Successful organizations like Telstra are acquiring the open-door policy, which keeps focus on the input provided by the employees. The management concentrates on presenting an open culture to the employees that can be beneficial in providing them a comfortable working scenario (Franca and Pahor, 2012). The managers address the concerns of the employees as well as take feedback from them.

e) The employees need to get the leadership opportunities occasionally. The process is helpful in motivating the employees to ensure enhancement of the organizational productivity.

The mentioned criteria are significantly presented for maintaining the role of being an “Employer of Choice”. As Xoxo is an internet-service provider company, the need of maintaining such criteria is essential. A telecommunication company like Telstra has established the significant reputation by achieving the position of ‘employer of choice’. The proper initiatives taken by the respective company will also be effective in determining their position as the ‘employer of choice’.


The study is based on the case study of Xoxo, which is an internet service provider in the national and the international market. The study includes the features of the current trends of the labour market. Depending on such labour market, the human resource management of the company needs to concentrate on proper recruitment and retention processes. The strategic resourcing is necessary for facilitating the enhancement of the organizational progress. The strategic positioning is the process of strengthening the business positions in the competitive business world. It is to be notified that the fulfilment of the employees’ requirements is significant enough to become the ‘employer of choice’. However, the management of the organization has to keep concentration on providing effective training session to develop employees’ skills, which can be beneficial for the strengthened positioning of the organization. On the other hand, the organization even has to be concerned about the capital investment that can facilitate the training session. The utilization of the resources will be helpful for Xoxo Company in strengthening their competitive position in the competitive business market.


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