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Marketing Communications Of Starbucks Answers Assessment Answer



Marketing communication is the desired strategy that is used by various organizations for communicating with the respective customers.    The communication process is considered to be of great importance for any organization as it helps to understand the desired requirements and the issues of the respective customers (Carroll, 2013). This report will evaluate the desired marketing communication strategies of Starbucks of United Kingdom. Market research is the complementary part of the communication process which helps in understanding the desired requirements of the customers and the information is then transferred to the suppliers of the raw materials (Farmer, Brown, Reilly & Bevan, 2013).  Marketing communication mix strategies play vital role in promoting the significant growth of the organization to a large extent. 

Summary of the organization

"text-align: justify;">The Starbucks has created its reputation throughout the United Kingdom by offering the best and high quality of the services to the customers (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2016).  Starbucks is the American coffee company as well as the coffee house chain (Finne & Grönroos, 2009). The chain was established and founded in 1971 in Washington. The corporation offers the wide range of the food products and services to the respective customers. These consist of hot and cold drinks and different coffee products. The company became first profitable the year 1980’s. The company used different promotional strategies to evaluate its significant growth and to capture the entire market segments ("Google’s latest accomplishment: refining marketing practice", 2012).  Integrated marketing communication is the desired concept in the marketing management that helps in integrating all the marketing process to improve the brand reputation and brand value of the concerned organization (Gordon & Miller, 2012).  Starbucks used the tool of integrated marketing communication in order to increase the effectiveness of the organization and this also enhanced the customer satisfaction level.  

Critical analysis of Marketing Communications strategy

Marketing communication plays the major role in developing the proper relationship with the customers.  The marketing communication models are merely based on research studies that explain the working of the communication process for marketing a particular product (Grundspenkis, 2010). There are different types of models in the marketing communication for any of the particular company. It is evident to know that Marketing Communications can make or break particular brand   by creating the desired image of the brand in the minds of the respective customers (Hooley, Piercy & Nicoulaud, 2012). There are different models such as AIDAS MODEL, DAGMAR MODEL, MODEL OF JOYEE, ADVERTISING EXPOSURE MODEL and HEIGHTENED APPRECIATION MODEL. For the better understanding of the concepts of marketing communications, AIDAS MODEL has been taken into consideration. This is one of the most oldest and popular communication models that help in establishing the desired relationship with the respective customers of the concerned organization (Spanyol, 2014).   The hierarchical model was proposed for selling with the different ages and it was given bay St. Elmo Lewis in the year 1990.  These stages are like attract, attention, interest, maintain, to get the desired customer and creating the desired of the customer (Levinson, Meyerson & Scarborough, 2008).   There were certain changes in the model and later on the model that was proposed was AIDAS which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and the complete permanent satisfaction.   The various stages in this process describe the marketing communication strategy for the consumers (Mclean, 2010).  “Attention” signifies to get the desired attention of the respective customers.  The next is the ‘Interest’, which aims to give interest to the customers regarding the product by providing sufficient information’s to them.  On the other hand, it will reveal the information that will satisfy the desired needs of the customers regarding the product. Then the ‘Outcome’ which tells the desired opinion of the customers related to the product delivered to them. It helps it understanding the feedback or the requirements of the consumers that will help in satisfying their particular needs.   Next is the ‘desire’, which helps in creating the sense of desired in the customers for buying the product. This is mainly done by highlighting the benefits of the products that will help in satisfying the actual needs to the respective customers (Rice & Atkin, 2013). The next is the ‘action’, which demands the desired demands from the different customers regarding the purchasing of the particular product. The simplest method to get the desired action from the customers is to form a particular toll-free number through which the customers will get in touch with the representatives of the organization.  The final stage is the ‘Satisfaction’, which helps in evaluating the desired fact that the customer is satisfied after purchasing the product (Richeri, Zhang & Jiang, 2013).   Thus, Starbuck Corporation uses this method to enhance the effectiveness of its business processes.

Evaluation of the analysis

The AIDAS model of the marketing communication helps in understanding the desired requirements of the customer’s related to the products and Services offered by the organization (Scott, 2010). Starbuck is one of the leading companies throughout the United Kingdom and the company has done exceptionally well in capturing the market segments (Seethaler, 2009).  The main purpose of this model is to attract the customers towards the products offered by the organization and thus, it will increase the selling of the products in the market segments. It is very important for the organizations to understand the desired requirements of the customers related to the products and services offered by the concerned organization.  Satisfied customers are the key to success of the entire organization.


The report evaluates the facts related to the Marketing Communication Strategy adopted by the well-known company, Starbuck. AIDAS Model has been selected to understand the desired concepts of the marketing communication strategy. This model provides information related to attracting the customers and the ways for influencing the respective customers. Therefore, it is very important for the organizations to understand the desired requirements of the customers and provides services as per the requirements.


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